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  1. Some of these "solutions" have always mystified me. After getting off the PANORAMA in January, I immediately booked another cruise for August on her paying $500 in a deposit. This was, of course, cancelled and as I understand it I have until 12/31 to either book another one and get the $600 OBC or my $500 will be refunded. Now, my question is . . . If I book another cruise on the PANORAMA will I have to put up ANOTHER DEPOSIT or will the $500 Carnival is still holding apply to that cruise as a deposit? I'm trying to not let Carnival get too deeply into my pocket in case the unmentionable occurs. 🙄
  2. I quite agree, PhillyFan and I've experienced Princess and really liked it. Probably where I'll go again if air travel to Europe proves too hectic. And I also heartily agree that Carnival should be appeasing the newbies, young families with 4 to a cabin ALL PAYING CUSTOMERS, drinkers and party couples who gladly fork over that drinking "bargain" of $100 per day, and drop a house payment in the casino 🤣 40 nights away from Diamond probably won't make it. But if they dump all the perks to "start fresh" it wouldn't matter anyway. Gonna lose a lot of cruisers if they ever do that, but I've contended for years Carnival would just as soon we move on.
  3. Carnival has bigger fish to fry right now. I think Carnival's struggle to stay SOLVENT will put the Mardi Gras on the back burner for now.
  4. Well, then maybe I"ll just have to ask for a refund instead of booking another with the generous OBC. I'm now a very light drinker, never gamble on cruise ships, and don't care for the top deck being turned into a Disneyland/Magic Mountain (a friggin' roller coaster coming on the Mardi Gras for Pete's sake !). I'm a traditional kind of old codger so maybe air travel to places that interest me is the way to go and let the newbies start a new tradition. It was fun though with many many memories and experiences.😊
  5. Same here. I'll wait for the vaccine and I'll sign a waiver, but after 35 cruises, I'm just not going to do the mask and social distancing if that turns out to be the case. It just wouldn't be cruising as I've come to know it. Pointless.
  6. LOL, you go girl 😄. . . I'm 80 and my doctor while gladly giving me "the letter" of months ago said I was healthier than half his patients at 50. 😊
  7. I'm with sanmarcosman on this one. A smaller showroom provides "more energy", com'on cheerlead a little ? I sailed the PANORAMA just before the shutdown and cruised a Princess ship on an Alaska cruise several years ago. I've cruised Carnival since '83 and this is truly one of their finest ships, IMHO. I really like Princess for sure, but I would choose the PANORAMA again (my August cruise on the PANORAMA was cancelled) and am currently trying to determine what the conditions will be for cruising in the future before booking her again. And it really is MORE FUN. 😄
  8. In January I cruised on the PANORAMA one week Mexican Riviera cruise for $239 DO . . . $478 SOLO on Carnival's newest ship for a week ! (the gratuities, port fees, taxes, and parking probably cost more ! )Can't beat that. I also snagged the 1A porthole cabin, always my favorite, and perfect for solo travel. Only negative it's so far forward it tends to be away from everything else. Had another one booked for August 15th for $20 more, but that was cancelled.😒
  9. After 35 cruises, maybe I've had enough if this is the "new" standard.
  10. EXACTLY, and I'm old also. 😂
  11. I can wait for no masks and no social distancing and at 80 I'm in the "soon-to-croak" category (eyes roll at my "wait" concept I would guess) 😂 I've apparently had enough cruises (35) where I literally don't have to take all the fun out of doing something just to do something. Still haven't officially asked for a refund instead of rebooking, but I'm close. Sure hate to give up that $600 OBC, though. 🙂
  12. Firefox ad blocker and cookie cutter take care of these problems forthwith. 🙂
  13. Yes, several weeks ago, I got notice of the cancellation of my PANORAMA cruise scheduled for Aug 15th.
  14. It would appear, some were only cancelled through JULY, not August.
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