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  1. I'm so bored that I've started answering the spam calls and chewing them out if they are telemarketers. Gives me something to do besides clean the house. Again. 🤪
  2. IMHO, Probably because it is more sensational journalism. Drama. Passengers are basically stuck (trapped) on a ship with no way to get home, and with no hope at the moment. This is what sells and ups the media ratings. .
  3. We last cruised March 2019 and next booked HAL cruise is October 2020. I have not received an email from HAL of any sort. 🤷‍♀️
  4. "As this virus spreads cruise lines may well start to take draconian steps to keep the virus off their ships" Impossible. The only way to keep it off the ships is stop the cruises. Given the high contagion and up to 14-day incubation before symptoms can present, it would be impossible.
  5. I would be very careful and not use a link in that email. Go directly to the HAL web site. Very disappointing that HAL has not notified all their past and current customers. (!) I went into the HAL site just now and changed my password. But .... I could not "edit" the security questions. What the heck? That alone is creeping me out.
  6. Thank you! Deleting all cookies and website data on the iPad finally fixed it. (my desktop was fine)
  7. There has always been a small fresh flower arrangement on the coffee table in our Neptune Suites on the Zuiderdam and Nieuw Amsterdam; a very nice touch. In addition, there was a separate dressing table area that was very handy for me in drying/styling my hair. (Also Less humidity there than the bathroom from showers.)
  8. Whogo - thank you for all your posts on this trip. I enjoyed reading every one of them; funny and educational.
  9. When I booked our next cruise through that big box travel place, the agent asked if I would accept an upgrade should one become available. I failed to ask more questions regarding whether it would be within the Signature Suite category we booked, or if it might include upgrade deal to a Neptune Suite. I answered "yes" and If I remember, I will call them this week and ask how that works.
  10. FWIW, I highly recommend the Los Cinco Soles brand from Mexico. (Photo below) A friend brought some back for me, from her Western Carib. cruise several years ago, and it was better than anything I ever had here in the U.S. A lady I work with has brought back two of her favorite brands from Mexico for me. that she and her family love to use, and those just do not compare, so I use good old McCormick's Vanilla extract.
  11. Hmmm.... that is good to know. Washing soda ( Na2CO3 ) is also known as sodium carbonate. It is the main ingredient in Charlies Soap powder laundry detergent, which is one of the rare laundry detergents that do not give me rashes. It is also the main ingredient in a lot of other not-quite-big-name laundry detergents like Nellie's, etc. It can fade dark colors over time, but sometimes we have a trade-off for the lack of enzymes and fragrances.
  12. Just be aware that this excursion can (not "will", but can) be a 12-hour outing. (I mention it in case there is a medications schedule or similar). My husband did this excursion last year, from the Zuiderdam. Their smaller excursion boat had to go thru the locks with and behind a very large cargo ship. It took all day. Our ship had to wait in Colon for their excursion group to return, before leaving port. I think they were finally back on the boat by 8:00 pm? It was dark outside. Even with the long day, he said it was worth it.
  13. Sorry this post is so long, didn't have time to make it short. Do not apologize! I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you!
  14. iceman93 - All you can do is vote with your feet and your money. We would have done the same thing, if we were in your shoes.
  15. We know some people who were on the Nieuw Statendam recently. There was also a large group sailing on that cruise, and their large numbers prevented our friends from getting into the ATK as well as BB King's. I was not on that cruise, and other CC posters on the same cruise never mentioned the problem, so perhaps they did not try those venues or were able to get seats. IDK
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