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  1. oh I totally agree with you, The crew is just doing their job and they really seem to want to get it done as quick as they can and still meet the standards. The ones that do put me off is the pax that seem to always be late. I remember back in the day when we had to carry the life jackets from the room and put then on at the life boat station. Safety concerns stopped that as people would trip on the cords going back to the rooms. And I am all for the concept of doing a muster, if anything bad happens it does help to at least know what to do. There will be a lot of panic and confusion and lives depend on it. Many people dont like it but I believe that muster should be at the muster station and not in a lounge somewhere.I know a lot of times it is hot and uncomfortable. So that being said, I am pro muster breifing but i think on a b2b a pax shouldnt have to do it a second time. There is NO value in it.
  2. They are open for sea day brunch and i think that goes thru the normal lunch hour. I love the seaday brunch.
  3. Well it could well be Port Everglades, I find that after a while the ports blur together. I have the parking area of each of the major ports we sail from loaded on the GPS so i can just pull in and park. I find that the port we sail from and even the ports we go to are usually inconsequential. Well except that the one next month is from NYC and that doesnt please me as far as driving in but its a journey cruise so I will suck it up and I get to check out the Sunrise which should be very cool. And as far as you "discounting" my words it doesnt really mean nothing. I just find that showing my id to the authorities on a b2b doesnt seem to add any value to them or me or anyone. I also didnt seem to see a value in going thru the muster 2 times in about a week. I dont mind the refresher at the beginning of each cruise when there is months between them. Or even if the muster station changes, Yes i need to know where to go.
  4. wowsers, 800 plus days! You have more ship time than some of the crew. I just find that having to get off is a pita but it isnt Carnivals fault but rather the officials. Going down and getting the new cards and photo and all isnt a problem for me and can be a lot of laughs. BUt Like you said at NOLA, why did you have to go back thru security? What value was that to you, them, or anyone? I so want to ask that official why he has to see my documents but I am sure they will ruin my day cause I was being uncooperative. We also on the last b2b had to go down and ask about the photo being delivered. But they got it to us the same day. Just someone forgot and an easy fix.
  5. Twice I have done a b2b and last time was a year ago on the Conquest, dont remember if it was Lauderdale or Canaveral. Both times i had to sit in the dining room for well over an hour and wait and then was lead off the ship to a government official that simply looked at my passport and I got to be led to the Captains lounge and wait some more for the all clear to reboard. I didnt really mind going to the dining room and getting the formosa and getting the picture but both times it felt very much like hurry up and wait and what that showing my passport to the official was all about I havent a clue. He just looked at it and said ok. he did like 14 of us in 20 seconds. My real question and what was the value of this to anyone? I have read where at some ports you dont have to disembark and i read somewhere on here that Jacksonville was one of them. Sign me up for jacksonville.
  6. Its on the Carnival site, I just think as guests we focus on the number of days we cruise rather than the number of cruises. In the old days everything was based on number of cruise for the color of the cards but they switched it to days. I am platinum and only have 15 cruises on carnival
  7. Yes I noticed that the passengers on a 5 day or different in general than a 14 day but it also depends on the week. We took a b2b on the Conquest last year for mothers day, 6 and then 7 days. The first cruise was pretty normal and we had a good time. The new pax boarded and i realized i wasnt in Kansas no more. I spoke to the lido bar waiter who looked a bit frazzled and asked what the heck happened. He said every cruise is different for them because of the differences in the passengers and it had to do with what was happening in the US. That stopped me for a moment then i realized it was college graduation and there were blue cards everywhere. So what it was was a celebration cruise for graduates and their families. Either i got use to it or everyone calmed down by day 2.
  8. they make us go thru the drill again. Also when we had to wait in the vip lounge for the all clear but were the first to reboard.
  9. on a b2b you have to leave the ship, a total pain but you must simply produce identification papers to the authorities. My point is that even though you set foot on land and end a cruise you would think that you could do a customs declaration. But customs doesnt allow for it and you get the standard allowances at the end of the cruise. Now the SbyS would allow it as you actually leave the building and reenter. I like this idea.
  10. Well you can always go to the dining room on carnival ships and avoid the crowd. I am not sure if the specialty resturants will be open but they might be.
  11. No you are correct cruise days are cruise days to make the gold etc, but there is also a milestone program that simply counts cruises. "In appreciation for their loyalty, the guest will also be granted the opportunity to redeem a future non-refundable onboard credit equivalent to 25%, 50% or 75% of the cruise ticket price, corresponding to the milestone reached." to the OP, I wanted a longer cruise and there were none available so i did a B2B. an interesting fact is that it is considered 2 cruises , even by immigration, hence you have to get off the ship and show your passport/id to them and get back on, but customs considers it one cruise so you still have the same limits.
  12. Actually you are both correct. I too saw from my first cruise onward, that the staff treated me very well as mentioned by PhillyFan . But I also had basically the same convo with my room steward as RWolver stated. I think there is a degree in there. Did you know that diamond passengers photos are hung at the exits of the crew areas so they can be recognized on sight? I was on a recent cruise and a diamond couple was seated in the dining room always at the same table. Each night the matradee stopped by thier table to check on them. He didnt do it for us lowly Plantinums lol. So there is a little extra care that is given, but still when i was blue I had good service. And we as customers forge our own relationship with the crew. Another example I have is that the D&P guests receive a pin with the year and ship name on it. I was on the Vista at Christmas and i didnt get one. I asked the steward and he said they were short but he would speak to his boss. I did find out that it appeared the Diamonds all recieved thiers. So ok , I understand the issue, it is the end of year and the supply was dwindling and they werent making anymore. But i mentioned it to the crew boss of housekeeping up on the Lido deck. 10 mins later he showed up with a pin for me. It was all a minor thing and i wasnt upset but for me that is the one thing I love getting. So there is that little extra effort, but not to the determent to all the guests.
  13. I am kinda like you Shaky. The first time i went to Coco Cay they pronounced it as Kay over the loud speaker and that threw me off as I thought i was wrong. But in reality it is pronounced as Key no different that the Florida Keys. A Cay is actually not a normal island as it is sediment built up on a coral reef. It does make it hard to build on as they dont make a good foundation. And yeah you probably knew that but I love stating the obvious lol. But it is fun when you are talking about half moon and say key rather than kay and watch the strange looks you get. But dont let it bug you as they say "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".
  14. I didnt know they didnt sell FTTF on a journey but it makes sense. My last journey there were 3 D/P reunion parties cause of the shear number of them. It appeared that 8 out of 10 people on board were D/P
  15. I am Plantinum and my room has not always been ready. It depends on just how many rooms the steward has for priority passengers. BUT, they left me put my carry ons inside and I usually go grab a bite somewhere so it never really matters to me. I have also had my luggage arrive as late as 7pm. But I dont sweat the small stuff. I always carry on essentials and a change of clothes. Try a 14 days journey cruise and have a swarm of diamonds boarding, if most every one is priority then no one is priority but heck as long as we have a fun cruise I dont care.
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