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  1. Walgreens Rapid ID Now tests will get you back into Canada. Results come in a couple of hours. They’re drive-thru only, so you’ll need a car or taxi. Appts are booked about 2-3 days ahead of when you need it so you’ll have to have Internet on the ship.
  2. We booked a sailaway cabin about a month before our Nov 7 cruise and got an invite to bid a couple of days later. Still have no cabin, either assigned or upgraded.
  3. The Shoppers Drug Mart antigen tests are done while you wait, results in about 15 min, cost $40. They definitely can be used to travel to the US. There are cheaper antigen tests at Walmart, but I haven’t used those yet so I don’t know what their turnaround time is.
  4. I used our US pre-cruise hotel address and it let me set up the account. No idea if I’ve done the rest of it correctly though, since I didn’t get an email with testing times.
  5. The Shoppers antigen test results take less than 15 min if you can find one with testing times that’ll work for you.
  6. I’m just worried that they’ve figured out how expensive it is to cover quarantine hotels for everyone that’s been denied boarding, so they’ve decided not to do it anymore and have thus pulled that statement from the website. Hopefully they still honor that policy for people who booked when that policy was in effect.
  7. Where was that FAQ that said NCL would pay for the quarantine expenses that your travel insurance didn’t cover if you were denied boarding? I remember reading it, but I can’t find it on the Sail Safe page now…
  8. The info that’s there is what’s available, as far as I can tell. There’s a few YouTube videos of villas as well. There’s very little post-restart info, I think cruises are just starting to revisit GSC, but I don’t know if any have yet. We have a stop there in December, so I’ve been scouring the Internet for any more recent info but have come up empty so far. I’m hoping for new posts showing up on that thread over the next month or so.
  9. Thanks for the heads’ up re the Blue Cross deal. The Annual $5mil emergency medical plan for two adults in their early 50’s, upgraded to cover trips up to 31 days long, no deductible, was $235 total. We have trip interruption, etc through other sources that we’re happy with, so I didn’t price that out. Covers hospitalization for Covid, but not asymptomatic quarantine, but NCL covers that for their cruises so I think we now have all the bases covered. Great deal, very happy with that pricing, since it will cover our three planned cruises plus a variety of other trips to WDW, Vegas, etc.
  10. Has anyone booked a Sailaway/Guarantee cabin on any of these early cruises? What did you get versus what did you book? I’m just wondering if the lower passenger counts have impacted the assignment of sailaway cabins. I’ve seen lots of threads about the success (or lack of it) for upgrade bids, but none about the sailaway cabins. (and yes, I know that you’re supposed to book the sailaway at the level you’d be happy in, I’m more just curious about what people booked and ended up in for these early cruises)
  11. Said no insurance, and used our nexus cards at the drive-thru. I’ve seen posts from people that have used their passports or driver’s licenses, though. If you call, they will give the party line that you have to pay and show state ID. Just sign up on the website, and when you show up for your appointment they only care that your name matches what’s been entered online.
  12. Plan a weekend (air) trip to your favourite US city. Yeah, you’ve got to jump through the testing hoops, but pretty much any pharmacy in the States will give you a third shot happily. Many pharmacies there are throwing out unused doses. It’s really weird to hear the “blue light special” pa announcements in Walmart encouraging people to come to the pharmacy for their Covid shot, no waiting, etc. When we went there for our second shots while Ontario was putzing around, CVS knew we were Canadian and didn’t care, even added our first dose info to the CDC cards they made up for us.
  13. Not sure where you’re going, but you are right that it won’t be Cayman. I’ll be amazed if they’ve even dropped the extensive quarantine for tourists flying in by then.
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