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  1. Stick to the raffles. You're bound to win sometime.
  2. Me too. The plus for me is mountain dew. The negative is no coke zero. I can carry some or none, I'll be ok for a week or even two without.
  3. Pepsi stock is double the price of coke. I imagine they're profitable...
  4. I still am not happy. I was hoping for Shasta....
  5. I visit my friends everytime and hang out at their beach, with some stops to and from for some local flavor. I find it ironic preDorian the consensus is that people hate Freeport. After Dorian people loved it and can't wait to get back. I've always liked it and probably always will also.
  6. They have some of the swipe ones and some of the keypad ones.
  7. I wonder how long before we all decide we hate going to Freeport and are staying on the ship....
  8. Hopefully this will work for you so that you can all "sit together".
  9. I usually get that error trying to log in to Allstate. What a hassle.
  10. Share with friends. How does price of 12 compare to one from carnival? Sell the other 10 or 11.
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