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  1. I know about the beverage and the soda cards our TA gave the adult eacha beverage card and the kids a soda card its the other 2
  2. I got this email from guest services what are the wine pour and cocktails card “Guests can also pre-purchase soda fountain cards, Explorations Café coffee cards, house pouring wine cards or signature cocktail cards.”
  3. I would just pay one cash, or you could both go down and pay you half to the front desk in cash there was no tax on it
  4. I know it has Tamarind we have reservations in 2 weeks
  5. I think he just want chicken wings in general, we wont let him order food to the room anymore, no one likes the smell. On disney the teens could get pizza until 1 am ( the youth leaders ordered them in)
  6. I think he has to go with an adult, none of us want to go with him lol
  7. As for the running he wanted to mae sure it wasnt just a walking loop, and he wouls upset people when he worked out ( rugby starts as soon as we get home)
  8. Looks like he will be ordering room service in his cousins room lol.
  9. Ypu have to pay the whole cruise, i am not sure about embarkment day we order it before we leave home. We had 4 of us in the cabin, with 2 kids we were sending out a bag in the morning and a bag before dinner.
  10. I would but its past our final payment date, but i have changed our easter vacation, grand moon palace it is
  11. We leave in a few weeks. He wants to know if there is a running track, and chicken wings lol, how late can he get food thats not room service.
  12. We are cruising march 24th, we are staying at the hampton inn. They are offering us airport shuttle, breakfast and port shuttle
  13. For uber, what address do i put in for the cruise terminal, ( is there more then one?)
  14. Well as of Friday my teen will be. He unfortunately had to get unexpected surgery on his foot and cant get a shoe on.
  15. I see on the boards they dont count the non alcoholic but even today customer service is still saying 15 total, we are on the NA in 3 weeks
  16. Its not hidden its listed right on the package hand out
  17. They will bring you as many more as you like
  18. I tried to message you but cant for some reason. Do you think i could get a copy to bring with us? Please
  19. Thanks again safe travels home
  20. I am off to go stalk your live threads ( unless you can provide a link?) i love food posts
  21. I have enjoyed your updates. Thank you.
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