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  1. Good to know! Thoughts on Bulleit Bourbon?
  2. Yes, the time and place for the meet and greet (it probably is called something else) should be on the Hub Ap. If not, ask at Guest Services after you board. I think you can pre-register your kids through your Cruise Manager. My DDs are 21 and 23 so it’s been awhile.😜
  3. And for another Holiday Cookie Exchange I made Matcha cookies. Won most original cookie as well. Amazing what people will eat!😉
  4. When I'm on a cruise is usually the few times I drink bourbon, like in a Caribbean Manhattan😻I'll need to ask if the mixologist can use Blanton's👍
  5. What's the difference between Blanton's and my current fav Woodford Reserve? Smokier? Just curious on what you all think. Yes, I will try it on my next cruise in September😉
  6. If DH and I embark out of Norfolk this September, we will drive day of (since it's a 6 hour drive instead of an 8 hour drive) and use the money we will be saving not staying in a hotel the night before on CHEERS (since we can't use CHEERS the first day out of Norfolk). Hey, at least my cruise wasn't canceled 👍😺
  7. I think the beaches and water in the Caribbean are warmer, clearer and cleaner than the waters off of Mazatlán or Puerto Vallarta. Given the choice, I would be packing the kids on a plane so they could experience swimming in the Caribbean. Speaking of kids, make sure you and the kids go to the first meet and greet for the kids club. It truly helps in establishing friends there and makes the time while at the club more fun for them (and you if you want a little mommy and daddy time) as they make buddies. I'm torn between embarking from Miami or PC. 7 days on a cruise is better than 6, but I'm a big fan of PC and that itinerary on Vista is beachtastic! Whatever you decide, I hope you have a wonderful cruise!!
  8. I could see this! Our Europe cruise last October on Pride was fun in a more quiet, less "party, party, party" way. When we cruise the Caribbean I expect more volume, energy and "party"!
  9. My DH sends out t shirts and walking shorts. He has been happy with the results but I don't send mine out in case of shrinkage/damage. If I get a mark on my clothes I try a damp white face cloth with hand soap to spot treat it and let it dry. Workout clothes could be sent to laundry since it's all spandex and could stretch over my ever expanding body😉
  10. I was hoping that the article was just giving size of ship perimeters but it may be just tractors and cars for now.😬
  11. I agree that the lobster can be a little hit and miss in the Steakhouse. DH and I were on Pride this past October and found the lobster to be overcooked and the filet chewy (first night on cruise). Second night (elegant) the MDR lobster was better. I have never ordered the surf and turf for the upcharge in the MDR. Having said all that, our Steakhouse dinner on Freedom this January was one of the best Steakhouse dinners we have ever had, and I had the lobster. Hmmmm, maybe I'll try the MDR upcharge next cruise...let us know how it works out for you if you try it! 😺
  12. Interesting question @angelsfort! I have not chatted with the CD when on a cruise but this would also make me curious about the selection of staff (Alchemy Bar, entertainment, etc.) for the smaller, older ships as opposed to the Excel-type ships. Thanks for bringing this topic up!👍
  13. I bring a laundry zip up bag for underwear/socks/ workout wear when I send it out for laundry. I use it at home so why not on a cruise.
  14. Maybe you had the other deli lady? Pirate mentioned there were two at one point.
  15. Thems be fightin words!!😉🤣 Everyone in my family likes beets, I'm the only sane one.😸
  16. Take a pic of her and show the Food and Bev manager. Carnival crew work too hard with friendly attitudes to have a bad apple on their ship.
  17. Very nice!! I love the plate presentation! Great review👏
  18. I would check once a month. Have a great cruise!!
  19. I agree, the Rueben we tried on Freedom in Jan 2024 was pretty meh.
  20. There are plantation house tours an hour away from New Orleans. Found this site: https://www.cajunencounters.com/tours/plantations
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