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  1. The cheap prices now being seen will attract plenty of bargain hunters
  2. MSC Splendida is boarding at this moment from Singapore and they report no problems in Singapore.
  3. MSC have a major reposition cruise embarking on Friday from Singapore and other cruise lines are still using the port which is open as normal. The numbers outside China infected are minute compared to the numbers of people.
  4. None of the ports NCL is sailing to have been closed so not sure what the problem is and why they would offer refunds and have an empty ship?
  5. https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories
  6. https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories
  7. https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories Cunard are cancelling SE Asia ports .
  8. Given the above , should everyone traveling from USA be out in quarantine for 14 days to stop the spread!!
  9. Thanks , will do that. The visa situation is the one thing that causes me to worry.
  10. Thanks, I will get the transit visa online before we travel. Just need to confirm if a 24 hour transit without visa is ok for an 9 hour stop in mainland China, again MSC advise no visas required although no U.K. Passengers can get that in writing although they have for French and Australia cruisers!!
  11. We're on an MSC cruise calling Sri Lanka for a day and I have twice telephoned them to ask if any visas are required and each time they have said no and we're covered by the ships visa so unsure what to do. May just get one anyway.
  12. We're on the same cruise, how did you get the information regarding which pier Bellissima is docking at as can't see this information anywhere on itinerary etc?
  13. Hi, cam anyone advise what the options are for non dairy milk and gluten free bread on MSC , particularly Bellissima?
  14. Easy package is upto 6 euros in everywhere except USA & Caribbean areas, premium 10 euros so fairly limited here as well with most beers 6.50 euros and above!
  15. Probably get a different response from non American cruisers, as a European I would not tip for room delivery, drinks at bar etc as this is in lauded in fare and DSC. I would tip steward and selected waiters at end of cruise if service good. Most Europeans won't tip any extra and that's the norm.
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