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  1. So, what are they going to do? Just seem to keep talking and saying the same thing over and over again.
  2. We had no problems planing our tours in the South pacific including Bora Bora. Have done it all over the world even Cuba. The internet is great to do that. Just takes a little work. not hard.
  3. WE would feel the same way. For sure.
  4. And who's on first? Very cute
  5. We all hate to see it. For us since it will be some time until we can cruise but even more for all of the crew and the home office employees. We are just missing a vacation, but they have to feed their families. Awful.
  6. But, but, but you an get off the plane in 2, 3 4, or maybe 8 hours. On a cruise ship if they come down with Covert you could be stuck at a foreign port for weeks. Not be allowed to get off, not to go home. Big difference. We each have to do what we think is good for us. Hope we all stay safe no matter how we do it.
  7. I assume it is FDR. And Jan seems to know a lot. Also right just about all the time about what is going on at O.
  8. Makes a lot of sense to me. Without a vaccine there should be no cruise ships allowed to sail from or enter U.S. waters. No need to take chances just for a vacation.
  9. That's the yin and the yang. Have to know what is good for you.
  10. We would rather wait till the end of 2021 so things can calm down some more. Need a vaccine to really feel safe. At least we think so. Better to be safe than sorry.
  11. JAN. 2020 has passed. Are you thinking 2021?
  12. Met Joe Watters a number of years ago on Crystal when he was one of the top guys there. Very nice to talk to.
  13. + 1 and I will tell all my friends and T/A if they do not know this already. Not the way to make friends.
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