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  1. we were just talking about Oceania today since we received a few brochures yesterday with all sorts of special pricing. we liked it because of the above that I mentioned. we also liked the small port aspect as well. Port intensive cruises I think would be best. Bucket list is Baltic and I think that Oceania would be a good choice for that. For 14 day TA Oceania would not be my choice
  2. if you are still around.. we have sailed on RCCL, X and Oceania (and a few others). Oceania. Food is a giant notch above anything you ever had on RCCL brands - even the MDR. Specialty restaurants are fantastic. If you are a foodie, this is the place. Older crowd than RCCL and X. Moneyed and slightly more sedate. Entertainment is chamber music with a functional nightly show of some sorts. Plenty of room to sit by the pool, the ship never feels crowded would I cruise them again? Yes, but with a few caveats. Nothing longer than 10 days. There are on board activities (cooking classes, art class) but there just isn't enough activity throughout the day. Want to sit by the pool with great food and drinks, then you are ok. Decor is a little too glitzy for my taste, although they have done a refit so that may change the view
  3. I think that HAL has to figure out what they want to be and then how to make that profitable. It seems that it is attracting people looking for a "traditional cruise" that a "good" price. It seems that the average HAL pax is pretty happy with what is included and is miffed when HAL takes those unprofitable things way
  4. if you are ambulatory and can generally walk easily for a 2 hour tour, the river cruises are excellent choice. If you have to rest "often", you can still go but not be part of the organized tour. alternatively, some river cruises may have panoramic bus tours that would work - look at the excursion chart
  5. This is HALs time to figure out what they want to be to be profitable. Looking upthread I see scary requests that revolve around "free", "spend a lot of time in the room" and the non-profit events on board . Not going to happen and quite frankly HAL would prefer that you don't come onto the ship - they just can't tell you that out loud. airlines figured this out recently. Status doesn't come from mileage only. It comes from "fuller" priced tickets that are longer distances. Low price flights are given discounted status accrual. Travel a lot at low price?- back of the bus.
  6. this is all true. HAL was not making money with their business model. Ask most people what HAL was - it was "old" in every sense of the word. Businesses can't make money with that moniker. Just the fact that I see requests for books makes me wonder where its going to go. Analog crowd vs Digital. Many cruise lines offer computer skill classes, digital photography classes etc- not more paperbacks. Cruise lines can't make money with pax curled up with a good book in corner for the afternoon - they aren't going that way Seabourn is too far of a reach for the HAL crowd. Oceania with maybe less expensive food and less glitz
  7. set dining times doesn't sound attractive to me at all. I liked the Crystal model of anytime dining. That said, this years rules may not be next years rules.
  8. with ocean cruises, 40% of the pax never get off the ship so excursions are different and many people just don't do them. "St Kitts Marketplace tour" is going to be slow speed. Everything is designed for mostly US pax with ADA compliance. You know what snorkeling excursion is going to be like and won't do it if it sounds above your grade River cruises are inherently different with 95% of pax getting off. They will not get an ocean excursion experience as you are walking through narrow steep streets and are fairly ambulatory. Churches built in the 1400s. No ramps. 2 hours of steady walking at a reasonable pace. River tours can be rated as "soft, moderate, extreme" (at least by Crystal) and allows self selection. You can read some reviews on this site with rants about excursions (death march was my favorite term). We are all adults, there is a narrow window for the whole tour and people want to wander off they should tell the guide and they won't look for them. There are people who actually would like to get all they can out of the guides knowledge, so wandering off is affecting those people. Yes, there are some guides who are more regimented and want to get it all in - they dont last long.
  9. people wandering off on their own is fairly common. The guides we had only checked when we actually would get back on the bus and would announce ahead of time where and when the bus was leaving to go back to the ship. The group tour can't be held hostage by everyone stopping wherever they want. there generally is some free time after the group tour that allows people to go back to revisit a site I would imagine wheelchair users would find these rive cruises more difficult. Old towns, cobblestone streets. Europe is not always ADA compliant
  10. Crystal's only dress code is smart casual. They call it country club casual. In reality that means just about anything while on tour - shorts, jeans, sneakers, t shirts (although you should be respecting church tour guidelines). At night none of those apply. Collared shirts (generally long sleeved as it is cooler in the dining room than you think. No real need to wear a sport coat. You can guess I am a man, so my clothing recs are such - others can chime in. I would think that most ships are the same. The self serve laundry on board is great. It really cuts down on the amount of clothes you have to bring and you will go through a good amount since you are out everyday. It isn't just rinse out your bathing suit like it is on an ocean liner. We have had the S5 room and the S1 room. S5 is about 205 square feet and that is adequate for a summer cruise.i wouldn't go any smaller on another line. We had the S1 (253 ft) for a Xmas cruise and that was better. Bigger closet for winter clothes and such. The actual usable room (bed and desk area) are the same size between the two different rooms. You are paying for a double vanity and a bigger closet The crowd on board Crystal is generally upper middle My guess is that is true for many lines as the cruises are not some 7 day R/T Miami low ball last minute deal. People have to plan and budget this money and it isn't a small number since were and post trips are always part of it. What you can put in a spreadsheet are the numbers - individual costs and see how they add up. Gratuities, drinks, excursions. What isn't in there is the experience and what that is worth. If you have been on Royal and liked it, I can tell you that Crystal is 2 notches above that in experience. Way above NCL. That doesn't mean "too fancy for us", it means you will be wondering what you were spending your money on with RCCL and NCL. Crystal customer engagement is so seamless and satisfying that you only concentrate on enjoying yourself - they really do all the background without you knowing it. Believe the brochure you get from them.
  11. my guess I that they will all survive in some shape or form. Companies like Marriott, carnival and Royal, Caribbean are going through the same thing. They may not bring all the ships back at one time
  12. what ocean cruise lines have you sailed on? The river cruise lines have the same separation of delivered experiences - they really are not the same. Carnival is not Celebrity once you are on board we like Crystal - a lot. We have done the Rhine and the Danube Xmas cruises some things to consider as to value. Once you see what it costs for actually want to do, you would be surprised. Not enough to put you off the idea, but just to see what you are paying for. At that point the Crystals, Ama and Uniworld look attractive you will be on excursions almost every day. River is more excursion oriented than ocean. You are in an actual city with history - not always easy to do on your own. the size of the room will make a difference. Some of the Viking room are very small. Rooms with a veranda/balcony get expensive. We had a window that went down to allow it to be a 'half wall" that allowed a breeze. I don't think that there is really enough time to "enjoy" the veranda since there are no sea days. Also since the Rhine offers views off both sides, sitting in a room really narrows your perspective Liquor depends on what you like to drink. We like cocktails before dinner and maybe a cognac after. We aren't boozehounds, but those can add up Crystal allows anytime dining with plenty of tables for 2. No group meals or set times. Food quality is subjective, but I can tell you that Crystal is very good. It would rival most land based restaurants All the ships are the same size, what changes is the number of cabins and therefore the number of pax. On Crystal there are about 100 pax. Others have upwards of double that amount - it does make a difference Look at others and add up all the extras and see where they end up. Probably closer than you think
  13. probably later this year, with a limited roll out of ships and locations. The more popular routes would be the easiest to start and attract cruisers what ever it takes, the all inclusive Caribbean land resorts are really in the same shape. All the same uses with cross contamination in every sense - they just don't move. It will be hard fo the island to discriminate between ship and land pax
  14. if people are not cruising it would be over the fear of contracting the virus. The price of the cruise wouldn't affect those people. No one is saying " I will take a chance on getting sick if the price is right".
  15. We have a winner ! very few people spend a week in Las Vegas, Atlantis or any number of high end resorts. They have a week of vacation. One day to get there and one day back. The middle days are the vacation These are the people that Virgin wants. There are a ton of people who have never "cruised" and never will. They would go on a high end vacation in a hotel at sea. I have flown Virgin Upper Class a few times - it is fantastic. The Clubhouse in London is part of that package and indicates what Virgin Group can do. Virgin Atlantic is an airline (just the same as Delta), but the experience on VS is one big notch above
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