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  1. MSc starting 16/08 , Italy confirmed cruising could restart so that’s the final approval.
  2. Italy confirm cruising can restart , https://www.corriere.it/politica/20_agosto_05/cosi-l-italia-puo-ripartiresulla-scuola-garantisco-io-c46d07ca-d693-11ea-b09b-c444f41468ab.shtml?fbclid=IwAR3EEsDin33VPaiFXDO6yLgaM3WTsiO6zSuMYNMNtNg5TPpcB6YGW-cbeuI you need to translate but basically yes to cruises and no to discos!
  3. They mentioned bundle of 3 excursions being 100 euros so not too bad depending where they go.
  4. Haven't seen any reports that TUI are cancelling, saw reports that AIDA & Costa are getting ready for restarting. https://crew-center.com/aida-starts-test-voyages-scheduled-cruises-canceled-until-mid-august
  5. Testing is included as part of protocols , it's on the update on MSC cruises. Com website. Also any high risk countries will have to show proof of clear Covid test within 72 hours of embarkation.
  6. It's only for residents of Schengen countries so excluded UK & Ireland and obviously anyone outside Europe.
  7. Looks a good plan with medical cover etc but only for Schenghen residents so no U.K. Cruisers yet.
  8. They’re good itineraries, downside is that you have to purchase MSC shore excursions to get off but at 3 for 100 euros not bad prices
  9. Cruising in Europe looks likely to get back on track this year with all the news about TUI, AIda & MSC but USA and South America look a long way off with CDC unable to set any rules and the virus meaning no one can travel in or out of these areas and Europe won't allow anyone from the Americas for some time.
  10. Well TUI started yesterday and MSC Restarting August , only Europe obviously https://mscfans.blog/2020/07/31/msc-to-restart-cruise-operations-in-august-with-2-ships/?fbclid=IwAR1Mk1D20dhkxqDJxonEgQ2aXtYv64S9ycHshMkvwTpLw_5Byrh8PZBaB70
  11. https://cruiseradio.net/with-cruising-back-what-we-know-about-masks-capacity-more/?fbclid=IwAR3izAvfqt-5c4DHICyBnBOxLxBu4AJfw_rrAHNbWRCKSZPkACWEcb0Oc9E for information report on TUI first sailings, lots of crew flying into Italy also for MSC ships so they be restarting August
  12. Update on first sailing for TUI https://cruiseradio.net/with-cruising-back-what-we-know-about-masks-capacity-more/?fbclid=IwAR3izAvfqt-5c4DHICyBnBOxLxBu4AJfw_rrAHNbWRCKSZPkACWEcb0Oc9E
  13. In emails we had for any changes MSC said that we had 30 days to decline changes after which time they would assume they would assume acceptance
  14. http://crew-center.com/230-mauritian-crew-arrive-italy-restart-msc-cruise-ships?fbclid=IwAR0x1SOx21Rtivo69KJzTiw9l5-6gp_-fE2guk6kfg8tW4mw3n3fhS5RGuo looks like MSC getting ready to start also !
  15. https://crew-center.com/greece-ready-open-six-ports-cruise-ships greece ready for cruise ships stops
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