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  1. Hi Bobolz. Got it - we’re boarding on Friday so have really high hopes. From what I’m reading on here it looks so promising. We’ll be on board for a long time so I’m hoping it still has the “homey” feeling. Stay tuned. Thanks to all who have posted about the Shadow, it’s been so helpful.
  2. I chimed in earlier & I still do not believe the OP is seriously interested in booking a Silversea cruise. However, when making comparisons in pricing, it's important to remember that the regular verandah cabins on Oceania aren't really comparable to standard Silversea verandah cabins in size or amenities. You must book a PH on Oceania for a true comparison. I assume it's the same on Azamara. We've not sailed on Viking but have been on the Regatta a couple of times & the bathroom was claustrophobic & the curtain, yes an actual shower curtain, took on a life of its own! Almost comical & the whole bathroom was a deal breaker for ever traveling in a regular verandah again. (Don't their PH's come equipped with butler service also?) Maybe they've modernized the bathrooms now? Or maybe it doesn't bother others. The food & specialty restaurants were very good & appreciated the no extra charge for them. Everyone has their own priorities. Bob, I think you probably put in an extra word in your above excellent review. I suspect you meant to say that the Shadow is an older ship that has been recently refurbished ( or maybe you meant to say "now" instead of "not?")
  3. Thanks Jolly & Spinnaker. Great news on Moss. Counting down for the 24th ! Love all of your posts about the Shadow & I can't wait to see the "NEW" Shadow.
  4. Hi Jolly, thanks for your posts. Can you tell me who the current Cruise Director is?
  5. Hi Gnojlie, It sounds like your list of dislikes has already ruled out Silversea so book with Oceania & enjoy every moment. If you need to have a "sales job", then it probably isn't for you. But as to pricing, could it be that Oceania, etc are over-priced rather than Silversea being under-priced? Just a though.....
  6. I seriously doubt the risk managers/insurance people would allow them to do anything off the charts crazy. Agree that if there are ports on this itinerary that are make or break, you should take a good look at your travel insurance for an escape clause. It's probably not worth loosing sleep over since there are so many beautiful & relatively safe places in this world to see without fretting over a particular itinerary. I don't see where you are living, sued, but have you checked the usual places for "threat alerts?" In the US it's the State Dept. website but if you're not in the US, probably your own Foreign Office website. You can sign up for alerts & you might be able to use the information in case you need to plead your case to Silversea or the travel insurance co. should you decide to cancel. Good luck with the decision...not easy is it? Let us know.
  7. Lois, I don't really think it's a matter of "luxury" vs. not luxury just the usual legal restrictions that come from strict licencing rules. We were told on the Muse during the Super Bowl period 2 years ago the reason that we could not watch it had to do with licensing & woe be a Cruise Director who tried to circumvent that. Maybe with RCI ownership they might have the "license?" It's worth asking & I'm pretty sure many people on our Shadow cruise while this is happening will be asking, if not begging, pleading, threatening. Some people on the Muse had the NFL app or the Super Bowl app or whatever, & got together in the card room to watch on a TV connected to someones i-pad. The miracle of technology. Ask around once you're on board. You'll probably be so busy with fun activities that you won't even miss it! Safe & fun travels.
  8. Wishing all of you a safe & happy cruise with so many unforgettable sights to bring home. Please post when you can. Happy New Year to all.
  9. If having a priest on board to conduct a Christmas mass is a deal maker/breaker, should you not have checked it before booking? There is always the option of booking with a cruise line that will accommodate your tradition as you expect. Wishing you a wonderful New Year & hoping that the rest of your cruise won't disappoint.
  10. Greetings zqtchas. It was interesting to watch them in action wasn't it? If you ever see this show online somewhere, please let me know. Happy sailing !
  11. We were on the Muse South Am. Grand Voyage last year when Ms.McDonald & her crew were filming. They were with us quite a while - I think they embarked in Valpo & left in Montevideo. They seemed to always be filming in Terrazza at breakfast or lunch & it was a little tricky to stay out of their way, although they were very pleasant to everyone. This photo was taken during our excursion to Laguna San Raphael. I regret not being able to see the show & check You Tube for it once in a while. If any of you ever see that it's available in the US, please post about it.
  12. Was there any modification to the closet arrangement? Still double hanging rack & shelving with safe at the top? Can't remember if there ever was a rack at the bottom for shoes? Again, thank you so much for the photos & for your thoughts. They were all very much appreciated!
  13. Spinnaker, you are so very kind to post all of this wonderful information. Those sky photos are amazing. I love the fact that they will be cutting back on the plastic water bottles - great news. I hope you will enjoy every minute remaining & thank you again for the fabulous posts - they are most appreciated.
  14. Silver, that is so very interesting. I'll let you know if we get the LP on all 4 segments & if we are treated differently from segment to segment since we reach the magical "free cruise" number on the 2nd segment. Appreciate knowing what to look for even though I can't remember being treated differently from the 1st day we stepped on a cruise to the last time we disembarked. Everyone is always cheerful & welcoming. True, the invitations to sit with various officers & staff varies but that's really the only thing. I take that as the sign of a very good staff !
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