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  1. Sometimes they are not sick. My husband's blood pressure medication was changed last month and a side effect was a very croupy-sounding cough. It was awful. If I did not know better, I would not want to be within ten feet. That medication got changed again and the cough is now gone.
  2. ITA about the cell phones. I had to use a cane on our last cruise -- hip replacement surgery was scheduled a few weeks after the cruise. Our boat had a noro outbreak. We stayed healthy but I washed the handle of that cane with soap and water regularly and removed the cell phone case and washed it regularly. I often wonder about how nasty the steering wheels of our cars must be and always use hand sanitizer after pumping gas.
  3. Definitely pick up the phone and call. A few years ago we went to Canada for our vacation and only needed medical coverage because we are now on MediCare. I called the company we always use because their website had nothing, explained what I wanted, and got medical only coverage for a very reasonable price. It was so easy.
  4. Stuff does happen, but if the reason is medical, it should be covered. You have to read the policy. Back in 2007 I hurt my back badly, three days before leaving for Europe. Out trip insurance policy required a doctor's letter if we had to cancel. I immediately went to the orthopedic doc first, so the documentation (X-rays, exam, visit) would be there if I had to cancel. Fortunately, I was able to make the trip with the promise I would not lift a suitcase.
  5. The same topic recently surfaced on the Rick Steves forum, with educational answers. Link to topic ricksteves.com travel forum
  6. We have never brought passport photocopies to board a ship nor have we been asked for one. We always have a copy under the suitcase lining, in case the real passport gets lost. This is for all types of travel out of the country, not just cruises. We bring our actual passports in case there is a medical emergency and we need to fly home from a foreign port.
  7. Please make sure your carry on will be within the weight and size restrictions of the airline, and still hope it does not have to be gate-checked if the plane is out of overhead bin space. Once it leaves your possession, anything can go wrong.
  8. We like the Neptune Suites because they are roomy. Not cramped. And the balcony is spacious. It really is a vacation for us.
  9. We ALWAYS turn off the incoming water supply for the while house when we travel. Costs nothing and is cheaper than water damage repairs. In current house, we are lucky to have that shut off valve in the unfinished daylight/walkout basement. At our last home, we used a T-bar to turn off at the meter. Living in the hot and humid south, we set the AC two degrees warmer when gone, set the heat five degrees colder. Otherwise it takes forever to come back up to speed.
  10. I agree. Worse yet are those people on golf courses who are blaring music from their golf cart, disturbing many who seek a quiet golf game away from all that stuff. And no, the pro shops do nothing about it .... afraid of of losing customers 🙄 We like a quiet poolside area, too.
  11. I did not know that! We exchange our champagne for bottled water, since we don't care for champagne. They bring us two or three large bottles and I carefully make it last for the length of the cruise. I had no idea they will bring a fresh one every day when we use those up!
  12. Your mother's age might be the reason, if she is on the policy. Our Travel Guard travel insurance started going up remarkably after we hit 55 yrs., and even more each year.
  13. Here in the states, remember, if we end up in an ER, one has to worry about who is in network. Sometimes the hospital is, but it's providers who work there might not. There have been some local news stories, over the years, about surprise medical bills as a result.
  14. We were on Zuiderdam in March. Regular hairdryer and was as powerful as the one we have at home. If you have doubt, bring your own, just in case. Not a wall mount, just regular hairdryer.
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