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  1. Temporarily living with my son and his family here in the High Desert of LA county in the State of Kalifornia. Get out about twice a week to replenish milk, eggs, and butter for my 2 Grandies. Lucky both parents are still able to work so getting along as of now. Streets are vacant of course, surreal looking without all the crushing traffic. Driving is more of a pleasure now instead of an ordeal. Grandies can't go to school, so I conduct mini math, spelling and art classes in my room with them on occasion. Since I'm 80 I'm in the "sure-to-croak" category in my son's eyes, so he's constantly on me about bathing and washing my hands and not too keen on me going for groceries. Sometimes he just shakes his head to me, like a worried parent. 😊 Just got off the IMAGINATION about a week before the cruise lines decided to shut down. But now teased with ridiculously low cabin rates and armed with my "fit-to-cruise" letter from my doctor, have booked the PANORAMA again for August 15th (cruised her in January). Sure hope we get through this mess by then and I don't lose everything in a Carnival bankruptcy, although not overly confident. I'm saddened by what's happening to my country, but we will get through this. We are very resilient people and have always confronted problems in a victorious way in the past. The day I was born, Hitler was rolling through Poland. And we put an end to that mess when for a long time everything looked very dismal.
  2. Yes, I also considered the bankruptcy angle, c'mon $239 pp for a week on the newest Carnival ship (I've already cruised her once), I couldn't pass that up. My favorite itinerary, I've done this one a bazillion times, know just where to go, might even take my ex wife again.
  3. Interesting idea Disconnections. I'd love it. I've done the Mexican Riviera a bazillion times. What a breath of fresh air. What are the stops on that itinerary ?
  4. [gulp] The Pacific doesn't have a Half Moon Cay. All stops the PANORAMA makes are three ports in Mexico ! 😞
  5. I hope this all gets sorted out as soon as possible. I just booked the PANORAMA again for August 15th. So cheap, I couldn't let that one go by. Loved her the first time. Now all this 80-year-old has to worry about is staying alive 'til then. 😰
  6. From my experience cruising over the years, this will contain half their market. πŸ™‚ And still won't protect anyone from those that are INFECTED but don't show any symptoms.
  7. They've already cancelled all dividends. I'm sure that would eventually include the OBC for being a shareholder also. They are trying to float a 6 BILLION DOLLAR bond to finance their ships through this mess. Because they're incorporated OUTSIDE the US they don't qualify for government protection although President Trump is trying to change this: "Though the cruise companies are headquartered in the U.S., they are incorporated offshore. That means they don’t pay a lot of federal taxes, among other issues. Because of their incorporation status, these companies did not qualify for aid under the $2.2 trillion Cares Act." - - from Barrons report on the cruise lines.
  8. Smoke in the casino was always a great topic.
  9. I was hoping to book another cruise on the PANORAMA in November. Then when I looked at that deposit amount and the possibility of Carnival doing a bankruptcy and reorganization, the thought of throwing away that deposit soured me on the idea. πŸ™‚ The same thought occurred to me when playing with the idea of buying 100 shares of Carnival when it hit $7.99/share, but then it went away.
  10. I had a $250 OBC for my 25% of 25th cruise, a $50 OBC for early booking and $45 OBC for something else (still don't know what that was) and I used it for all my onboard expenses that included gratuities. As a matter of fact, I couldn't spend enough (not a big drinker) and had to put dollars into my casino account and then draw out in cash to get all of my OBC. No problem. Did my 25th cruise with NO ONBOARD charges to my credit card ! Happy camper. πŸ™‚
  11. I like ELBOZI's idea . . . a 5 minute section of the embarkation line being slowed up, but it meets with problems of infection by people before they know they're infected as NATHANALEK points out. I can't see any kind of regularity returning to cruising and flying until this virus is completely irradicated. And that appears to be at least a year away with the discovery of a vaccination that prevents you from getting it and or, spreading it. Maybe my cruising days are over. πŸ™„
  12. I agree, although to be fair, the PVSA is part of the Jones Act which is what brings out all those who parse every word and phrase for accuracy.
  13. Ready to pull the trigger on the PANORAMA again in November.
  14. No idea other than I don't think he wants me crewing on a sailboat. Wants to limit me to ocean liners.
  15. With Carnival's overhead that will be gone fast.
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