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  1. The rest of the cruisers on our 4 day Bahamas cruise were very casual except for a few other couples like us who obviously like to dress for dinner. Hubby brought a sport jacket and two coordinating pants (sort of jean styled but in dressier fabrics) with 2 dress shirts and three different ties. I had a couple of classy-short cocktail dresses and a couple other cute ones that were not sun-type dresses. I don't take my good jewellery on any trips, I have semi precious stones to wear instead. I took a couple of wedge soled dress shoes/sandals as I have an unstable ankle from a previous injury and can't wear stilettos any more 😭. Other than that we packed the usual undies/socks, swimsuits, shorts, tops, sweaters (for air con), sport shoes and sandals. We also had jeans and rain jackets and a few other pieces with us because we were actually doing the cruise in the middle of a 2 week vacation on land. It all fit in our suitcases and carry-ons and in our RCL ocean view cabin, anyhow.
  2. I love those sweet little boots, do you line dance or two step ShellBelle28? I think there are Western and Country Music themed cruises aren't there? Likely travelling out of Galveston I would think. The Mime et Moi pic didn't turn out, maybe because it's png and not jpg? I'll try again here. Yaaay, it worked
  3. Of course with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US there are shoe sales on all over. The Shoe Bakery has 30% off (not including custom jobs) at shoebakery.com if you use the code HOORAY30. Another really neat site is Mime et Moi (a German shoe company) with interchangeable heels you can buy separately. 30% off their shoes with code CCW30 https://mimemoi.com/en?mc_cid=46e4e0ceaf&mc_eid=345352789f Here's a picture of some to give you an idea: They are not cheap of course, but then you are getting two shoes for the price of one, and you can choose other coloured heels if you wish, like pink or cream for the above shoe. Some really neat combos I saw. Another online site with multi-heels is https://tanyaheathcanada.com/collections/shoes - they have some really good sales on right now and all heels fit all the shoes so you can contrast or match colours & patterns from kitten heel to boot/block to stiletto. Also this site is in CAD so lots cheaper for many.
  4. AuroraRose, I love the idea of those shoes with your wedding date on a plaque attached to them. Awesome! ShellBelle28, the big bow is a real focus in fashion these days.... I just got a cute pair of slides from Avon (clearing out summer stuff) for a really good price. Suitably nautical and sweet with navy capris.
  5. Thanks, chengkp75.... that's what I was afraid of. I love all kinds of 'ethnic' food and cook Thai, Japanese, Indian, Filipino, and Szechuan myself at home with appropriate substitutes, but those substitutes likely wouldn't be available on the ship and even if I brought my own, the galley would likely not be gluten safe either. And the galley crew/chefs wouldn't have time to prepare anything separate/special. Sad about that, but best to know about it in advance rather than becoming very ill on a trip.
  6. Hi again to the freighter cruisers! Just thought about a wrinkle to planning this sort of trip (for me anyway.) I have special dietary needs (celiac) so I'm assuming that probably won't fly with a freighter trip. Anyone else out there with allergies or other special needs that does this kind of trip? I know I'm well taken care of on a traditional cruise with a MD interview and menu planning the night before for the next day's meals and even special requests without a problem or extra charge. I'm thinking the menu might be more limited on a freighter cruise?
  7. mimi217, can you post a picture of your dress or direct us to a link to look at something similar online? If it has a lot of detail or you are wearing 'statement piece' jewelry I'd go for a classic nude sandal or D'Orsay or peep-toe pump. I'd wholeheartedly agree with Lois R on the beautiful silver if your dress is a classic unfussy style. One should really have one main focus - fab flashy shoes, or statement jewelry, or major ruffles/details on the dress. It could also depend on how many dress up nights you have and how much room in your luggage/stateroom - you might want shoes that do double duty, lol.
  8. You guys want to see some awesome shoes - go to Shoebakery.com https://shoebakery.com/collections/heels Low cal, too, lol.
  9. Cute, tmme! I love the sandals too and the deck shoes look sweet AND comfy. I ended up with arthritis in the base joints (ball of my foot) of my middle toes on my left foot and now cannot wear anything above 2.5 inches (unless it's a platform and that's got to be a wedge too). I donated two full black garbage bags to a charity in May that hosts a fab shoe sale to raise money (over $11,000 this year) for the local women's shelter and community foundation. At least I won a draw prize (besides feeling good about the cause and re-homing some of my favorites). I got 3 hours of cleaning by a local 'green' cleaning company. It was tops on my list of possible draw prizes, so I'm pretty stoked about that. I have bought a few new pairs of cute wedges and some funky Eurostyle shoes similar to John Fluevog's stuff. I'd take a picture but my phone fell off the wharf at the lake last week and I haven't been able to retrieve it yet - I have hopes of rehabbing it but can't get to it due to high water.
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