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  1. The pin, I love the pin. And the priority thingy but I love the pin.
  2. hey there,! Look, I wont do the Sunrise again BUT, she was clean and the crew worked hard and did a good job. We hit the lido early at 7am most days and it wasnt bad. Lido lunches in port were pretty good, try the turkey, it was moist and tasty like mama use to make. The movies were pretty good and it wasnt hard finding a seat. I ate in the MDR anytime dining 7 of the 10 nights and went right after they opened and there was no wait at all. I had Rio as my head waiter and she was very quick. If you like the specialty restaurants I heard no complaints at all. And a day at sea beats a day on land. BTW i didnt smell any sewage anywhere. If you like the specialty restaurants I heard no complaints at all. Ok that was me looking at the positive side. Look you need to go to form your own opinion, we all look at these cruises from different angles. Just have fun.
  3. Oh ok the abbreviation I hadnt understood, I am guessing that the S is stateroom.
  4. Congrates! Did you manage to get the same room as it is a pita to move from one cabin to another on that morning.
  5. I also just got back from the 10 day Sunrise cruise. And like you I didnt care for the Sunshine but I would sail on her again, the Sunrise is now the ONLY ship in ANY line that I will not set foot on even for a half price ticket. Sunshine is the better of the two. I am also a smoker and even I headed for deck 10 to light up. I stood in the smoking section and watched the smoke and it headed into the elevator shaft area. And those people were force to walk right by the smokers to go anywhere on deck 5. So this time I felt for the nonsmokers. Sunshine had the same issue i believe,
  6. Good time to buy Carnival stock as this to shall pass.
  7. In the old days the line would pass out envelopes for each position and you could put the tip in and then hand the envelope to the appropriate person. Then they started the automatic tipping and I found out I was over tipping lol. I had tipped based on the service and joy given and obviously was very joyful. So now I leave it alone unless it was really bad service. But then i cant just leave it alone as I feel some of the crew does much better than the standard tip so I pass out a little extra to those that i really enjoyed. I feel good about it , they feel good about it and we all are happy. But to make a tip mandatory is ludicrous, if you want to do that then just add it to the cost of the cruise and be done with it and hang a sign that says no tips required.
  8. I like the lido coffee, I drink 2 or 3 cups by sunrise. But i do sneak down to Java and get one there each day, it has a little richer flavor to it.
  9. Wow, the lanyard is a free gift, it cost Zero, Nothing, Nada, Nitch, Diddlysquat. Does, it really matter? What do you get a person that has everything? I don't even care if I get a gift. They remind me of the prizes you get for the tickets you get at the arcades. Now the 'pin' is what brings the smile to my face and the laundry is really cool. Now my wife doesnt care diddley about the pin but will give it to anyone that really thinks they are cool. So some peeps liked the lanyard and that is great, others didnt but heck give it away to someone that would like it and make their day a little brighter. .
  10. Well, I made it thru a NYC sailing. I was very apprehensive about it all. When they said we were sailing outta NYC i was kinda like those fellas on the old Pace Picanti commercial "NEW YORK CITY???". But I had some decent advice from this board and want to thank yall. First off I called Trinity and got a hold of Bruce. Bruce set a new bar in customer service. He was extremely helpful and addressed all my concerns and questions. He set me up with every thing I needed and booked us (4 adults and 2 kids) in the Fairfield Marriott in North Bergen NJ. I drove into the hotel around 530 and was just waiting for something to go wrong. I walked in and was greeted by Andrea. She chuckled and said I was just thinking about you. She was looking at her reservations I think, cause i never met the lady but suddenly felt like i had a friend in Jersey. Everything was no problem at all. The hotel sets in what i would call more of a industrial type setting. Pretty hotel but did seem out of place. I was up on the top floor but we were overlooking RT 9 and the railroad yards, you know, a view you don't take a picture of. This was the west side of the hotel and even with being 8 floors up the noise was pretty constant from down below. Trucks, trains and motorcycles and they go all night long. I did get sleep and it wasn't over whelming. And the rooms were really nice. Everything about the interior of the hotel and the staff was A plus. On here i have read about a young man that works the second shift at the desk, I cant recall his name but yes he was wonderful. As for the noise I think maybe the east side of the hotel would be quieter, it is residential and all dead ends and no traffic. One minor issue was I had asked Bruce for the 10am shuttle to and from the terminal. Well the hotel seems to make the assignments the moment you check in and Andrea said there was no more room on the 10am but i was now on the 11 am. Well what is an hour amongst friends. There was a gaggle of people on the 10am and one large group, so I was fine, and it was one of those short buses and there was also a van loaded down too. I felt they were doing the best they could. Well then came 11 am and at 1110 Andrea came out side and said she had called the driver and he was stuck in traffic and was on his way so he got there at 1130. Yep on the ride over traffic was horrific and i was glad he was driving, he had to muscle his way though. But we made it and that was good. He told us "I will pick you up right HERE between the pier 90 signs". Now Bruce had told me that there were pickups on the return for 9 10 11 12. I had the 10 but was off the boat at 845 and thru the terminal. I was thinking if there was room we might catch the 9am. Someone on here said to get a business card from the hotel, This person knows his crap and at 930 we hadn't seen the shuttle so i called. I was told it wouldn't be there till 1030. WHAT? Also was told gate 32 lower level. WHAT GATE 32? I asked workers they hadn't a clue but the hotel repeated it when I called them back. People got mad, but then it is NYC. They started out for some ubers. I found this older man who was directing people to the street and he said "AHA, i bet he was talking about bus slots to the left. You had to look at the signs from the buses view point and they started at 29 so I found bus slot 32 and we waited. 1030 the bus and van slide up behind the bus that was in 32 slot and they search for passengers. He got 12 of us on the bus and still had empty seats but around 11:10 or so decided to take us back to the hotel leaving the van there for more. Now since we drove I thought with a 10am pickup and traffic and all I would be burning rubber down the interstate at 11 and here I was still at the cruise terminal. Well we got back to the hotel, and I knew from Bruce that the free parking was up to 10 days and after that it is 16.50. Well the cruise was 10 days, plus the night we stayed there was a total of 11 so i saw Angela to pay the extra. She told everyone naw forget it you are good to go. Cool!!! Color me on the road. BTW the parking is under the hotel, and it has those fence style rollup doors. The one was always closed but the other was only closed at night. I felt fairly secure leaving the truck there. But there isn't that many spots there so get yourself one and keep it. No time though did i go into the garage that there wasn't one open space. Oh and i did have to drive to get supper, but there is a Target right there walking distance and great for that which you forgot. So that is my take on Trinity, Fairfield and Transportation. Overall, I would do it all again with the same players. But may have used an uber for transport.
  11. Hey, dont get all nervous. Its a whole new world and you will have a blast even with out excursions. I am like you and I dont mind doing just ship hosted excursions. Once we had the ship wait on us as the bus broke down a long ways from town. Always remember that you are on the ships time. Local time isnt always the same time. There is plenty of shopping at the piers and I think Cosa maya has a show where these guys climb a pole and then hook a rope to their ankle and kinda fly down. It is cool. I always return to the ship an hour before they say i need to. Aint leaving without me. We are all different when we hit ports, I am more of a wanderer and I like to sample local foods and drinks. In cozumal i grab a cab and head down town and we walk around. I always do lunch at la mission restaurant. It isnt pricey and real good. its across from the divers hotel, the cabby will know exactly where it is. There are a lot of barkers on the street, just dont pay them no mind. Keep to the main street and you are safe. There is also a place close by the port that has a lot of outdoor minitures of temple and the like. It was pretty cool and wasnt pricey and only about 2 miles away. Just keep in your comfort zone. I remember my first time i was very uneasy. But there will be a bunch of people on the ship and I got the straight up from them. Yall will have a ball, no worries.
  12. I go and they are pretty cool events. And you dont have to sit in the balcony, we dont bite. For me it is kinda like going home.
  13. oh amen to that, and some of these things that have been done I cant help but think that they intentionally did them , or mismanaged the whole thing, like dumping treated sewage. I have several colorful ways to say they really messed up but I cant say them in mixed company.
  14. Well Chaos you are correct for the most part. I just got this thing for plastic and it aint a love affair. In our 'advanced' state, we have crept backwards. I still remember a time when we didnt have an issue with plastic in the oceans, but then we did not need plastic. What I am seeing is all about convenience. The changes have to be made by the people, that is where the rubber meets the road. Now Good Ol Carnival made a few changes and yeppers it works out for them also but as I said before it doesnt go far enough but it is a start. it would be nice to believe that super corp could manage the disposal of every plastic item that is used on every cruise on every ship by everybody. I am sorry, I cant imagine that happening 100 percent of the time. So it all boils down to all the cruise ship lines can try and manage all this plastic waste and they will ultimately fail, they may get better but in the end they will fail. I am not trying to beat you up on this. I just dont think the expectations are realistic. And you and I can do use the recycle bins each and every time along with all the other people that care and there is still that other group that really dont give a ....... So the problems starts with the customer and the need for convenience in 2019. I need a plastic straw or swizzle stick for my drink, i need a wood stir stick for my coffee, i need a plastic bottle of water, i need a plastic lid for this and that. I then expect someone else to handle it when i am done with it. I think it is time we the people take some responsibility.
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