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  1. All but mdr (and steakhouse) means all others. ALL others. ALL
  2. Supposedly they are enforcing the 15 minute rule, but I saw a party seated 40 minutes late on late dining a few weeks ago. Don't be that rude person, 5 minutes is ok.
  3. Yep, but to me forgetting a boarding pass when you are going to board a ship is ridiculous. Maybe the reminder will help them. Maybe.
  4. They can print it for you. They look it up by name or room number. Don't forget your ID
  5. Yes it does. TJ AND Emma are both on Fredom now. Leigh is amazing, he is so much fun.
  6. People are "ashamed" of the color of their card and hide it? Wow.
  7. It seems his staff love him too. Hopefully we will see him again sometime
  8. Texas residents get a discount when sailing out of Galveston? I figured so many Texans were onboard was because the port is in Texas.
  9. I guess I'll have to unpack the tube then.
  10. Strap it or put it inside. Soda cartons fall all the time with cans bursting. Slows down things while they clean it up. Have fun
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