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  1. I did not know that! We exchange our champagne for bottled water, since we don't care for champagne. They bring us two or three large bottles and I carefully make it last for the length of the cruise. I had no idea they will bring a fresh one every day when we use those up!
  2. Your mother's age might be the reason, if she is on the policy. Our Travel Guard travel insurance started going up remarkably after we hit 55 yrs., and even more each year.
  3. Here in the states, remember, if we end up in an ER, one has to worry about who is in network. Sometimes the hospital is, but it's providers who work there might not. There have been some local news stories, over the years, about surprise medical bills as a result.
  4. We were on Zuiderdam in March. Regular hairdryer and was as powerful as the one we have at home. If you have doubt, bring your own, just in case. Not a wall mount, just regular hairdryer.
  5. We had the pillow spray in our NS on the Zuiderdam in March 2019 (Panama Canal). There were Q-tips, for sure. Can't say about the cotton balls, as I never use that.
  6. No, we did not. We figured that since the other cabins in which our friends were staying had the same issue, that it was just how it was. Besides, it was not a deal breaker for us.
  7. I agree, but the maximum volume setting was so low, we had to use closed captions. This was sitting 6 feet away from the TV. So then we had to choose between seeing the movie or reading the dialog. Our friends a couple cabins down had the same complaint. Probably set that way so the neighboring cabin can't hear, but neither could we. 🙄 (My hearing has been tested and there is nothing wrong with it)
  8. We always have 5:30 pm seatings for dinner, which gave us time to finish and often head to the Main Stage to grab a decent (I.e., not behind a pole) seat for the 8:00 show. Unless dinner times are bumped up, a 7:00 pm show is Impossible. One at 9:00 is not doable, either, because we go to bed early. Thank you for this topic, because it will be important info when booking our next cruise and we may need to try another cruise line.
  9. Yikes! No wonder you are upset. I would be too, paying for a Neptune Suite and only one sink.
  10. The Neptune Suites we've had were like the newer version you see online, with just the counter top in the dressing area, and I really like it. I would not need a third sink (two already in the main bathroom vanity) and really loved that counter space for fixing my hair, sunscreen application, etc. Hopefully you will be able to adapt.
  11. Zuiderdam in March '19 this year, Neptune Suite, we got the flimsy dark blue nonwoven poly bags.
  12. I'm realizing, as I follow this topic, what amazing beginners/fools luck we had in Helsinki in 2000. Helsinki was the only port we had no excursions booked. We walked off the Maasdam and downtown was right there, with a wonderful open air market on the dock.
  13. We have always purchased our trip insurance shortly after booking the trip, for the pre-existing medical issues waiver. We don't want to take any chances. YMMV
  14. We bought Travel Guard medical only for a vacation in Canada, a couple years ago. Very inexpensive. It isn't on their website but I called and they had it.
  15. There has never been a HAL shuttle into a city on the few cruises we've been on, but usually the city is walkable from the ship. On the not-walkable ports, we always had shore excursions booked. I hate that you lost most of the day waiting. Stockholm is a beautiful, wonderful city, easy to navigate by T-bana, walking, taxi, etc. Seems like there would be taxis around the port? It is good that you shared your experience so other travelers will know to plan ahead.
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