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  1. I am not sailing until January.
  2. I have the large sheet of paper too. If I make a copy, the signatures will be 'copied' and they won't be the originals.
  3. I just wanted to thank everyone who shared kind words regarding those in the trials, personally, that means a lot to me because no one has ever said anything before. Thank you.
  4. I'm no scientist or medical person. But, AZ compared to Moderna and Phizer are two different technologies of vaccines....and no studies have actually been done that I am aware of that show the efficacy of mixing one technology with the other technology. It is too bad that all doses were used at once instead of saving the 2nd doses for the 2nd doses.
  5. I guess I am looking at it from more of a global perspective. The AZ vaccine will be more largely distributed to 3rd world countries because of the refrigerated shelf life and without having to be in a deep freeze. I really want to see it through...the good news is that I have time. Our cruise is not until the beginning of January so they may have things sorted out by then.
  6. I am in the AZ trials and that is the issue If I get an approved vaccine after already getting the AZ vaccine (which I know that I got because I was unblinded) I cannot then get another vaccine and continue in the trials as that would skew the numbers and I would have to leave the trial.
  7. I received the proper dosing as this was the 2nd, 3rd phase trials for AZ with the correct dosing as the first trials were botched. I am more than happy to get another vaccine - but then it doesn't help the trials as these last 2 years so I would have to bow out of the trial.
  8. I will definitely contact them and see what they say. I have not even received any newsletter, etc during the vaccine trials. They sent me a full size piece of paper for my vaccine 'card' but if they have an actual approved 'CDC' card that would be exceptional! Thanks so much for the information.
  9. I am in that position. I am currently in the AstraZeneca trials and received that vaccine last December. I have a non-CDC approved piece of paper with my vaccine info on it. The WHO did approve that vaccine though, but I am a U.S. resident - so not sure, how I will be affected. I guess I can go and get the Moderna vaccine and drop out of the AZ trials if it comes down to it....but I don't want to unless I absolutely have to....
  10. I am more confused. I am assuming that the United States is accepting the Astrazeneca vaccine even though my full page 'vaccine card' says it has not been approved by the FDA - which is why it worries me. The WHO has approved this vaccine... I guess I'm concerned that it says it flat out that it isn't approved on the actual 'card' and how that may be viewed.
  11. Good to know there are others out there 🙂
  12. LOL - love cheese - just never on a sandwich. I know right?
  13. Just saw this tour on the Celebrity website....looks interesting but not many reviews anywhere. Any one out there taken this since this was posted? Of course...covid happened, but you never know 🙂
  14. Do you think they could heat the sandwiches without the cheese? I hate that all sandwiches have cheese...I know most people like them, and then there is me.
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