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  1. We were on in November and did not find much like that to the menu. The one's we saw sounded awful but did not try them.
  2. When? Have not heard anything like this. Fake news?
  3. I know that in the past Mr. FDR has always done the right thing and do not think this time will be any different. This comment covers about 15 years following him on these boards.
  4. and what do you think you might find in SF when you get home with all these flights coming from Hong Kong? Virus could be in SF by then. Seems to travel pretty fast. Hope not, but just thinking ahead.
  5. One of the best GM's the Oceania has. Sailed with him quite a few times and would love to do it again.
  6. Good job by Celebrity. The rest of the cruise lines should do the same.
  7. A problem going forward. Who knows what to do with a booked cruise four or 5 months in advance. How far will this spread? Kinda of scary being in the dark. Sit and wait or cancel now when we can get our money back?
  8. I would doubt tendering. No place in the Hudson River to anchor and nowhere for a tender to tie up.
  9. Also would be about 20% smaller. Not good. Stay as we are.
  10. A wonderful place to visit. The choir does not perform every day so we did not see them. Still well worth the trip.
  11. So sad. We were thinking about planning a trip that would include MP next year, but after reading these posts it will be a no go. Not going to spend all that money for 2 hours in a police state.
  12. Us too. Also like the way the TV sets up better. Can also view it from the chairs at the foot of the bed.
  13. I guess we will have to re visit this in a year or 2. Would love to find some interesting places to go with them.
  14. Yes, the R ships regular cabins are way too small for us. The PH are O.K. On the O ships the P.H. cabins are great. So much better than Crystal. Bigger than the P.H. on Crystal. If we can get a deal for a P.H. than Crystal would be our choice.
  15. RJB


    Probably not for any cruiser. Better for the garbage disposal. Sorry, but it just came out. Not nice, Will do better in the future.
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