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  1. RJB

    Oceania NEXT

    Not the only ones. We would like one near the bed also. Much better when we get a wake up call.
  2. RJB

    Oceania NEXT

    Great photos. Will help us all out. Is there no phone by bed? That would be nice. And nite light in bathroom is really good idea. Thanks for all the work you put in with the pictures.
  3. RJB

    Oceania NEXT

    Glad that they kept them the way they were. We were on Sirena about 2 months ago and did not like the new combo at all. Good choice by O.
  4. RJB


    You are so right. Their best customers are getting shafted in the new loyalty program. I guess it does not pay to be so loyal Too bad.
  5. RJB

    Private Cuba tours

    Did not take long. We used Fertours in Oct and they were great. Two days in Havana and they were teriffic in all ways. Went to all the places we wanted to see including the evening of the first day.
  6. RJB

    Oceania NEXT

    Just have to make sure you spend it all. I can always find something to buy in the shops even if I do not need it No money left behind, ever.
  7. RJB

    Oceania Suites

    Sure is a great view. Makes we wish we were there right now.
  8. RJB

    Oceania Suites

    Quite tiny. But not a deal breaker if you want to be in the rear. I would not, but just me.
  9. RJB

    Insignia live - - Miami Cuba Miami

    I am sure the problems will be fixed very quickly but the bad publicty will linger a long time.
  10. RJB

    How long to disembark in Miami

    Passport control is in the terminal before you can get out. Usually does not take very long.
  11. RJB

    Oceania NEXT

    Great, Thanks
  12. RJB

    Oceania NEXT

    Very pretty. Good job. Thanks for posting these. Would like to see more pictures of the cabins if possible.
  13. RJB

    Reviews of Oceania

    Agree 100%. Oceania is FDR's baby and would not let anything to go wrong there.
  14. One of the good things about O. No formal dress code If you are neat and clean it is O.K. to dress the way you want.
  15. Can always figure a way to pack a jacket but i am sure if i did have one it would be O.K. Just seems the right way to dress. Just me.