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  1. Our neptune suite open the Nieuw Amsterdam had the TV on the wall over the sofa, directly across from the bed. Easy to sit in bed and watch TV, if one wishes.
  2. I wouldn't know about Canada. We took a cruise on X in 2006 and I thought gratuity was included in the price. I could be wrong, as that was a long time ago.
  3. In comparing the HAL and X prices, HAL will add on the daily gratuity charge to your account, while IIRC that is included in the price of X cruises. Also, does either include OBCs for the prices you were quoted?
  4. For a hotel stay vacation, I always bring my own hair dryer. The ones on HAL ships are good, so I do not bring mine from home, when cruising.
  5. You can also get free pressing of items that got wrinkled in your suitcase. (No irons in the cabins nor are they allowed)
  6. No need to bring a hairdryer. They're fine on the ship, and I'm picky.
  7. Yes, once you are approved it is automatically linked to your profile via the RFID chip in the passport. When we flew into the U.S. from Europe this past fall, we simply scanned our passport on the machines in the GE line, put our hand on the scanner, and we were on our way.
  8. I find the public areas onboard to be much colder than I like. Onboard, I wear closed toe shoes, long sleeves, and long pants. I save the summer clothes for shore excursions. FWIW, I often am cold on airplane flights, too. Everybody is different so YMMV.
  9. Same here --- gym on Zuiderdam opened at 7:00 am which annoyed DH, who likes to hit the treadmill at 6:00am.
  10. We were on the Zuiderdam a few weeks ago in a Neptune Suite. That tub/shower was of a normal depth, likely because it had whirlpool jets as well, if one wanted to use it. HTH
  11. I think a lot depends on the ship. Bread pudding on the Zuiderdam this spring was excellent. Addictive. Last year on the Nieuw Amsterdam I kept wondering "what's all the fuss about? this tastes like cardboard" Pavlova in the PG on the NA last year was too hard and crispy, and only found in the PG. The Zuiderdam got it right, both in the PG, Neptune Lounge, and in the Lido. Someone mentioned liver and onions. I have not seen it yet, and wish I had. Yum.
  12. The banana crisp is the best. The others could not compete, IMHO. YMMV
  13. This. When we flew to Europe, six months ago, our seats on our Delta transatlantic flight were in front of an emergency exit row. Somehow that did not show up on the plane layout map. The seats did not recline and that was not a nice surprise. Even my DH, who can sleep through anything, could not sleep. That flight was two days before our tour started. We had time to recover. And don't count on plane layout maps, anyway. We've had planes get swapped out, resulting in surprises with configuration/location of our seats. It happens. Dont discount the potential for bad weather to cause flight delays or cancellations, nor any other type event these days that can close an airport.
  14. We did not find the iced tea to be any different from that in our local restaurants.
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