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  1. Hope you will get over it without loosing too much sleep.
  2. Good luck on flying. Not us for a good long time until they get a vaccine. The planes that are flying seat you much too close together for safety. Good luck and stay safe.
  3. Missed you? Not so much, but I do not want you getting sick. Welcome home.
  4. A few months ago the Federal Government built a full hospital, and a big one in the New York Convention Center and brought in a Naval Hospital Ship also to N.Y. and almost no one used either of those facilities. People know how to cry wolf to sound like they know what they are talking about. But a lot of the time they have no clue.
  5. If they can not get CDC clearance why would you think these other countries would be the home port for our ships? No way it could happen. Do you know how many ships leave from Miami and FLL and Port Canaveral each day in season? Could be 15 or 20. We have spent years building the facilities and workers to handle this many ships and people. Probable 30 or 40 thousand people coming and going. Each day. No way.
  6. But it is the 1% that can get you.
  7. Don't let the door hit you in the a.. on the way out Still have a safe trip, and write.
  8. Will be a problem unless there is a vaccine that works well. I just read that Carnival is putting some sailings off until Feb. None of the cruise lines really have a current plan to start up. The virus is getting worse in a number of states so there is no way for ships to sail without being in danger. Have to hope for the best and plan for the worst.
  9. Sounds like just a bunch of double talk to me.
  10. At the rate some things are going backwards it sure could be 2022. Not too happy about that. Hope the cruise lines can make it till then.
  11. I think very few people would cruise under these conditions. We won't do a 3 to 7 day cruise even if we do not have to fly. Not worth the packing and unpacking.
  12. No way that can be done at this time. First step is getting a vaccine that works on most of us.
  13. Very well said. Agree 100%
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