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  1. we just called in to set up our milestone benefit on our march 29th cruise on the pride from baltimore we got back from a cruise on ecstasy on the 10th and saw we were 40some days out from the pride cruise which was our planned trip to benefit from it so, yes you are supposed to request your milestone benefit at least 30 days in advance, I looked it up on carnivals' FAQ page, called the number there and set it all into motion after a few minutes of chatting I may have my certificate somewhere but who knows where? didn't need it, they look it all up for you but it does help to have your booking number looked up so I was online on my cruise manager so they could get my booking and vifp number quickly and they want your PIN number too then a quick holler into the other room to get mom's approval to use her milestone credit too if she's got one available or wants to use hers and then they say they'll actually apply it 2-3 days before your cruise sets sail you will get a couple emails, one pretty quickly that won't say much except they are acknowledging that you contacted them then the next day a gobbledygook one followed by a facsimile or pdf download incident report thing - stockholders will know what I'm talking about as will handicap accessible peeps out there since we get these all the time when we apply for stockholder credits obc OR book accessible cabins and get the forms to fill out for wheelchair or scooter acess or special equipment we're bringing with us anyway, at this point I have all these email things and we are just now waiting for our credit to show up on the booking !πŸ€‘ a bit over 400 beans on our march cruise for a extended balcony
  2. just back from a Disney trip we rented a length of stay scooter from scooter bug at the Disney Caribbean for 195 for a whole week although we were only there for 6 days for 195 and that included inshonce and a few other goodies that's a great deal for a 4 wheel victory ten but I felt kind of sketchy in the short run with scootaround in jaxport we've rented with them plenty of times on 7 day royal cruises from cape c and tampa but on ecstasy they said online and the phone they only had the normal 400lb available in jax even after being on hold for about 10 minutes then for a four day cruise they were charging me like 275 or 280 for insurance and cancellation insurance too! we had some points to redeem so took the deal and end payment was like 260 ish for a 4 day cruise!!! ouch!!! anyway the nice carnival ladies when we got to the terminal let me know instantly they had big blue a scooter that a guy had specially delivered to them a couple years ago thru scootaround that is a 500+ maxima scooter of prides so they let me have it but they also told me they'd have rented to me a lot cheaper had I just waited till I got to port, of course they only had the one - I'd have been fine with a victory ten as long as Id have gotten up the boarding ramp and they may have had to push me a bit since that new ramp is a steep back and forth deal and you can't board accessible people at ground level like they used to for years there. anyway we had a great time but no way will that monster fit in the room on the balcony accessible rooms, its almost as wide as the hallways! it might fit into the main and Riviera deck cabins though
  3. we've sailed on a few of these in this blast from the past pic of the old docks in nassau
  4. bingo nowadays! my wife has had certain types of cabins she'd prefer for years in general but as our mobilitly has declined in stages and the availability of cabins is limited it really puts a crimp on the old planning now we got to where for a couple years we might take a normal outside or balcony on a five day and take a walker or depending on how I was feeling on two walkers but if we were on a 7 day we'd rent a scooter, to finally buying a scooter and the equipment to carry it, to taking a few short cruises without it and longer ones with the scoooter and finally deciding that to fully enjoy the cruise just travel all the time with the scooter now I am getting less mobile too and am taking a walker on all my cruises now too. In feb next year we have a big Disney trip planned where we'll take one scooter with us and rent one for the duration and stay at a Disney property for 5 days, then come back up to Jacksonville for a day. Then cruise on the Ecstasy taking the scooter and a walker. The Disney buses each will carry two scooters at one time from the hotels to the parks.
  5. woo woo! way to keep after it! lately we have booked two carnival cruises where just by tinkering and looking hard at it, we saw that since my wife is retired and we could literally cruise at any time I might sit down one evening and just plod thru piles of listings checking prices and availablitly say on one ship at a port or maybe on a couple three ships from cape c thinking b2b or swapping ships type b2b seeing if I can string together accessible cabins where we don't have to swap cabins on b2b OR can get a good deal if we swap ships and twice what I ran into on the Ecstasy was single cruises where they only have TWO regular balcony cabins ( actually a big larger ) which are on opposite sides aft of the ship which were unsold at the same time but closing in on final payment time and being offered on the regular carnival site as an outside guarantee or an outside cabin accessible which does not exist!! so being really super familiar with the ship helps, on the first cruise I just popped in the booking thing and sure enough it assigned me the upgrade and said congratulations were giving you a free balcony upgrade! we would have went back to back but the sailing before was 700 dollars higher and the sailing after was sold out!!! on the new booking the sailings before and after were sold out and the rate was a senior guarantee but I called in to the accessible dept and they assigned me the cabin anyway!!! woo woo! being platinum helps sometimes ? in both cases we scored the rooms cheaper than if we'd used my wifes airline discount since her discount would have been based on the balcony rate in stead of the outside rates anyway the feb cruise next year we have tacked on before a 5 day Disney trip now! and we'll end with a 4 day cruise, CARNIVAL GET READY FOR SOME DIRTY CLOTHES! πŸ₯΄
  6. update for us, we have just been booking oct recently and some other cruises next year, we booked mariner for pre Halloween and elation for sailing on the 31st so a side to side maybe? we have a day in between cruises for sure an easier time booking that far out on carnival for some cruises but carnival does not have fully accessible cabins in the numbers like royal or ncl has! they have "ambulatory or single side" accessible cabins that don't or may not have wider doors so you gotta be careful booking with Carnival if someone needs a wheelchair or has a walker or wide walker they can be hard to get thru the narrow door Royal and NCL both seem to have all their rooms with wider doorways and bathroom doors but definitely with royal these cabins book up way far out in advance. both inside and out
  7. except on that show its usually dragging the people in this case the guy was about to be run thru the side of the gangway! by the CADILLAC of scooters! 😡 I gotta say though Royal C does a great job with their handicapped people in catering to their needs. They are always looking to help out in the buffet areas, making sure to carry plates and helping you to get a table and drinks and all. Another thing is they have made sure to standardize their accomodations as much as possible so that although some rooms are larger than others all their accessible rooms have wide doors and big enough at least to get a wheel chair or scooter into. Although some hallways and the way fire doors are situated make it hard and you have to back in on the Rhapsody to certain rooms like the one we had and it was a junior suite. I ogt in there forwards a couple times to prove a point but it wasn't worth the hassle - much easier for my wife to pull past the door and me go in and prop open the door so she could back in. OR if one of us was by ourselves just as best we could pull past and push the door open while backing in enough to let the scooter push on it while we backed in. The steward did give us that door stop so if we could maneuver it with a cane we could usually get the door propped open enough with that to get in. there's a trick to everything! 😎
  8. yea there wasn't anything I could do the tiller had the lever type throttle where the right side pulls down towards you and the left side foes forward away so when he sort of carefully thought he was grabbing the forward tiller handle he accidentally caught the throttle just barely and man that was all it took! kind of like watching ridiculousness when a guy on a scooter or motorcycle loses control and is holding on with the throttle on full!
  9. not to worry theres really no special paperwork there for the b2b are you in the same cabin for both cruises? we just did our first b2b this year on elation out of jax 4 day followed by 5 same cabin booking both cruises together at the same time though each was booked separately and paid for separately anyway, we asked a few questions of our pvp beforehand and some fellow cruisers like you are and some things are handled differently according to port and ship and whether you are staying in the same cabin or not since we were on elation in jax we could leave all our stuff in the cabin, we got to stay on board and didn't have to get off even temporarily between cruises we were told by the pvp to go by guest services during our cruise to make sure they knew were were doing a b2b and let them know in case they were unaware but they do have a list and generally ARE aware or should be... so they are prepared for these questions anyway they will tell you what to expect or do and they will send letters to your room also informing you along the way for us they told us we could leave our stuff in the room, we would have to close out our room acct normally at the end of cruise one, on day one of the second cruise we were told to report to guest services about 930-10am they actually called us down at 945 with all the other passengers b2b took pics, gave us whatever we wanted to drink and took new photos for our room cards and took a group photo too - later in the cruise they are supposed to deliver these pics to our room but we had to get on em about that I have heard that in some ports they have you meet in a certain area and escort you off ship, show your passport to customs and then escort you right back on possibly after picking up your room cards. IN jax they do the room keys in your rooms now. ken - hope this helps?
  10. when we recently bought 5 100 and one 500 card we could only see 100 dollar cards listed as available until we clicked them and chose some to put into the cart and for giggles went to the page where we could check out and that's where we could see the option to add 500 dollar cards so we added in a 500 dollar card and at that time reduced our 100 dollar cards to 5 - I had enough points to get quite a few more cards but the program wouldn't let me get more than 10 100 dollar cards at one time - I was only looking to get a grand of cards net so we did the mix that seemed right a five is good for a deposit sometimes and the ones can be good for gifts, on board spending or just whatever
  11. no prob my email kellisnc@msn.com shoot me an emailio will be in chapel hill this weekend but will prolly take the computer with me to check emails and such ken
  12. hijacking a bit... didja girtls go to east or carver I was at carver 9-10 and east 11-12 class of 77 at that time each school only had two grades and East was one of the biggest schools in the state. There were 628 students in my gradutation class! just a few years after East hit about 1500 students and a couple times had the largest graduating class in the state. Back then Reynolds, Norph, East, West and Parkland were the 5 senior high schools. along with a couple private schools. And Greensboro \ Guilford county still had the split system of city and separate county high schools Didja grow up there in Horneytown? lifelong carolininian? Eat at Bills Pizza Pub in Gbro? …. watch crazy IGOR at the old coliusem or wahoo mcDaniels in the old days of wrasslin in the two associations era ( NWA IWA pre WWF )
  13. OUT PAST KVILLE! and high pockets! harumpf harumpf! can I get a harumpf outta that guy over there! I grew up in east Winston and went to east forsyth and carver when we had 2 yr hi and 2 yr senior high screwels! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
  14. yes a big difference in not having to set up my wife for multiple shots of steroids over a three week period too, just load up the scooter and haul a** to florida! and early in the am and late and night I get to jump on it and ride around too! in stead of hobbling around with a walker or cane... and I didn't get a back injection on my last two cruises either!
  15. mredandchis where are you guys from in NC? me and the old lady are from East Bend just west of Winston-Salem😁
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