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  1. we used to see the dolphin, tropicale and sailed the jubilee and celebration both years ago .... the celebration just went to the scrappers as the grand celebration weeks ago
  2. we hit disney for most of a week in late jan early feb and snagged a short 4 day cruise on ecstasy from jaxport on the way home feb 6-10 this year while all this was breaking news the rest of the year we had our 40th anniversary cruise cancelled and rebooked bumpteen times!😭 finally as we neared the fall we got something different we had our mariner elation b2b or is that a side to side cruise pairing cancelled ? anyway we had 9 days booked on the two for halloween and next to be cancelled was again or anno cruise in dec so now we ponder universal in dec.... unless orl
  3. in or about this era chandris had a ship called victoria I think that they'd base in san juan some times of the year, and galileo and britanis out of miami and maybe ft lauderdale we sailed the amerikanis out of new york to bermuda early in the season one year in about 89 I think the Dolphin's specialty was FREE wine with dinner each night! cute little ship but we just never got around to sailing on her
  4. I think I may have posted that pic after searching for a sunward II pic on the net. my folder on my computer says its from 1986 but I don't know that for sure but it seems about right to me we went to nassau several times on party cruises right about that time frame
  5. the chandris ship might be the galileo a bit sleeker I think than britanis, emerald seas in board of that and either the mardis gras or carnivale and sunward II the other NCl ship I think is the southward Im guessing and the dolphin most likely is the last one as Oceanic\big red boat we sailed on sunward 2 twice, carnivale, oceanic as the big red boat, many of our friends sailed on the emerald seas and IF that chandris ship is britanis my mom and dad sailed on her out of wilmington NC but if that ship is the amerikanis we sailed on her but she was a tiny sleek ship s
  6. yea that's why the old tyme cruisers in the thread so far we have us, two shoes and jamman ALL reaching platinum at 43 days and karen and I have sailed with two shoes and jerry, and jamman a couple times each over the last few years just by bumping into each other by "accident" on sheer number of sailings unless you took the really rare one one taster or cruise to nowhere as they were called then really 30 days would be theoretically the shorted possible time you could score a platinum back in the day - Karen and I had an "overnight" on the Imagination b
  7. we've always used scootaround the deal with this covid stuff is causing a lot of problems though but they do normally have options for trip insurance and stuff like that that drive the price up if you book online the way its set up is for the scooter to be delivered to the room, you might be able to set up a pick up in terminal by calling and asking to pick it up in the terminal but whenever we cruise we always see scooter rentals available in the terminals from SOME COMAPANY but until our last cruise in February had never done an in terminal rental - wha
  8. me and the old lady got into a "discussion" this week😉 about.... our son....💩who is about turdy who is about thutty now and his wife just turned thirty yesterday did I say thirty? SHE is wonderful!👩 anyway a few of you here actually know Charlie frank so I won't go into too much detail ... but we got to "discussing" whether Charlie had or had not actually hit platinum, momma always tells the story on our cruises of how he hit platinum on his 21st b'day back in the day on the dream and his actual b'day was in key west so he got to go round and sho
  9. we sent in our thing too, but since we wanted to rebook and were looking for an accessible cabin I didn't want to wait till today for an email sooooo I went ahead and called in to see if I could rebook, first call was to the guest access # with somewhat sketchy result ended up not booking but the agent I dealt with ( no idea who it was but she was not in the accessible dept ) could not book the rate code we wanted for the room type she only had acess to a guaranteed rate for the type of room and couldn't assign the specific room so, dug into my old emails to find a pvp
  10. we just called in to set up our milestone benefit on our march 29th cruise on the pride from baltimore we got back from a cruise on ecstasy on the 10th and saw we were 40some days out from the pride cruise which was our planned trip to benefit from it so, yes you are supposed to request your milestone benefit at least 30 days in advance, I looked it up on carnivals' FAQ page, called the number there and set it all into motion after a few minutes of chatting I may have my certificate somewhere but who knows where? didn't need it, they look it all up for you but it does
  11. just back from a Disney trip we rented a length of stay scooter from scooter bug at the Disney Caribbean for 195 for a whole week although we were only there for 6 days for 195 and that included inshonce and a few other goodies that's a great deal for a 4 wheel victory ten but I felt kind of sketchy in the short run with scootaround in jaxport we've rented with them plenty of times on 7 day royal cruises from cape c and tampa but on ecstasy they said online and the phone they only had the normal 400lb available in jax even after being on hold for about 10 minutes then for a four d
  12. we've sailed on a few of these in this blast from the past pic of the old docks in nassau
  13. HI guys, What's the record? My wife and I reached Platinum status in just 43 days!!!!!:cool: when Carnival started the repeat cruiser thing ( as far as we can tell NCL started that like all good cruise things ) ( as well as some bad ones - but I digress ) the requirement was complete 10 Cruises we dug back into our records to find our first Carnival cruise was back in the 80's ( today I still have my original credit card recpt. ) and we had our travel agent supply the info to Carnival and they credited us with those 3 days - that allowed us to book our first C cruise in about 10 y
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