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  1. Oh my.....well like everything else I will just wait and see what is going on come August. For planners like me this is just not fun, I don't like to be a last minute traveler.
  2. Waiting for our August cruise to be canceled and we are looking at an alternative plan. Since we have flights booked and can change them we are thinking of still flying to Anchorage and using the Alaska Railroad to see Alaska. Of course that all will depend on the 14 day isolation but the railroad is running.
  3. Another link https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/05/29/cruise-ship-ban-canada/
  4. I am actually booked on an Alaska August 5th....don't see it going but am waiting for NCL yo cancel. I just thought it was odd that as of yesterday there were not any July cruises listed and now this morning there is one.
  5. I just looked this morning and July has been adding to booking availability and it list a July 4th Scandinavia, Russia and Baltic cruise on the Escape.....
  6. Interesting thought that because it is a US flagged ship it could cruise Alaska without having to stop in Canada. Too bad they can't salvage this years Alaska season with PofA
  7. Hawaii is one of my favorite cruises....I have taken 4 cruises on Pride of America.
  8. So far I have not forgotten a thing either and even with my list I tend to over pack! Go figure. I always have the same dream a few days before leaving.....I don't have my documents or passports! I check, double check and triple check before leaving the house.
  9. This is a fun thread! So nice to hear others ideas.
  10. I have a packing list too that has everything I could possibly need and edit as needed. Just like you my staging room has what we will need each day and it goes into packing cubes according to the day with the day attached to it along with the port and plans for that day. I also have a "spare clothes" cube incase something is spilled. We use the laundry service and re-wear some things.
  11. We used Bernard's in the past and had a great time with them and are planning on using the service again in 2022
  12. I am quite certain our cruise will be canceled for August but we are looking at an alternative trip changing our flights from ANC/YVR to RT ANC and using the Alaska railroad. Our only problem with these plans would be the 14 day quarantine so I guess we will just wait and see.
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