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  1. Yes I agree, I should have added Tortola and left out Nassau, but you get the general idea of what I was saying. Skipping St Thomas only leaves San Juan, DR and GSC for the itinerary. Another port would be nice.
  2. Sadly, St Thomas is the main drawing point for this cruise for us. They really should consider adding another decent port instead of a sea day. Turks, Caicos, Jamaica, Nassau or Key West
  3. I would think that bad toilet paper is better than no toilet paper at all. Let that truck in the loading dock!!
  4. The first thought that popped into my head while reading all this is that I hope the toilet paper truck makes it to the port ok. Don't want to run short on that by day 3 in the middle of the ocean somewhere.
  5. We're docking at Havensight. Most of us are more interested in views and history as opposed to shopping. "They" would be a shared tour, but I can certainly look into other options. I do know we can walk right to the skyride from the dock, just not sure that's the best option for views or history.
  6. We are thinking that Mountain Top might be the better choice since they also stop at other viewpoints. Any opinions from those that may have gone to both? Also, if time allows, is it worth it to take a cab to Charlotte Amalie?
  7. I hope so too. I feel like I must take a cruise I am not comfortable taking quite yet. After reading the thread on the NCL Spirit, i dread it even more. Holding off a few more years might be a good idea. Of course, we could be up to BA999 by then with nothing really changing.
  8. Thanks so much for the information. I'll definitely check into all this.
  9. We will take a loss. We are trying to get someone to replace the party that can't go.
  10. Has anyone ever gotten tested at the airport and what was the cost? Did they provide the required information for the cruise line?
  11. Can you cancel a cruise that you booked with an FCC? We are no longer able to take the new booked cruise and with a new job for one of our party, another vacation is probably not going happen for a while. At this point we're willing to take the penalty.
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