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  1. We also got a pretty good deal, Chicago to Fort Lauderdale, Paris to Chicago, Premium Economy $2296, total for both of us. Delta/Air France It's booked, we even have seat assignments. I don't know if that price is guaranteed however, final payment isn't until Jan 20.
  2. I think a lot of colds and viruses originate not on board ship but on the planes getting to the ship. Your basic run of the mill cold takes 3-4 days for symptoms to appear. Usually colds begins to peak around day 4 or 5 AFTER symptoms appear, then begins to subside. So, do the math, 8-9 days or so until peak and then another 5 days or so until symptoms subside. That's around 14 days thereabouts, so no wonder a lot of people are hacking and snuffling near the end of their cruise. Of course, it gets spread around on board too, people who weren't exposed on a flight have a good chance of catching it anyway. I hate flying to a port but sometimes it can't be avoided.
  3. Had this been you, instead of me I think you would understand. We are talking INCHES. He was directly behind me. You weren't there. Yes, I accept some responsibility for not scanning the area directly behind me but coming up behind someone in a scooter with no warning is unsafe. If you've ever been in the Horizon Court on a Princess ship you would know how tight the buffet area is.
  4. You completely missed my point. It is a danger to other passengers when scooters run right up behind others with no warning. I was not expecting a scooter to be inches behind me, out of my line of sight. What bothered me was his entitled attitude. Believe me, I sympathize with those less fortunate and I think it's great that they don't let their limitations prevent them from enjoying life. But he acted like I was at fault and I was not. Scooters should not be in crowded buffet lines. It is too dangerous for everyone. If it were me, I would ask my wife or a crew member to assist. And yes, he was moving at the time.
  5. I had the same experience on our last Princess cruise. I was in the very crowded buffet line and unbeknownst to me an elderly man drove into the buffet area to see what was being offered. He was right behind me when I backed up slightly to get around my wife. I backed into his scooter and he yelled "WATCH OUT!" in a very aggressive and angry voice. I almost fell over backwards over his scooter. Why are these allowed in the buffet area? I understand wanting to see what is being offered but in a crowded situation it is a danger to others. This is where buffet staff can be really helpful in assisting those who are not as mobile.
  6. Princess does this too and everyone pretty much ignores it. People want to "get the party started". Can't say I blame them although from a cabin steward's perspective it probably makes them feel rushed.
  7. Will this work? It's got a collar so I should be good...
  8. I guess I will have to call them. My invoice for the cruise (booked through the TA) now says $0 balance, since I paid it off. But the air was arranged through HAL, separately from the TA, so I don't see how it would be part of the final cruise payment. As far as insurance goes, I bought medical and travel insurance through a third party also.
  9. Hi - We booked our April 2020 cruise through a large TA (associated with a large organization for retired people), and paid it in full. I booked flights through HAL's flight Ease because it was an exceptional deal. The problem is I see no way to pay for the flights on HAL's website. The flights (Delta/Air France) are listed on our itinerary, and we were even able to pick our seats. I do have a confirmation email with the amount owed stated, but no option to pay. We are planning to pay off the airfare later this fall. Is it too early and that's why there is no option? I have to say, HAL's website is very clunky and difficult to navigate.
  10. Another vote for Park & Go, we've used them twice. Both times, flawless. Drop off car, board shuttle and 5 minutes later you're at the ship. Coming home we didn't have to wait but 2-3 minutes to be picked up. Delivered right to the car. Load up and out we go. Cheaper if you reserve and pay ahead. For a 10 day cruise February 2019 it was $97+coin.
  11. We paid off our April 2020 cruise last night for financial planning/cash flow reasons. Today I read that the oil refinery attacks in Saudi Arabia knocked out half their oil exports. Global oil prices are expected to rise significantly, at least in the short term. My question is, since we have made final payment now, can or will HAL levy a surcharge should oil prices explode? Has this ever happened to anyone?
  12. We're booked on Nieuw Statendam transatlantic in April 2020. We chose #8125, which is a Starboard verandah cabin with an extended balcony. So, hopefully we'll get sun most of the day heading east. Since part of the balcony appears to be covered I'm hoping we'll have some shade too.
  13. Can you disembark early if you handle your own luggage? I know on Princess they give you that option but we've never been on HAL. Also, I'm assuming there is Customs to go through? How long does that normally take?
  14. Thanks to all, this info is extremely helpful. We will be on Nieuw Statendam, Fort Lauderdale to Amsterdam, 4/19/20-5/3/20. We want to spend more time in the Normandy area exploring the museums and beaches/memorials/cemetery. Still working out the details...
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