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  1. and the "bowling alley" balcony room is the same rate as a regular balcony. A chaise lounge, small table and regular chair fit on it whereas a regular balcony fits two regular chairs and small table. It's nice having the extra space to stretch out! Only certain types of Carnival ships have "bowling alley" rooms .
  2. We are going to the border of Georgia/Alabama on Friday. Hope Zeta has dissipated by then🤞
  3. EEk! Use your super powers Pelican Bill and blow it away😃 either way, hope your time in Florida is a nice one!
  4. On Breeze check out Thrill Theatre! It's multi-dimensional movies. Enjoy!!
  5. We are cruising on Sunshine out of Charleston Jan 14, 2021 for 4 days of spa balcony indulgence! Going to Princess Cay and 2 days at sea. Love Charleston and we are only a 3 hour drive away. I'm looking forward to trying JiJi's for the first time (got reservations) and chilling with my hubby🥰
  6. When you say "endemic" do you mean that Covid is prevelant in certain areas like maleria is prevalent in tropical areas?
  7. I hope that wearing a mask (a really good mask) would protect the wearer and therefore keep Covid at bay. I hope...
  8. Yay! I knew I could count on you to update me on Epsilon. We are traveling to Alabama/Georgia on Halloween and I didn't want to have massive rains making our drive scary. Thanks!
  9. My Jan 14, 2021 cruise is still offering transport from the airport to the port in Charleston.
  10. Kinda on topic but not, if you ever want to watch a movie about getting your family out of a bad situation in a foreign country, watch "No Escape". Yikes!
  11. Since I paid in full, I was allowed to print out my boarding pass. I'm Platinum so does that mean I don't get an arrival appointment? Just curious...
  12. You're probably right. I decided to tempt fate and made final payment today (10 days early, $154) so we'll see.🤷‍♀️
  13. And see I'm hoping that my Jan14 cruise out of Charleston will happen because it only has one port, Princess Cay. Hope springs eternal....
  14. I look at the numbers on worldometer.info and I was trying to figure out how to get 25% of anything for Wisconsin. If it's number of tests taken by number of total covid cases, then Wisconsin's percentage is 9.4%. According to the numbers on worldometer site. I usually look at total cases per million and total deaths per million to see how each state is progressing.
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