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  1. A lot of money to do this tour including the helicopter. Is it worth it? Is it really real? Need some input. Thanks.
  2. Time to put this thread to bed and go on to the next thing. Enough
  3. WE also loved the Terrace for dinner on a warm evening. A few years ago we were in Monte Carlo and the views from the terrace were outstanding. Sure was nicer than trying to look out the window from the MDR. Just have to pick your spots as when to dine out there.
  4. Must have to think of safety first. For the passengers, the crew and the ship. Thousands of people to protect. NCL did the right thing.
  5. WE were on Voyager the first year it was built and complained about vibration sometimes. Other people also said the same thing. Have not been on since so kinda forgot about it. Will see next year when we sail again.
  6. Sorry if I took it wrong. Last time we were on Regent it was Radisson Seven Seas, the first year for the Voyager. At that time there were formal nights and wanted to know if that policy was still in effect. Looks like a great cruise and will be happy with the new dress code. CC seems to be the best place to get most of the answers we all need. Thanks again.
  7. Not so weird. My BW also will not walk around the cabin or hotel room without slippers. Me not so much. Still think how dirty the beach is. Just saying.
  8. Looks like we are thinking of booking Regent and want the info. about formal nights. It ha been a while and wanted the up to date policy. I thought CC was a forum to ask questions and try to get real answers, not snarky reply's. If you do not have something nice to say don't say anything.
  9. Do you ever go to the beach and walk on the sand in bare feet or go swimming in the ocean? Probably a lot worse there than you could find on your cabin floor. The ocean or even a public pool might be the worst. Think about it.
  10. We clean up for us since we live there. Can't exist in a mess. As you say to each his own.
  11. Not a place we would want to go today.
  12. RJB

    Vero Water

    You make some good points, Just saying this subject is not a one way street. Valid arguments on both sides. Need to hear them all.
  13. Still want those plastic straws but don't know what the all sorts of other things mean.
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