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  1. I didn't realize the pens were for us to take. Are we allowed to take the glasses? How about the metal tray that they leave them and the water on? How about the little tables? The chairs? The sofa cushions, or how about the whole sofa?
  2. Seems like less privacy for the cabins and not a lot more convenience for the grandsons just going to the hallway and knocking.
  3. If you show up at 1100 you will go through the early late line. Your time in line will minimal. Check in downstairs, go through security, head upstairs to your boarding zone, and wait for the announcements.
  4. Hopefully you gave Stewart great reviews
  5. I got a collapsible ice chest with ship shaped ice cube trays
  6. Thanks. So if I go to buy a shirt then for $40, and they offer me a presumably better one for $60.00 then that's NOT an upsell because it's clothing. Got it. So then that would be an upgrade I guess. So is the term "free upgrade" an oxymoron?
  7. Carnival states up to 24 hours before the excursion, some people commonly quote before the cruise.. Keep in mind they will refund to the method you paid for it. Gift card could take some time to receive the refund....
  8. So if I pay $2000 and upgrade my wardrobe I didn't really upgrade it? I upselled it?
  9. Look at the fun times, either the paper version or through the hub app and plan your day(s). So much to see and do!
  10. I've heard the term upgrade troll and I believe it...
  11. 2.38ish.... Lol that's my best guess. It's pretty easy to carry that 12 pack per person on. Take one of those smaller rolling luggages, put the sodas in there, and roll them right up. I take mine out of the boxes and line them up in the luggage. Usually 3=4 different flavors, 12 can limit per person of course. My luggage I use for this holds 24-30 cans.
  12. It's been outside on all of my sailings on her.
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