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  1. Hopefully HAL's coffee is better than Princess' coffee. Princess' room service coffee was so awful we brought along a jar of Trader Joe's Instant on our last cruise to doctor it up. It's like they waved some grounds over the pot and called it coffee. Our first HAL cruise is in April, hopefully the coffee is drinkable.
  2. This whole situation is horrible, for all involved. Passengers, crew, HAL, everyone. I am concerned where this will lead in the coming months, especially with Spring Break cruises coming up. What about Europe? What will happen if it takes off in the Caribbean or Europe? Will countries just refuse all cruise ships indefinitely? We have a 14 day TA coming up in April on the NS. I don't want to get quarantined. Not sure what to do. I am afraid it could happen.
  3. And yet it's a good question and a concern.
  4. Off topic a bit but can someone briefly explain what the "new regulations" are and how they affect HAL sailings beyond 2020? We would love to do an Antarctic cruise, but it would be something we'd have to do in 2021 or 2022. Thank you.
  5. This is very worrisome. I feel for the passengers and crew. This does not bode well for any ship or cruiseline in the coming months.
  6. I tried this, turned off mobile data, connected phone to my home network, works fine EXCEPT.... phone says "checking subscription status", which indicates to me that the phone checks with Verizon to verify. Once verified it works fine. That's not something I want my phone to do at sea. I will look into the travel router.
  7. OP here, it will not work with my wife's iPhone for the above reason. I think it will work with my Samsung Galaxy 7. Will test and report back. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know if using a phone as a hotspot will allow other devices to use internet on board? For example, if my wife buys a plan for our 14 day cruise and enables the hotspot function, would she be able to share that connection with my phone or laptop? Thanks.
  9. I was adamantly opposed to Kindles for a long time. Then, I discovered how useful they are on a trip (of any kind) and somehow lugging books around no longer made sense. Especially with the luggage fees and weight limitations of the airlines. Plus my wife appreciates it because I can read in bed without the lights on. My Kindle Paperwhite has a soft backlight which is adjustable, works just fine and is easy on the eyes. Our last Princess cruise, I took a stroll through the library and it was pretty pathetic, very few books. I was glad I loaded up the Kindle and didn't rely on the ship's library.
  10. Would it make a difference depending on what level of booking (Business, Premium Economy, Economy)? We reserved our flights last summer when we booked our airfare through HAL, (Delta/Air France) We booked Premium Economy and were able to pick our seats to FLL and return from Paris to Chicago. Just made our final payment last Monday.
  11. I was able to pick seats months before our final payment. Delta and Delta/AirFrance. But we booked Premium Economy. Maybe that makes a difference? Just made our final payment today for our cruise in April.
  12. I just made the final payment for our upcoming April cruise (paid to TA) and when I went to check our info in HAL's website I found that all our previously entered information is gone. This will be the THIRD time I've had to re-enter all the in the passport info, next of kin, etc. Has this happened to anyone else? I don't want to enter credit card info until shortly before the cruise for security reasons.
  13. I am truly sorry your cruise was ruined. Being sick on vacation is no fun whatsoever. But to put this in perspective, here in the US a visit to a doctor with tests and prescriptions, if you have no medical insurance, would be far more expensive than $350. Probably double or triple that. It is always recommended to get good travel insurance for an overseas trip. (Which may cost about the same as you paid for one incident) When we were young we never gave it a thought, other than it was a "waste of money". Now in our 60's, we wouldn't leave home without it. I hope you are feeling better.
  14. Don't know about your cabin, but we booked V8125 for our April TA. Supposedly we have a bigger balcony (deeper) but I think the cabin is the same size as a standard balcony cabin. The NS being a new(er) ship, I don't think there are all that many photos of specific cabins yet. Halfacts.com is your best bet, but they don't show your cabin or ours.
  15. When we were young we never gave a second thought to trip insurance. Now that we're "older" we wouldn't leave without it. For our April TA we insured the entire trip, which includes a week in France at the end of the cruise, with US Fire, through Tripinsurance.com . The policies have a generous medical emergency evacuation provision of $250K, which although we've never had any major issues, is nice to have. The premiums were very reasonable. Hopefully we'll never have to use it...
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