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  1. Not spending a penny on another cruise until we see our promised refund and FCC. Cancelled March 7, still waiting...
  2. We're not rebooking anything until we see our 50% refund and 50% FCC email notice from HAL. I have my doubts whether CCL will survive this mess. They have enough of our money right now as it is.
  3. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow for us and not a word other than a confirmation from our TA on the cancellation. I called the TA and asked when we could expect the refund to hit our card and she called HAL and got the stock 60 day answer. SO I am expecting to see it within the next 30 days or so. She did verify with HAL they have the info. I was afraid it might have gotten lost in all the chaos. Guess we just need to be patient.
  4. We were booked on the same April 19 cruise as cruzn single. We cancelled on March 7, after HAL offered a 50% refund back to our card and a 50% FCC. A few days ago my wife contacted HAL to find out when the refund to our card would happen and we were told it would be 60 days. I will be surprised if we get anything back at this point. I think Carnival and it's subsidiaries are in a cash flow crunch that may not end well for us cruisers. I will point out that our prepaid items were refunded within 24 hours, but not so sure that would happen now.
  5. Same thing my wife was told when did an online chat with HAL, 60 days for CC refund, 4-6 weeks for FCC to "build" to the Mariner account. They are holding on to a lot of cash.
  6. My wife did an online chat with HAL and was told 60 days for 50% refund to credit card and we will be notified by email when our 50% FCC is applied to our account, in 4-6 weeks. We cancelled March 7th. The cruise credit delay I'm fine with, but the refund should be done sooner than 60 days. They are holding our money. I too am worried about bankruptcy.
  7. I worry about bankruptcy. All those FCC may not be worth boo squat if the lines go under. I don't know if the relief bills currently being introduced and passed hold any provision for low or no interest loans for the cruise/travel industry but if they don't the threat would be very real. The airlines appear to be getting a bailout but who knows?
  8. I suspect this is the case. We cancelled our April 19 cruise a week ago, booked through a large well-known organization for retired people and while I received a confirmation I have yet to see the 50% credit post on our card or the FCC on HAL's site. If I don't see something on the card by Tuesday I plan on calling them.
  9. Spring Break is the big unknown I think. I look for this thing to really get rolling in April into May as college kids return from their break this month (March). More and more Universities and colleges are suspending classes or doing remote access immediately following Spring Break for this reason. We cancelled our transatlantic in April for this and other reasons, mainly regarding quarantine and repatriation problems. We had planned this trip for well over a year and it ticks me off to have to do this, but it's not worth the hassle of getting quarantined. The two cruises before ours are 7 day Spring Break Caribbean cruises, I doubt seriously the crew and the ship will not have some instance of Covid-19 aboard. Don't want to arrive in Europe and get stuck.
  10. We're not even "loyal cruisers" yet. Our April transatlantic is our first HAL cruise. We came over from Princess because I thought Princess was making some poor management decisions and HAL seemed like a better fit. I'm beginning to regret that decision.
  11. I read through our policies (US Fire Gold) and nowhere did it even mention the terms "epidemic or pandemic". The terms "Travel Advisory and Travel Warning" are listed in the Definitions but they apply only to evacuation due to Terrorism, Natural Disaster, Hurricane Warning. One easy way to drill down in your policy is to use the "Find" feature in your pdf reader and look for keywords such as described above. Saves a lot of time. I can't see where they would deny medical treatment coverage or medical evacuation due to illness. It is not a cancellation policy, (although it does provide some cancellation coverage) but we did not buy it specifically for that.
  12. I sort of suspect that this thing has been bouncing around the US and Canada for weeks, if not months. I'm wondering if a lot have had it and never knew it or experienced mild symptoms. Since testing has been virtually nil and even now is sparse, how would we know? I have no data to back this up; it's just a nagging feeling I have.
  13. This pisses me off to no end. No excuse! None.
  14. If you're over 65 and haven't had your pneumonia vaccine shot(s), now would be a good time to get them. Won't prevent the coronavirus but could help prevent bacterial pneumonia from complications. Always a good idea anyway for Seniors.
  15. You're not alone in wondering what's going to happen. We are booked on Nieuw Statendam for April 19 departure, 14 day Fort Lauderdale to Amsterdam. We made our final payment on January 20, two days before the coronavirus was made public. Like you, our greatest fear is being held in quarantine or stuck somewhere. We are retired, but that doesn't mean we want to spend three weeks in isolation, especially in a foreign country. Right now we were planning on traveling Amsterdam to Paris on the Thalys train, then renting a car to spend a few days in Normandy. We made our cruise reservations through an online TA, flight reservations through HAL direct, train, car rental, hotel and airbnb independently. Hopefully HAL will do the right thing and not endanger their customers if the virus really takes off. On a separate note, I got my second pneumonia vaccine shot yesterday, always a good idea anyway and who knows, may help prevent complications if I should catch the virus.
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