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  1. No I did not confirm w RCL, I apologize. I saw it on yahoo finance website . I guess not too reliable.
  2. Hello, we had a summit to Bermuda for July 26, 2020, RCL just announced cruises suspended until September 1, 2020, I was before final payment and was able to switch sailing for June of 2021 kept perks as I had booked on board in 2018, hopefully next year things will be better, stay safe all
  3. No we were able to use the post thank you with whatever was offered on board with booking. The bookings were serviced by travel agent and we were not able to combine post thank you with travel agent perk, and we were fine with that, it was only $50.00 from that agent.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Our past cruises where we have been given a $100.00 post cruise thank you and we were able to use the OBC have been summit 2 times to Bermuda, equinox, western Caribbean , but this last one equinox, eastern Caribbean just a thank you email no $😕. We have sailed in veranda all except last one, which was concierge . We currently have a booking to Bermuda made on board for next July.
  5. Hello everyone. Has anyone recently received a post cruise thank you from celebrity? In the past three years in a row we have received a $100.00 post cruise thank you. This year we only received a thank you from celebrity after our July 2019 equinox cruise. Just wondering 🤔thanks
  6. Thanks for your suggestions, will give it a try.
  7. Sorry you too are having this problem. Hopefully it gets resolved soon for everyone
  8. Hi all, very frustrating I have been trying to log in since the spring sale, to no avail for my July 6 equinox cruise. Was told by Celebrity it’s an IT problem that according to them only affecting equinox cruises☹️
  9. We are sailing July 6, 2019, have never been to either DR or Tortola, so I guess it’s all good , looking forward to wherever we stop😊 better than being in the office
  10. Hope your wife is okay, last year on equinox I needed a band aide for a blister on my foot from breaking in new sandals,unfortunately I forgot my first aide kit at home. I went to guest services and asked for a band aide. I told them I’m sure they have Because they must get paper cuts from time to time and they said they sure do. No excuse but probably employee was having a bad day:confused:
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