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  1. Our Orange Party was on Wed night, night 4 of our 1 week cruise.
  2. Just back to Seattle today, Orange party had lots of energy and dancing and I'm glad we took our orange Roots & Blues Security t shirts and my orange capris. Too short tho, but at least it segued right into BB Kings band show. I'll just have to remember orange stuff for all HAL trips in case.
  3. I just phoned the HAL 1-800 number today as our cruise is in a week and I remember an Orange night at BB King's on the Oosterdam in early March 2020. The gal on the other end of the phone had to look up some info on our Westerdam Alaska Cruise but said that there is going to be an Orange Party. I had to explain it to her first though, as she didn't seem to be aware of it and we've received no official email information on it yet. Ah well, we'll have enough room to bring our orange Roots & Blues Festival T-Shirts from this year and I have a pair of BRIGHT orange capris to wear too. Anybody else have an Orange Party onboard lately?
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