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  1. So you say you will never sail Celebrity again, do you think any other cruise line would handle things different (refund hotels and airfares you made on your own)?
  2. If you cancel a cruise you certainly don’t get credit for Captains Club points...am I reading or understanding the question correctly?
  3. Are you talking about your sea pass ? That is only made available by Celebrity and you will receive them when you check in or will be waiting for you at your state room.
  4. No, you just won’t be able to upgrade your tequila to a Patron or other top shelf brands.
  5. With the new celebrity app, you can scan your passport and save time checking in, we did this on our cruise in December on the Summit. I am now trying to do the same for my January cruise on the Equinox, my sea pass is reading Expedited arrival but my wife’s does not and when I try to scan it again it doesn’t seem to read the info off of her passport. Any suggestions ?
  6. I got back a few weeks ago from a cruise on the Summit. We used the ap to register for our sea pass and our sea pass’s were labeled expedited arrival. Did the same this time and when I retrieve my sea pass from the app , it does not say it is expedited ? Any thoughts why?
  7. I got this message once when trying to enter a credit card number, sometimes their system won’t take any cards and you just need to try later.
  8. A 7 day cruise would cost $84 to upgrade, 7x10 and 20% of $70 is $14.
  9. This makes no sense, if there were a lack of bookings the prices would actually drop. If the ship is empty the only way to fill it is to lower the price not increase pricing.
  10. Was on the Summit last week and was able to book an Infinity Balcony for a 7 day cruise on the Apex in December for $3400, got all 4 perks and $650 on board credit. This was for a non refundable, but with only $100 deposit pp, it was a no brainer as the refundable fare was almost $5000.
  11. No, you are assigned a table a few days before cruise begins, that is your table the whole cruise whether you show up every night or not. Assuming you don’t have anytime dining.
  12. Am on the Equinox in concierge in January, heard they had a designated lunch for concierge customers on arrival day, any idea what is offered on the menu ?
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