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  1. Well, I'm not. I liked the Edge a lot - an am considering giving HAL a try.
  2. The grill is also open on embarkation day and rather quiet. At least it was this past January on the Reflection.
  3. I can see how many would like the IV and it does have pros to it, but it certainly is not for everyone. I love being outside and reading with the smell and feel of the sea air, and an IV doesn't provide that. It is like opening a window at home and sitting in front of it. It does enlarge the cabin and gives you more space. If you love to sit and hang out on your balcony, this certainly isn't a balcony. I didn't prefer the IV and probably wouldn't book one again, unless it was Alaska. I can see it coming in handy for still viewing and staying in the warmth of your cabin.
  4. Thanks guys! I'll make sure DH gets to do this.
  5. I'm looking for this answer too. What is the cost besides simply, outrageous?
  6. So, for the price did you actually get to keep your piece? I agree $120 is steep but I know that DH wants to do this and I'd like for him to be able to.
  7. This really was a thread about a layover. Thank you for everyone's advice on that. We went with it. I'm out, lol.
  8. I get that regular travelers may travel without bags, go on business trips, short trips. It's ok guys. I fly every once in a long while and that was simply my observation. I have a few friends who used to be flight attendants as well...one for almost 30 years....she can tell you about changes lol. But it's ok. I'm sorry I said I hate the airlines. I love the airlines...and even the 737MAX airplanes! Ask that CEO how much he made and then talk about the stocks. I love them all! I'm sorry I don't think flying is even remotely the same experience it used to be (for me). Do I have to justify checking a bag? For a 2 week trip...I'm checking a bag. If you can get away without it, and jam it into the overhead bin, excellent!
  9. So, when I used to work for the airlines there were lots of standards inside the cabin, flight attendants, service, seating width. The implementation of baggage fees, (because who travels without a bag - which was supposed to be temporary) charging now for an aisle seat, exit row seating, etc, etc.... that is why (I hate) the airlines....they make a ton more money and the service and product has been cheapened A LOT. I was flying first class on Delta and they of course ran out of one of the meals with 6 people still left to get a meal (it happens), I said 'no worries', I would do without. The flight attendant said...I'm sorry, we picked our meals first...but I can bring you the garnish from the plate if you'd like...oh, because that's exactly what I wanted, lol. That incident and what the attendant offered (and I do believe she was trying to be helpful but it came off horribly wrong) has always left a bad taste in my mouth since we travel so infrequently and actually do pay a full fare for first class seating. I remember when Flight Attendants were always smiling and happy and some still do...but many act like they simply no longer care and it's accepted. You could say that they are beat down and work with ungrateful people day in and day out...but I work with tourism hospitality with the public and you have to put those feelings aside...so I always give those working with the public the benefit of the doubt. So, when I say I hate all the airlines (maybe I should have said, I hate how the airline industry has gone) take it as you will but they know they have you (supply and demand) and the standard of service has gone way below what it used to be and you're paying a lot more. Didn't mean to ruffle anyone's tail feathers.
  10. Lol...it isn't the flights I hate per say, It just isn't what it used to be on any level. Now, if the flight has lots of turbulence, that makes me very happy. I love turbulence- my husband hates it.
  11. I know that it is certainly possible. I'm sure someone will chime in with price. For my husband and I we both got the internet perk so there was no additional.
  12. Has anyone done the photo studio lately? They say it is a free sitting fee but what is the pricing after that?
  13. Thanks Harris. We called Celebrity and they were happy to reinstate the OBC, thanks for helping.
  14. So I figured I'd answer my own question. We were able to get this done after already booking the cruise - booked the cruise about a month ago and DH called today and they took care of it.
  15. They also have On Demand movies for free which is nice. It was a fairly good selection overall of channels as shown above.
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