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  1. If our cruise is arriving into Pier 91 at 7am - what time should I book a car service for to get to the airport? I don't want to book it too soon and then have the driver waiting, but I don't want to book it too late either and have us standing around. Thanks.
  2. The flu is worse than the coronavirus from the information I have.
  3. We won't cancel and I sure hope ours isn't canceled. Alaska in May out of Vancouver. I work with tourists every day. I'm more worried about what I get from them than what I get on a cruise, lol.
  4. Very good to know and to take into consideration. Thanks for the info.
  5. I've used Choice Air and it was fine but do check to make sure the prices are competitive. We had great luck when they offered 20% off and got a fantastic deal compared to what the regular airline fares were going. That is correct that you don't pay until final payment for the cruise.
  6. Elitist. Saying that someone is being petty for wanting to save $100 is wrong. Maybe you've always had money or you've made a lot of money but just because it doesn't fit your view of how it goes or how it should go, doesn't make it wrong for the person to want to save that money.
  7. Redtravel - I believe you are missing the point, the TA was not following through and doing her job or maybe just didn't know what to do. If the fares were like booking an airline ticket, etc it would be different - but you're comparing apples to oranges. I work in the tourism industry and many people don't have the money that you may have to travel....they have saved every penny to make it happen so just because $50 is nothing to you, it is something to someone else and it isn't 'petty'.
  8. How is saving any dollar amount petty? Would you be ok flushing $100 down the toilet because that's exactly what you are asking the OP to do, or else he is being petty. If you think $50 per person isn't worth it, than I guess you have a lot of cash to spare which is fine - but I don't think it is fair that just because you may or may not have that to spare means someone else shouldn't save it.
  9. So happy for you. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't worth it and you're being petty....a dollar is a dollar and now you're $100 wealthier - excellent!!!
  10. You may try calling Celebrity and ask them about this yourself and then you will get the straight answer for your particular sailing. If there is a drop and your TA doesn't want to do it, you can ask Celebrity to take away the booking from your TA. I forget how that works but we were going to do it and Celebrity said that we could pull it. In the end we didn't - but we didn't use that agent again.
  11. I've re-fared for $100. I agree - why on earth would someone not do it? A $100 is $100. It isn't like there is a limit on how many times it can be done.
  12. But, why would a change fee have to be paid? I re-fare on my non-refundable deposits....a re-fare is the same on a refundable or non-refundable.
  13. Call and see what the price difference is to upgrade to another cabin. Then surprise your hubby and say with the money he saved on the great deal he got, you wanted to surprise him with a good deal on a room with a view with money you saved...or don't even tell him until you are onboard. What a great hubby you have!
  14. Exactly. I used one who was a friend and she complained about her customers re-faring for such small amounts. I said, those small amounts add up and it's the job. Needless to say - I don't use that agency anymore for my trips.
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