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  1. I just checked our documents and nope. Siling on Mar 23
  2. This is my worry also. We and another couple leave or NOLA next Friday my car and Cruise Monday. If so I guess we will stay in NOLA and have fun.
  3. I booked directly and didn't receive it either. We cruise on the 23rd.
  4. Ha ha! I've cruised out of NOLA twice. Quite the fun party town. I'll make sure I have a drink. Ha ha!! I'm not worried about missed ports really. If it happens it happens. I've been to both of them a few times. We have missed a port due to weather. No biggie. We have friends also going. It's their first cruise so I hope it all goes great for their sake. Besides we have some fun excursions planned. One is the same one we did last June.
  5. Is the 18 percent tip added onto every drink you get or is it on the price of the package?
  6. This is our 6th cruise but we have never purchased the cheers package. I'm wondering if the package starts as soon as we board in NOLA. A friend told me it starts the next day out of TX. I don't know if that is accurate or not. We are totally prepared to possibly not be able to Port due to Corona Virus scares and figure if it happens we might as well try Cheers.
  7. My husband says some of the places he stops that a stir stick would stand up straight in the coffee 🙂 Some of course is great. What do I know though.... I dont like Starbucks coffee unless it is jazzed up! Ive never tried Krispy Kreme.
  8. We recently returned from a 7 days cruise on the Miracle. I have loved everything about every single cruise but the free COFFEE! Whew is that stuff not to our taste. My husband says it is worse than truck stop coffee. Poor me I had to indulge in a cappachino from the coffee shop every morning 🙂 I rarely indulge in coffee shops as I need that cup ASAP in the morning so it was a nice treat very morning!
  9. We were just on the Miracle. I thought the shipe was in good shape. Every ship ha its pros and cons. Internet was on and off for us.
  10. I thought it was all pretty good! The only thing I didnt like was the alligator fitters.
  11. I think this is a fabulous idea if people are really removing tips. I worked in an industry that tips for 27 years so I tend to over tip. If youve ever worked in customer service you deserve it! I was disgusted on our recent cruise to see how some people treat Carnival employees.
  12. We had a hair dryer and fridge when we sailed in Feb. It was a junior suite.
  13. I work in a school with over 2000 kids. Im in close contact with kids. I made it though flu season here just fine. Had my shot I havent beeen sick in years. Dh and I came off a cruise and he got sick on the drive home. Ive been sick a week and dh 9 days. Worst flu I have ever had. Im an fanatic about hand washing , not touching railings etc. UGH! Im going on plenty more cruises though. I figure dh is not a fanatic and he infected me since he got sick first. Guess he better becoma a fanatic too!
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