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  1. 5 hours ago, JohninDC said:

    www.sunny.org has lots of FLL area hotel info.  Shared shuttles to POM used to cost about $15 per person each way, or you can use Uber or Lyft for about $35+ for the car. Besides SAS (most often suggested on this board) check with QLS, MJS, and Go Airport.


    Have a great cruise! 😎

    Thank you for the website.  I did a price calculation of Uber and Lyft and Lyft was much cheaper.  Might check out the shuttle, if it's $15/person, that is the best deal. 

  2. 7 hours ago, shipgeeks said:

    We almost always stay in one of the 17th Street hotels in Fort Lauderdale (Extended Stay America, Holiday Inn Express, or Hyatt), then use SAS for transportation to POM.  All are close to a variety of restaurants and stores.

    Our cruise is in September; those hotels were all under $130.  I believe rates will go up in October.

     Everything is a bit more for October. Good choice of restaurants in the area!  How far in advance should the shuttle be booked?  

  3. I am flying into Ft Lauderdale and cruising out of POM in the fall.  Checking hotels in both locations for one night pre-cruise. Something in a good area with some restaurants around would be ideal.  Price range around $250.00.  Some of the reviews of what were good hotels in both areas are a bit disturbing. Things sure have changed over the last few years since I was in the area.  

  4. I do feel that being in a plane is safer than a cruise ship since  you're more contained and monitored better (you have nowhere to go but your seat or the loo) and the timeframe is shorter. 


    A lot of the fun of cruising is socializing, meeting new people on a daily basis all over the ship and making new friends, some for life.   The big concern is not being able to get back home or off the ship and being quarantined in your cabin for some length of time.  


    I don't want to isolate on a cruise.  I want to have fun, mingle, be maskless, laugh out loud,  smile and see others smile. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, jaja said:

    Yes--!!!  So I guess we will all have to carry our "papers" (vaccine proof, doctor's note of fitness, etc) .😷😟

    Though, I just thought of another possible glitch....there will never be a guarantee that people at   any visited port will have had the vaccine. Makes excursions ,etc very problematic.💉

    Bingo!! . We may vaccinated but is everyone we come in contact with during our vacation vaccinated?  Will we be stuck in our cabins?  In another country?  Out to sea waiting to dock somewhere again.  There's too many "what ifs" 

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  6. Sadly, I gave in and canceled the 4 cruises that I had booked for 2021 and 2022.


    With all the uncertainty going on, I’ll just hold off until there is a very effective vaccine and I can cruise like I used to without the additional rules and fear factors built in. Also allowing time for the ships to sail again, crews to get back to their normal routines and ports to open and welcome us back safely.


    My personal feelings are that there is no safe way to combine cruising with COVID19. Of course, I know you can get sick on any cruise, but trying to control COVID 19 without a vaccine is different from anything we have experienced to date.


    Yesterday was a sad day for me to call NCL but they were very understanding. They probably have been flooded with these type of calls everyday.


    Now to wait for the refunds, which were only the deposit amounts.


    Can’t wait to rebook again one day, as this is my favorite type of vacation.







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  7. Happened to be flipping through TV channels this weekend and there was a movie on Lifetime "Anniversary Nightmare" which  takes place in Hawaii. Out on the ocean there was the POA, such a great thing to see.  I screamed out loud.  Hopefully one day that will be reality again. 

  8. 14 hours ago, pcakes122 said:

    I had Covid-19 for six weeks and never had a fever.


    That's what makes this virus so out of control and why masks and social distancing are so important.  You could get a temp check and be fine, but still have it and not know it or catch it between your temp checks from someone else. Therefore, your infecting numerous people w/o the proper precautions being taken.  The virus is unpredictable and affects everyone differently.  That's why a mask is for everyone's protection. Consider the mask as a polite gesture to help save lives, including your own and your families. We all know it's an inconvenience, but so are a lot of things we do.  Americans just don't seem to understand that concept. PCakes, glad you survived your ordeal.  

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  9. 33 minutes ago, BirdTravels said:

    I am a bit confused. Final payment is 120 days prior to departure. Which would make a spring 2021 cruise final payments due in December or January (spring starting on March 20, 2021). Isn't it a bit early to commit money to a company that is already borrowing a lot of money to keep a float (pun intended)?


    The vacation is the beginning of March so maybe Spring wasn't the right word.  I paid it in full because I've already had 2 trips cancelled because of Covid-19 (not cruises) so I'm looking forward to the 2021 cruise.  


  10. 6 minutes ago, Lorey2007 said:

    Where actually do you see that on your reservation?



    Under Vacation Summary on the left side Reservations At- a - Glance under AIR




    Reservation At-a-Glance

    • Reservation #:
      Feb 01, 2021
      Miami, Florida
      Feb 13, 2021
      Miami, Florida
  11. 10 minutes ago, TrumpyNor said:

    Normally flights are not even listed for individual purchase until less than a year from the travel date?


    I was surprised when I saw it listed on my reservation. It wasn't there when I made my last payment a few weeks ago.   I have a non-stop going and connecting coming back. I was also surprised, with everything else going on with Covid-19, that they would be updating my reservation with this information since it's so far out.  It is less than a year from now. 

  12. My cruise is not until spring of 2021 but the reservation is already listing the cities for my air travel, just with no times.


     I just paid off the final balance a few days ago, a few months before it was due.


     Any idea how long before the airfare might be finalized?  Will they wait until the final balance was actually due, or book the airfare now that's it paid in full?


  13. Both ships have the exact same itinerary and it’s the same time of year.

    Escape leaves from Port Canaveral, Joy from Miami. Price difference is only $100 with the Joy being higher. It’s 5 adults going. 

    Joy is newer so I’m leaning towards that right now but I would like input from those who have sailed on both ships

    What ship would be the better choice? 

  14. For those that have been on both cruises. what is MSC's dining options like compared to NCL  I see that you have to pick your preferred dinner times on MSC. 

    Do you have to share tables with others or can you get your own table for your  party, even if it's only two people? 


    Is the dress code any different than on NCL?  Is there a formal night?


    The drink package on MSC has drinks up to $6.  I believe NCL"s basic package has drinks a little bit higher than that. Can you get anything besides beer and wine for $6 on MSC.  


    Any other opinions about MSC compared to NCL?   



  15. I am thinking of staying on the QM post cruise as my ship docks at 8am and I want to enjoy Catalina Island before flying home the next day.  Will the hotel store my luggage while I am out for the day? Since this is post cruise, will it be strange to come off a new ship and stay on an old ship or will the history make up for it?   

  16. On 8/19/2019 at 9:06 PM, traveline said:

    I'm cruising on the Encore and NCL is giving me free airfare. Anyone who has used NCL free airfare, would you tell me what airlines do NCL use. Thank you so much for any info you  can give me. Thanking you in advance. Have a great day


    This is from their website regarding their partner airline:  

    "If you choose a fly-cruise package, you’ll be flying with some of the world’s most respected airlines, which we’ve chosen as our travel partners. That means you can look forward to a more comfortable and relaxing flight. Our partners include: Air Canada, Air France/KLM, American Airlines, British Airways, Etihad, Iberia, Jet2.com, Lufthansa, Norwegian.com, Qatar, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, United Airlines, Vueling and Virgin Atlantic

  17. 18 hours ago, TPgal said:


    Our meetup time for the excursion was around 8am. We tendered to a parking lot with restrooms (Gatun Yacht Club) and boarded buses that drove us around the lake to the Ferry.  The staff were funny about getting off and said things like "I absolutley would not run to the buffet to get snacks to eat during your long long day, that's against the rules.  You have 20 minutes to not do that - right now."  I already had a bag full of bagels, water, and cold cuts.    We did make one stop on the way from the "yacht club" to the ferry meetup spot - and it was at a superbly clean gas station with a stocked mini-mart and lunch counter.   There was not time for everyone to order something for lunch, but it was hard to tell which line was longer - the loo or the checkout counter for tasty snacks that weren't offered on the ship.


    When I did my research I didn't find anything that indicated that we could get off the ship during a full transit.  It is my impression that on a full transit cruise you're on the ship the whole time.   



    Thank you for the information.  I think we’re sticking with the partial and doing the ferry excursion.  The decision was based mostly on time and ports. 

  18. On 6/14/2019 at 12:25 PM, TPgal said:

    The time the ship gets to start the transit is determined by the POC, so there's no guarantee as to the time.   We started our transit at 5 am (ish) even though it was dark and foggy it was exciting to watch all the action from our starboard balcony as the pilot and other various folks boarded our ship.   


    Ours was a partial transit, so we were able to get off and do the rest of the canal in a ferry.  Up close and personal to the locks.  It was an exciting day with a LOT of hurry up and waiting in between each step.   





    Ours is a partial transit as well starting at 5am.  What time did the Ferry excursion start.  Ours isn't listed yet, it's too far out. 


    I am also looking at a full transit that might be doable, but then the ship might be different and some of the ports will be different.  If I keep the itinerary I have now, then we would do the ferry. 

  19. 9 hours ago, YankeesFan4Life said:

    That sounds like the difference.  I guess NJ to Miami is a lot easier....


    Yes that must be why since it's closer so only one night.


    I just did a search and found The Pullman Miami Airport is the NCL hotel of choice.  

    I do like the hotel you found much better with the shuttles to both port and airport. 

    The Pullman doesn't offer shuttle to the Cruise Port.

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