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  1. Looks pretty nice. Much better than when we were on in Oct.
  2. We have done both Riviera and Marina on a TA and had a great time. I think the R ships would be too small for us. More limited dining and on board activities. Been a long time since Princess so can't comment on them. Have a great time whichever way you go.
  3. Very sorry to be reading this post. Usually O does a good job when re doing their ships. Are they just trying to do this on the cheap as with their new loyalty program? Could come back to hurt them in the long run.
  4. Unless you fall into the 1% then we are all in the most of the people category. The question then is do we in the most of the people category have to work for it or do you want Bernie and his cohorts to just give it to you? As he says "for free"
  5. Looking forward to next year for the atw. Just 6 months till I can travel the world from my office and see all these great places. Would be nice if Betsy and Bob are aboard. Love Bob's postings and the others also. Happy and safe summer to all.
  6. A lot better looking than when we were on in Oct. Give them an A for decor. But still should get rid of Tuscan Steak. It was just awful. Not enough steak house or Italian. Can't do both and get to the Oceania standards for great food.
  7. Hard choice. Views are great, but on Nautica quite noisy when docking on port days and a lot of crew running around below you early in the morning and when departing. Choice would still be in an Oceania suite and on the R ships an owners suite if i could afford it. Have to figure it out cruise by cruise.
  8. Seems to me to be bad business. Maybe OK for them in the short run, but bad for the future. Just my opinion. No loyalty for their best customers. Could come back to haunt them.
  9. No, I think we spread the wealth around a little more in Boca. How do you do it in Stamford? Just a few get most of it?
  10. So are the cons worth all that extra money a Vita costs? I would rather have an Oceania suite and be able to use my balcony all the time. Just me? or do more people feel this way?
  11. Good idea. Cuban's are great people. Would be good workers.
  12. As tough as it is the grandfather has to admit he made a tragic mistake. Can not blame the cruise ship for it.
  13. + 1 Not too hard to tell when a window is open or closed. Too easy to blame the cruise line.
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