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  1. The Golden was my very first ship as a crew member in 2003. I did a few weeks in the Caribbean before heading the the Med for the summer and ended that contract with crossing back to North American and doing 3 Canada/New England cruises. So many memories, including meeting my husband aboard (we both worked for the entertainment department). This is the view of the Golden from the Casino in Monte Carlo, sometime in either late July or early August 2003.
  2. Hubby and I on the Diamond, Jan 2005. One of my last cruises as a crew member.
  3. Just went though photos.....this got me feeling nostalgic. This is one of the few I can find with Uber. Was from a crew bar party (with some of the dancers).
  4. Roman and I passed each other a few times, but he wasn't on the Golden when I was. I never got to see much of the Shirley's....always setting up backstage, but we'd get to hear it. Only got a visual when we came out as the camel for bows (dancers during the show, crew members during the bows)....although that depended on if you were the head or the tail. 😉
  5. You just made me spit my tea out. I have a very bad copy of it on DVD somewhere (filmed from the back of the house). I should try to find it and figure out how to upload....but my mac doesn't have a CD drive. Hmmm.....worth investigating. I have a dozen or so old shows from 2003 - 2007.
  6. Ha! That would have been the Golden. I did my first contract there (stage crew) in 2003 and Uber was a riot. We used to count how many one-handed handstands he could do in the final bows. I remember one Med season we had a pickpocket expert. He went through the audience before hand and stole a ton of stuff.......can't imagine anything like that would ever happen again.
  7. We're on the Jade in February with our 2 kids and my in-laws. Love the smaller ship idea as my father in law has a bad knee and walking can become an issue for him. We've never been on NCL and looking forward to it. Been more than a decade since I've been at sea!
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