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  1. Is there any benefit, like a package rate, to booking the hotel directly with NCL when using their air deviation. I know they provide all the transfers, for a fee.  That's at least peace of mind.  I already used them coming in on the day of the cruise and that worked out very well, but this time I would like to come in a few days earlier, just to relax a bit before sailing. 

  2. We used them for the first time and had a good experience.  Flight out was 6:55am and we arrived at the airport at 9:30am, which was plenty of time to catch the NCL bus and get to the Port for a 4pm departure. Flight home was scheduled at 12:19pm, which had me concerned, but we carried off our own luggage and took the first bus back to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  However, even with it being a good experience, I was worried from the get-go that something would go wrong, We booked at the last minute so couldn't get the air deviation. I would prefer to have come in at least a day early, which is what we have always done on previous cruises.  The airfare was so inexpensive though and was definitely a savings for this trip.  I would not book it again just for the peace of mind. I would like to come in a day early and not have to get to the airport so soon after getting off the ship. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, sid_9169 said:

    First time I've ever seen anything like this. Each staircase has three different sections. Starboard, center, and port side... All three of these photos are in the same stairwell.









    Is it one or two flights between decks, then at the bottom what does it do, branch out in the direction of the area of the ship you need?  This might have to be seen in person. I will certainly be lost on this ship 😂

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  4. I remember always leaving $40-$60 to our room stewards on past cruises except for one, we barely saw him, he barely interacted with us when we did, and he wasn't around the morning of debarkation. We like to personally hand an envelope to them and thank them. We are planning again to do the same, depending on the service.


    We have one specialty dining which we will leave $10-$15, again depending on the service.


    If we stay at one bar for a while, we'll tip, if we're just getting a drink and moving on, we don't.


    I do like an occasional towel animal, but don't need one every day.


  5. On 12/21/2022 at 2:06 PM, Schoifmom said:


    I would argue that those should be considered "toe-post sandals" just as my expensive Vionics are called.  I would say that "flip-flops" would be considered more in the order of those $2 Old Navy flip-flops that everyone wears to the beach.



     I have Vionic flip flops (yes very expensive) and was starting to panic thinking I can't wear them to the specialty dining restaurants so now what am I to do? Glad you have seemed to reassure me. 

     Has anyone really gotten turned away for their footwear, especially if the rest of their attire is ok? 

  6. Is this perk of 150 free minutes per cabin or per guest? I have seen it written both ways.  Is it worth it to upgrade for just being able to check in at home every other day and read or delete emails? Can you text between phones with this perk? 

    Once on the ship, do you put your phone in airplane mode, turn off roaming (which it always is anyway), and turn on Wi-Fi?

    Do the ports still have free Wi-Fi available in certain areas?  It's been a few years since we cruised, we're a little rusty 😷

    I am not interested in social media, streaming, web browsing, etc.

      I'll be on vacation, FINALLY!!  🚢 🌴 🍹

  7. 8 hours ago, smeck said:

    It took an hour and a half to get out of the port this morning it was a hot mess.  I mention it only to help answer the never ending question can we book a flight before noon.  The answer no!!!

    We just got our flights emailed this weekend and it’s departure is 12:15pm. I am wondering if this is even possible myself! What time is the first transfer bus to MCO. Can I request a flight time change?  

  8. On 12/7/2022 at 4:35 PM, jtdlmc said:

    My TA received the flight information at the same time I did.  She is actually advocating for them to change the return flight as they have us on a 10 a.m. flight out of Panama.

    Why would they book that time? You would need to be there at 7am and its 45 minutes away from the ship.  Much luck to you on getting this changed! 

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  9. 10 hours ago, BirdTravels said:

    Need some relaxation?  Get a Thermal Suite pass for the week. Warm saunas, hot steam room (best in the fleet), rejuvenating salt bath, snow room, and hot stone loungers.

     Hey Bird, loving your review so far!  What is the cost of the Thermal Suite pass for the week.  I am thinking of upgrading to a Spa Balcony and want to compare. Are men and women able to use the same area? 

  10. 2 hours ago, nyc12345 said:

    I got JetBlue for the BOGO air from NCL


    How were the flight times?  Were you able to choose your own seats?  I have a strong feeling this is who I will get, at least for one of the legs of the itinerary. 


    2 hours ago, Mikiejag said:

    Having flown once on Frontier, and once on Spirit, I would never choose the Free airfare if those were the carriers


    I agree. I have flown each once myself.  With all the add ons, lack of available flights and other issues, I am glad they aren't included.  


    1 hour ago, ChiefMateJRK said:

    SW has the best business model in the business (i.e. they are the only ones who didn't need to get bailed out after 911) and they don't need to resort to goofy things to fill their planes.


     I was hoping they were for the 2 free checked bags! I love flying Southwest. 

  11. I saw the list on NCL's website, but they don't list Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit or Southwest Airlines. Has anyone that ever used the air promo gotten any of these airlines as their carrier?  With some of the low fares the promo offers, I would think these would be the companies that they would be using. 

  12. I priced out what we would pay on our own and what the promo is and there is a huge difference, even when pricing the cheapest fares.  I am not sure how they even manage this promo.  We're going to bite the bullet and hope for the best, while expecting we will probably be disappointed at the same time.  Just want to get on the ship 🤞

  13. Do you have to reserve dining in the MDR's as well on the Prima or just the Specialty Dining restaurants?  On embarkation day, is there one MDR open like there used to be on other ships and does that have to be reserved if it is open on the first day?  

  14. In the smoking area on Deck 18, is there anywhere to sit or just a little huddle area?  How closely is the Cigar Bar monitored to be sure you are only smoking Cigars (i.e., party of 2 one has a cigar, the other a cigarette, is that a problem?). Is the Casino monitored to be sure you are playing and smoking?  Can you be watching a player and smoking? Sorry, just trying to cover all probable situations. 

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