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  1. On 9/16/2018 at 1:40 PM, mattb31 said:



    Cool video that I shot 100% from my drone while I was in Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit in June.


    I also wanted to give some information regarding taking the drone aboard and using it, since it was hard for me to get concrete information before I went.



    • Celebrity gave me no issues whatsoever bringing it on-board. I do have a Mavic Pro, so it folds up, but I brought it off the ship and then back on all 3 days we were there and they never said anything about it. That being said, don't fly it on the ship (or be stupid with it).
    • I flew it in several places around the island and followed Bermuda's guidelines for UAV. Tobacco Bay was close to the airport but just outside the 5-mile radius. Other than that, just obey the rules of being below 400 feet. 99% of the aircrafts in Bermuda are jets going in and out of LF Wade, so you won't have to worry about interfering with GA aircraft.
    • I flew this around the dockyard as well with no issues. I walked to the very end of the dock away from people and got some great footage. There were plenty of security officers on and police around the dock and no one bothered me. I just made sure to not fly directly above the cruise ships and everything was fine.
    • Next up, taking it on the Allure in November to St. Maarten and Puerto Rico!


      X Wow, thank you for sharing that. 

  2. THIS ^^^^.


    Get a re-usable\re-loadable gift card (VISA\AMEX\MASTERCARD). Load it with whatever you think you need money wise (with a little padding for unforeseen expenses) and use that to establish your onboard account.


    At the end of the week if you do owe, then you can use your debit card to settle your account.



    Will they accept these type of gift cards? Should you load it with whatever money is needed for your length of cruise?

  3. DuoQuintessence and Blazing Boots are in the Theatre and are worth seeing. We found the jazz show a bit too long.



    How often do they change the shows? We aren’t sailing for a few months yet.

  4. I can't speak for the Bliss, but I can tell you that Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are my 3 favorite ports. They are incredibly beautiful. I would take that over San Juan ANY DAY.


    Especially with NCL docking at 4pm, this is not a plus for this cruise.


    I would take The Dawn or The Bliss just for the ports of call.


    The biggest issue would be the price. Divide the price for each by the number of days-- which is better??


    I have traveled in hurricane season several times without a problem. Like any other weather related issue, you cannot plan for that. The Bliss could have weather issues dealing with high winds, ice, snow-- no why to know.



    The Dawn is the least expensive of the two when broken down by daily rate. I also have been out during hurricane season with no issues, but it's always a thought, especially for 14 days.



    We've also never cruised on a megaship. Only smaller ships similar in size to the Dawn.

  5. Looking at two cruises out of NYC, both to the Southern Caribbean. Totally different ships and dates.


    The Dawn leaves mid October for 14 days with 8 ports stops. The Bliss is 12 days and leaves the first week in December with 6 ports stops.


    Dawn is still in hurricane season and Bliss is not. Both have 5 sea days.


    The common ports are: St Lucia, St Thomas, Barbados, St Kitts

    Dawn stops at Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire & Grenada. Bliss stops at San Juan, St Johns with San Juan being a 4pm arrival.

    What do you do at night in San Juan?


    The Bliss is less money and it's a brand new ship, big plus.


    Should I decide based on ship alone? Are the extra 4 ports on the Dawn worth it over the 2 extra ports on Bliss?

  6. I hope they do, I want that trip too, but can't make it in 2018


    I called NCL today. The 10 day cruise for November 2018 is the first one going to these ports. Depending on its success (or failure), they’ll decide if future sailings will have the same itinerary. That’s why nothing is listed for next year yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it’s a success. (yn)

  7. With the new repositioning release that came out yesterday of several of NCL ships, I would caution you to do your research. ;)



    Is this the article: http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/news-releases/news-release-details/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-announces-enhancements-its


    I just read through it. It doesn't mention the Sun at all. The Jade doesn't leave the Caribbean until the fall and the cruise mentioned in the previous post is the spring. The Joy will be coming from LA.


    I'm still curious if the Sun will have the same sailing next fall as it does this fall. I do like the Jades spring cruise as well.

  8. The Jade has 11 day cruises out of Miami in Mar. and Apr. of 2019. I haven't look at the Sun, but I would imagine the itinerary is very similar.



    I don't know how I missed that one. Thanks.

    Do you think the Sun will eventually come out with their fall 2019 schedule? I do prefer the 10 day and the ports on the Sun.



    The one I was looking at for November of 2018 on the Sun goes to these ports:


    CRUISE PORTSEMBARKMiami (Florida); Cartagena (Colombia); Panama Canal/Gatun Lake (Panama); Colon (Panama); Puerto Limon (Costa Rica); George Town (Grand Cayman); Havana (Cuba); DISEMBARKMiami (Florida)

    The Jade in the Spring of 2019 is similar: Miami (Florida); Cartagena (Colombia); Panama Canal/Gatun Lake (Panama); Colon (Panama); Puerto Limon (Costa Rica); Roatan, Bay Islands (Honduras); Harvest Caye (Belize); Costa Maya (Mexico); DISEMBARKMiami (Florida)

  9. I was looking for a cruise to the Panama Canal for next year and came across a 10 day cruise on the Sun for this November. Nothing is on the schedule for next year except 2 one ways and a 14 day out of Tampa on the Dawn so far for next year.


    When will NCL post their new sailings for the Sun, similar to this 10 day sailing that's listed for this November. That's the perfect amount of time with great ports. Do they normally have similar sailings each year?

  10. Our group of 5 adults are going in November, much later in the season. The water should be very warm. Hopefully, no hurricanes to worry about. Will there be much still to do that late in the season?

  11. We went on Rickys tour last year! Excellent! Can't remember the name of the place we ate at but it is across the street from the square.

    Ask Ricky he ate there. We only got a salad as prices are high and we would eat a big dinner that night on the ship. Enjoy! Hoping price drops lower for June so we can go again!:cool::cool: :cool:



    That's great to know you took Ricky's tour and enjoyed it! We'll be sure to ask him for recommendations. I also noted the other recommendations as well (Whitehorse & Wahoos). Thank you.

  12. Our family is taking Ricky's Island Tour on our upcoming trip to Bermuda. The tour allows us to stop for about an hour for lunch on our own in St George's. Any good recommendations for good local cuisine in this area (not too expensive)?

  13. It's hard to answer without having more information about what you like to do besides just seeing the island. Also, do you typically enjoy organized tours or do you prefer to go out and explore on your own? I think that is the most important question to answer when deciding how to best tour the island.


    Personally, I found Bermuda so easy to get around using the ferries and the occasional bus that I would not pay for an excursion. We will be back this summer and we plan to get a 2 or 3 day pass. The ferry is also a very nice way of seeing the island from the water. The official website currently has the winter schedule, but you can see the maps and rates for a one day/ two day/ three day/ etc. pass. Note that the passes are good for both ferries and buses. We preferred the ferry but did take one or two buses when the schedule was more convenient. You can find more information here: http://www.rccbermuda.bm/Documents/Ferry/Winter%20Schedule%202018_Web.pdf


    All this said, if you think you would prefer getting a day pass to a hotel or going to a beach and spending most of your time in one place, a pass may not be the most economical way to travel and you could find that a taxi or tour or individual ferry tickets better meets your needs.


    It's a wonderful island and I'm sure you will have a great time!



    Thank you for the information. A few of our party would prefer a guided tour and a few of us don't mind doing it on our own.


    With that being said, we could always take a guided tour and go and see other things that it may have missed or that we want to see again since we are there for 2 days. The ship offers a guided tour and I read about a company called Ricky's Tours that sounds similar to the ships excursion, but less money. No one is really interested in staying at the beach, but definitely visiting the beach.

  14. My family booked a cruise to Bermuda in November. There are 5 adults.


    What is Bermuda like in early November?


    Did anyone take a tour of the island with a private company vs. the ship excursion offered?


    We're looking into Ricky's Island Tours vs. the ship excursion, seems like the same tour but $30.00 less,

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