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  1. No big deal.. Take a deep breadth and enjoy your dinner.
  2. Just a nice extra touch. Don't like it then send it away.
  3. There is a risk whenever we cross the street. Very tough to blame anyone. Just have to pray for all the people that were caught in this disaster.
  4. My question is will they find enough of these people to keep a cruise line going? More new ships coming. I guess only time will tell.
  5. Sure would. Tip, gratuity same thing. Different words for what it is. What do you think it is?
  6. Good way to say it. Do you have a secret trick to getting younger? I would buy it in a second. Feel better and younger.
  7. one and the same just using different words.
  8. Heck, if someone wants to look like a slob it is on them.. Some people have no manners and do not care what other people think of them.. I will not let these kinds of people spoil my dinner.
  9. For us it goes on a trip by trip assessment. We usually give an additional tip but really don't have to. Just how we feel each time.
  10. The difference is the tip for the butler.
  11. WE were told by the butler on our last trip that they were not providing laptops any more.
  12. Looks like that from web cam. Good safe trip.
  13. RJB


    I guess we have met some, but who cares. Nice people are nice people no matter what their sexual preference is. Sometimes it is good to see the other side of things that we do not see in our daily lives.
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