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  1. If you have a military connection, you could see if you qualify to stay at Hale Koa.
  2. Lamanai is a great tour. When we went, you could climb to the top. I don't know about now. I do know that isn't true at all Mayan sites.
  3. How do you feel about ship size? Horizon has fewer than 4000 passengers; Mardi Gras, 5000+. That's more people in port, more people embarking and disembarking.
  4. We scheduled an April cruise with our adult children. That didn't happen, so we scheduled a New Year's Eve cruise (would have been a first for us), which also didn't happen. DW and I could jump on something with short notice, but the kids need to plan around work.
  5. What is the worst port you have visited? Please explain why. I do not mean "which port have you visited so often that you don't even get off the ship now"? I searched under "worst port" and saw a few comments, but not a separate discussion topic.
  6. We live in Florida, so can drive to PC, Tampa, Miami, Port Everglades. We are vaccinated. We can go tomorrow. As Blondie sang, "Call Me!"
  7. Show lengths reduced = More people wandering the halls
  8. With all the OBC we have accumulated, I'm ok with Carnival only excursions on the next cruise. Just don't want that to become permanent.
  9. Yep. Autoincorrect at work. I meant dog mushers. Thanx
  10. We normally cruise Carnival, but took an HAL cruisetour for Alaska. The Princess and HAL land tours are very similar. For instance, the Princess hotel at Denali is next to the HAL one. So glad we did the land portion in addition to the cruise. We started in Fairbanks, getting there a day early, took a tour from there that included a boat ride, dog murders and such. Then to Denali for three nights. Train to Anchorage. Overnight. Stop at a glacier end route to Seward, where we stayed in cabins outside town. Cruised Kenai Fjord to see orcas and other wildlife before getting on the
  11. 98% of crew and 95% of passengers (so all adult passengers) -- ok. Let's cruise!
  12. You don't need an excursion in Honolulu. If you want to go to the Arizona, go. If you want to see 5-0 headquarters and statues downtown, go. If you want to see surfers on the north shore, rent a car and go.
  13. Some of the "other cruise lines are more spacious" comes from their having smaller cabins than Carnival.
  14. Agree. It would be more expensive to provision a ship on an island than from a similar port on land. Cancun would be less expensive than Cozumel, for instance, but Cancun's hotel industry does not want a homeport. Maybe start in Cozumel, but load up in Progresso?
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