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  1. Off the PANORAMA several weeks ago, I'm looking forward to your evaluation of her. Love the detail in your story. Carry on . . . 🙂
  2. In view of the topic of this thread I gladly report that after having just got off the PANORAMA a couple weeks ago, I did not spot one instance of rust either inside or outside this ship.🤣
  3. Orientation ? Drop the anchor, bow into the wind, tenders (now called shuttles) take passengers ashore.
  4. I went to the Steakhouse on the PANORAMA a couple of weeks ago, ordered the lobster as I always do, and voila! one of the worst I've ever had on Carnival. Tiny with a couple of jumbo shrimp thrown in to "ease the pain". Small half lobster. I was embarrassed for them. Terrible. Great service though and even tipped the waitress $15 who tried so hard to make it a great event. It's steaks from now on. 🙂
  5. This is what happens when you put lipstick on a pig. 🙂
  6. I did so also for a cruise from Long Beach. Hardest part of the entire booking was convincing the lady back in Miami that I was quite aware it was leaving "today". She kept saying, "But Mr. Rounds, that cruise leaves today !". At that time I lived 30 minutes from the port and could be packed in 15 minutes, and color me gone. 🙂
  7. A couple weeks ago on the PANORAMA I was asked morning, night, or both. I chose morning only as I keep my cabin pretty neat and orderly. Angel did a great job once per day. YMMV, however. 🙂
  8. Yes, true. One just has to put the cabin key by the lock and it opens. Lights go on when you put the key in the slot by the door. Pull the key out of the slot, put it in your pocket and leave your cabin and on a time delay the lights go off. Good energy preservation.
  9. I quite agree, Jim. With the exception of early embarkation and debarkation and the P&D Drinkathon, in the Grand Scheme of things my Platinum status has zero effect on whether I cruise Carnival. I like Carnival because I know what is going to happen, no surprises. A mere 44 nights away from Diamond at age 80, there is a very good chance I'll not make Diamond. But, for it's "perks" I see very little difference between Platinum and Diamond. However, a couple of weeks ago aboard the PANORAMA when my White Card was exposed some passengers were quick to note it was a MILESTONE card and NOT a Diamond. GEEEEEESH, elitist a little bit ? All things said, this old fart will probably die on a Carnival ship provided they always have one on the West Coast. Will even have to pass on the Mardi Gras as I'm through with flying and all the walking that encompasses. If I make it to Diamond, fine, if not, that's fine too. It's been a good run . . . no regrets. 🙂
  10. I agree . . . just too many cruise lines to make something like that workable. A shame too, as I would like to cruise Princess more and probably will anyway. MSC can get away with it because they're still struggling to become a player, so to speak. Let Carnival's P&Ds start flooding their ships and they'll change their tune fast or raise their prices to cover it (and those that rely on perks to select a cruise won't even notice it). 🙂
  11. With all due respect, Jenn and LauraS, the arrangement you have with Carnival isn't working. I just got off the PANORAMA a week ago on my 'white card" 25th cruise and NEVER received an invitation to the Meet'n'Mingle with the time and location. I stumbled upon it accidentally and observed 20 people attending a wake, it seemed. I see the posting on your ship and date as only a way to exchange last minute information about the cruise, parking, boarding, excursions, etc. of the ship we're all taking.
  12. Its simple actually. If you've been to China you must have a PASSPORT. On that passport it'll show the dates that you were there. If you've been in China over the last 14 days they will see that. Short of demanding everyone produce a passport, it should take care of itself.
  13. Absolutely NOT. 🙂 The bow splash frequently comes up the side of the ship at this point and when it did rain (once, I recall) the porthole was covered in rain water. There are "decorative" clamps on them, but I'm sure they don't open. I love this slight upgrade from an inside (I think I paid $1.50 per day extra !)which is all I can afford at double occupancy prices. Very popular and almost have to book years in advance to get one. I booked this cruise over a year in advance. As soon as we know when the MARDI GRAS is going to be able to sail, I'm going to try and get one. The only negative I get from other cruisers is the constant crashing of the bow through the swells which at times literally sounds like something is crashing into the ship. Very loud and ominous. Once I understood exactly what it was it became a "grandfather clock" sound (very rhythmic and constant) and lulled me to sleep. I loved it. 🙂
  14. fkn near water Now if you don't hear from me for 3 days you'll know why. 🙂
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