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  1. Been reported on a MSC passengers Facebook page that MSC will be extending the 125% FCC For all cruises not just Caribbean ones. apparently websites will be updated tomorrow, so hopefully correct information!
  2. Maybe restocking and fuel as they are allowed ships to call for supplies and then maybe either Dubai if flights restarted or through suez to Italy.
  3. We booked a trip to Dubai to replace a cancelled cruise. Within 7 days there were travel restrictions so we had to then ring emirates and the Dubai hotel. both were initially trying to offer credit only but eventually they agreed to refunds, hopefully appears on our credit cards soon. we are reasonably happy with FCC from MSC although 2021 prices seem high!!
  4. Did they give you a refund for all the disruption like royal Caribbean and other lines did?
  5. The OP needs to get a grip on reality, has he read what's happening in the real world with Trump making all sorts of stupid announcements. who cares if you cancel or not!!!
  6. https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/About-MSC/News/Itinerary-Updates-Covid-19.aspx update on cancellations
  7. Apparently they have cancelled Saturday Bellissima sailing and ringing people to advise after saying a few hours ago no changes!!! some cruisers have flown out today, what a muck up
  8. Italy is in complete lockdown with U.K. Airlines suspending all flights until April, everything is shut!!
  9. Someone's posted on another group that Bellissima sailing this weekend cancelled! i see MSC UK have update website but only with new health warning saying Italians banned!
  10. All Italy now quarantined, on main Sky news etc
  11. Sweet FA on U.K. & European sites!!
  12. I think USA jumped gun before its official on all sites so probably hit old by head office to remove pronto!!
  13. Sid, its a nightmare and no one knows if they are updating cancellation policy in line with other lines with multiple ports closed around the world. we are supposed to be on Dubai to Yokohama resposition but with Malaysia and Sri Lanka closing ports that is a fair chunk of cruise gone after first itinerary change but no update whatsoever from MSC!!
  14. So some Italians and Koreans can board, that means the MSC ships will be denied docking in most ports as they are banned from most countries and must be quarantined for 14 days. The ban includes most Caribbean, India, Indian Ocean, Asia, UAE etc
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