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  1. Transferred my January 2021 Panama Canal Cruise to the same in 2022.
  2. Roz, I’m so sorry Horton is unwell. It’s heartbreaking when they’re ill during normal times and these times are far from normal. I hope there is an answer and a treatment for him. I’ll keep you both I’m my thoughts and prayers.
  3. I lived in Vancouver for years (mostly Yaletown in an amazing warehouse conversion that I still miss!) and now we’re on Vancouver Island. Both places are very visit worthy! We’re looking into the June 2021 Vancouver/Vancouver cruise. They do cruises from Victoria - which would eliminate a ferry ride - but only starting in July. I’d rather be ahead of the summer school closures even though Cunard isn’t usually the first choice for people with children!
  4. I’m booked for a Panama Canal cruise (Southampton to San Francisco) in early January but I think we’re going to change it to the same cruise in 2022. Our Vancouver/Vancouver to Alaska in June was cancelled and I’m hesitant to rebook for 2021.
  5. This is true but private tours don’t necessarily have to be accessible. It also depends on someone’s personal level of disability. If you have a manual wheelchair or scooter and can walk a little / climb some steps, you have a better chance at scoring a tour (if your equipment fits under a bus or in a trunk) than someone who uses a rehab power wheelchair and can’t leave their chair.
  6. High value treats are helpful! Pick a time the dog is relaxed. I started out by holding the flat end of the Dremel (without the chuck for tools) and just touching it to the pads of the feet. It wasn’t on or anything. Do that and treat with every foot and call it a day. After some time doing that, turn it on low, and touch the flat end on the paws. Treat and quit. Then touch it to their claws, flat end, treat and quit. You get the drill - and they will too. Short sessions with treating. I still treat - carrots works for Nico. You’ll probably need a professional nail trim or two in the beginning but otherwise you’ll be doing it on your own.
  7. I also use Dremel. Black claws and poor hand strength make it a must. My school gets them started young with it so it’s no big deal. Lots of YouTube videos - and only use the sandpaper rings... Not any of the metal attachments. Note - I tried the “pet” version during training with Nico but I didn’t like it. There’s a plastic ring around the sleeve where you insert the nail. Sounds good, but unless your perfectly lined up it’s really annoying. The regular tool is fine. Get the cordless one! I’ve had the original tool for around 15 years - I got it for my first SD - and I’ve had to replace the battery once. All in all WAY cheaper than vet visits for a trim! Edited to add - Amazon must have them.
  8. It’s not looking good. At this point I’ll be happy if our Panama Canal cruise (January 10, 2021) goes!
  9. My 10 day Alaskan trip - round trip from Vancouver, BC - on Cunard is set to go on June 22. Hope we’re on it!
  10. There has been a Guide and SD Act in BC for a very long time but in it’s current format probably since 2016. Without certification, a business can refuse you access/service. “The Rights of Certified Dog & Handler Teams Under the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act, certified dog and handler teams have the same rights as people not accompanied by dogs. Provided the dog is well-behaved, a team cannot be denied access to: Restaurants and cafes Buses and taxis Hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts All other businesses Any public place” Note the “certified dog and handler teams” statement. It’s Canada and we’re a polite people. A ‘heated discussion’ may gain you access but won’t further your cause.
  11. Having an Aphis 7001 form won’t help and an ID from CCI - even though it’s an ADI member school - probably won’t either. A dog needs to be registered with the BC government to insure access. You could ask CCI if they would submit an application for you. Registration is good for two years.
  12. Business is the way to go, especially on such a long flight. I typically fly from the west coast to Europe on British Airlines. The storage is a drawer under the seat. You might look at the individual airline web site or try seat guru.com for cabin photos.
  13. British Columbia is service dog friendly - if you have a BC registered guide or service dog. Business are allowed - even encouraged - to ask to see your ID. Without ID they are allowed to refuse admittance.
  14. For the record, it isn’t the ADA that’s in play when you fly; it’s the Air Carrier’s Access Act. As noted, info found on CC isn’t always correct. 😉 https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/traveling-disability
  15. No problem. It’s confusing when they will allow a folding wheelchair in a non-accessible cabin but not a scooter that comes apart.
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