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  1. Cans i think only one or maybe 2 ships have the free style machines
  2. Last april when we were on it was in the pinnacle grill
  3. My mother in law is on the ship with you I think walking off with your own bags at any time after the ship clears?
  4. I think walking off with your own bags at any time after the ship clears?
  5. We get the kids the quench package, we were told we couldn't turn off their spending and still have their packages work, normally on every other cruise we do turn it off
  6. The lido deck area is all closed in so they will be fine there the upper deck no, we to travel with our kids since they were babies
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koningsdag
  8. Ciliegine means cherry, Ciliegine mozzarella means cherry sized balls
  9. No we booked the cruise this week and the cruise is next march
  10. I was just about to transfer and the TA said that Holland America wont let her add the big box perks on because we have past a casino discount fare and the free gratuities? Its with in the 2 months of booking and before final payment
  11. Now i have free gratuities lol. I guess it pays to keep checking the site. We went from an inside j to a veranda for $20 or $30 more out of pocket then the $100 off i found
  12. Thanks i just called, went from an inside J room to a veranda for $40 more out of pocket after we had paid the gratuities on the old room
  13. We dont have any perks this time. Last time we had “free” drinks
  14. Anyone know? So i noticed my cruise i booked for spring break has dropped by $100. I am well before my paid in full date. I am going to call for a price adjustment. Is there a limit to the times i can do this? I know sunwing ( Canadian land vacation tour operator) you can only do it once with their price guarantee. So far i have our price down to $1318 Canadian for 2 adults 1 child.🎉
  15. We had a lido cabana last spring break, we didnt find it noise ( there were over 300 kids on board) or hot
  16. ( on deck one) They are the biggest interior, right? Are any of the ocean view the same size?
  17. We had 4 in a lido cabana last march when we booked it they had all of us listed
  18. The NS over Easter weekend with an obstructed veranda or NA over spring break ocean view with a lido cabana for $200 less total? Very similar itinerary so that’s not a big factor for us.
  19. We came from Disney to HAL my kids were 13and 16 unfortunately club Hal in the loft on both ships we tried sucked. They said there were to many teens so most of the time even though there was a schedule of activities they were supposed to do, they just licked the loft doors and told them to hang out in the basketball court. The younger groups when we went by always seemed to be watching movies.
  20. I know there are retreat cabanas. The teens liked the ones by the pool on our last cruise on NA
  21. For us we are getting the drink plan with the explore 4 plan, the difference between the same room without explorer4 was $250 so $125 per person , that gives us the SBP and the pinnacle dinner, so it was a good deal for us, our last cruise we got the quench package and would totally do that again. We did keep checking the price right up until the final payment date
  22. I did ours on the phone, but I think nk you might have to do one at a tme
  23. The email quoted about unlimited non alcoholic drinks is the exact one i got from guest services, my nephew got the exact same one when he emailed, someone else said they got the exact same one, the one we got seems more of a pre writted auto response, there is a new beverage director someone got a response right from his that was very similarly worded
  24. Im assuming the boys are in a cabin, and shes in her own cabin, so she would pay single supplement for her cabin
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