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  1. No, sorry, haven't been to Aix myself... yet. Just the Marseille port. But I'm sure you have time to do more. There are tours that hit Aix and Avignon in one day.
  2. Port to town: Bus 1 to Stop #129 (Argentina sa Feixina) Town to port: Bus 1 from Stop #1159 (P. Congressos, if leaving from east side of town), or Bus 1 from Stop #8 (es Jonquet, if leaving from west side of town)
  3. You can set a pickup/dropoff location in the Uber app at any time to get an approximation of the rate, just DON'T actually click to reserve the car. May want to do that around the proper time of day to match the time of day when you would be in port, since Uber likes to jack up the price anytime more than 1 person wants a car. 😠 It's all a balance of cost, flexibility, reliability, and risk! But it sounds like an Uber for 4 might be pretty close to breaking even with the train option.
  4. From Fira, it is walkable, but you're in for a small hike. 2.5km to port bus, or 5km to Terminal A, further if your ship is parked at a more distant terminal. I would go to Plaça d'Espanya and take the Metro L3 to Drassanes, then 7-8 minute walk to cruise port bus on the peninsula by Hotel Eurostars Grand Marina. Easiest option is just to cab it. I believe the Port is simply "Port of Barcelona", but then there are multiple terminals (A, B, C, D, E) where your ship could be, and it might be difficult to ascertain in advance which terminal your ship will be at. Of course, when going you just head to the port and look for your ship, so you don't really need to know the Terminal, though if using a taxi then a ship at further terminals would increase cost.
  5. You can definitely take your luggage on the cruise port bus. The only purpose of that bus is taking passengers to/from the port, half which will be embarking/disembarking, and the other half on a port stop. They have luggage racks. I believe the cost was 3 Euro each way. The bus goes between ship and the peninsula by the Teleferic tower next to Hotel Eurostars Grand Marina, which is about a 5 min walk from Columbus statue. You could walk the same distance that the port bus travels, but you have to go across a bridge, which is inclined to allow ship traffic to flow underneath, and is at least 3km if you're coming from Port Terminal A. If your ship is parked at another terminal further away, add on to that. I wouldn't walk it with luggage, and we usually DIY and walk a LOT. We saw people walking across that bridge, and they looked frustrated with their decision. πŸ˜„
  6. In late Sept/early Oct, we cruised West Med and weather in Spain/France/Italy/Malta was just about perfect. We would still sweat at times (its plenty humid), and also caught cool breezes. I'm thinking your timeframe should be similar.
  7. In case anyone considers Hotel Miramar... don't do it. Worst hotel stay I've had in 20 years. It appeared that bathroom had not been cleaned in weeks. Towels were wet like they just hung up the previous guests' towels. Vanity and toilet looked like they had not been touched once for a wipe down in some time. Management incredibly rude. Plenty of other issues too numerous to list. If you only have the one afternoon/evening, just walk around to the major sites in the Gothic Quarter, or take the Teleferic to Castle Montjuic (starting with inclined railway from Parallel station). The castle is not much to see in itself, but the views from there are amazing.
  8. Barcelona is so easy to DIY, you don't really need a tour. The Metro is super easy to navigate, and inexpensive. You can get La Sagrada Familia timed tickets in advance on their website.
  9. Port bus (3 euro) to Columbus statue area, then Metro L3 from Drassanes to Sants. If your timing doesn't allow, take a taxi as others recommended. There were plenty of taxis waiting when we disembarked, although we waited around and didn't leave ship until ~11.
  10. We were in the Calanques Sept 28, and the weather was warm and beautiful. I would think that April would be about the same. We rented a car, drove to Cassis, and took kayaks from there (Port Miou) to Calanque d'En-Vau. Search for "kayaking in Calanques" for more details on that. I don't have any info on boats from Marseille though.
  11. Last Sept we rented a car in Marseille and drove to Cassis for a few hours of kayaking in the Calanques. If your girls would do that sort of thing, I highly recommend it. Search for "kayaking Calanques" here and you should find the thread, and I have already given some feedback there about issues encountered. I will reiterate here though, as it has gotten me and I've read dozens of other complaints... Hertz and Sixt all over Europe seem very sketchy and fraudulent, with random ongoing billing after-the-fact and fake claims of damage. In Marseille, I rented from Alamo (near main train station in Marseille) and had a good experience.
  12. If I was going to Aix, I would take the train. You have these options to get to the train station... 1) Uber (probably ~20-25 Euro) 2) Taxi (seems there were 15 or so waiting when ship docked) 3) Cruise-based shuttle - probably 15 Euro or so, picks up right at the ship 4) Free shuttle - 1km walk to get there We have an upcoming port stop in Marseille in July, and this time we opted for a ship excursion (MSC) to the lavender fields in Valensole. 🌼 😎
  13. At the port, the bus stops that I see are about twice the distance from the ship than the free cruise shuttle, at least 2-2.5km. I don't see confirmation that Bus 50 stops there though.
  14. The tour tickets/visas are garbage in/garbage out. Give the proper info to the tour group, and double-check the tickets when you get them. Ensure dates are correct, names are EXACTLY as on passport, with proper last/first order. If not, they will correct them before you go. Your sister's situation is apples/oranges, as she had to supply and validate all the info herself. Don't overpay for an overcrowded cruiseline tour.
  15. That is also what happened to us with Hertz. Reserved at one price. On pickup, the price had jumped. On check-in, the price was higher again. Then we got the sporadic random billings showing up for months later. I won't ever rent Hertz again in Europe.
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