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  1. How about a Texas state law? Any other states?
  2. This. Be sure you know if you're risking your cruise on traveling in this enhanced dl alone. You may not get to go......
  3. I've seen a few times also where I could only allow them to assign a room to me. It's worked out well each time. You never know when it will be assigned, just check your online check in and one day your room number will be there.
  4. Be prepared as you may be slightly delAyed at check in. When your daughter tries to check in it will say "adult must be checked in first". They will ask for you, her mom.
  5. I haven't seen pineapple lately,, an no strawberries for a while, except on the chocolate buffet.
  6. I don't understand your argument. It's for days sailed. If you lose your deposit, should you get a partial number of days credited? How about if I pay for two rooms, should I get credit for both?
  7. Rumors for years, since the last update. Some day it will turn out to be true.
  8. This, it all depends. The 14 day is a yes, the b2b see above.
  9. I can't get off work. 4 can go for about $800, 2 for about $450, port fees and taxes included. You can get a suite for 4 for about 1200
  10. Logistically, it's hard for any of the crew just to get off the ship for two weeks. They need hotels, transportation, food etc... All of which they get for free if they stay onboard. Now those that are coincidentally going on vacation immediately after that, they may choose to take a couple of extra weeks.
  11. No, not this. They haven't paid for the third person yet.
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