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  1. Fortunately or unfortunately, the “ignore” at cc doesn’t act as a block as the kind that is at FB (although I sooooo wish that it did!). My understanding is that you will no longer see the ignored person’s post and other type of entries, but they can still see everything you post. So you might blissfully I aware, but that person can keep snapping (or whatever behavior it is that wish to avoid) you if they wish.
  2. At least once a week I am in the position of helping someone who’s been at the receiving end of a person who gets pleasure from the emotional or physical pain of others. If this is a topic fit for CC, then everyone has a right to an opinion (although I have a hard time understanding why there is far more empathy for a guy wanting to bring s/m gear past cruise security than is almost always offered to someone whose spouse was diagnosed with cancer just prior to a cruise and wants to ask about the possibility of getting their money back). Am I surprised at the aggression and anger? No. Am I bothered by it? No. Off to work now and I will leave you alone with your ‘fun”. FYI - I did address the OP @ChrisPGH once he addressed me, but I was initially poking fun as you and others were; almost none of those, including you, showed the OP’s name or were “direct.” People talked about not wanting to be near the OP or in the room after or the hot tub or needing to sterilize the cabin - I didn’t see you jumping them, they weren’t disrespectful but my “ugh” was? I don’t expect you to actually admit that might’ve been unfair, but it was. At least criticize me on something real.
  3. It’s not disrespect, it was my thoughts on it. The joking about the activity isn’t worse when it’s my brand. And we have lots of fun, but we don’t tie each other up to do it! If it makes me a party pooper that my idea of fun isn’t spanking someone or riding someone like a horse , well color me vanilla. But your post was just as disrespectful to me (although I am having a hard time taking this or your outrage seriously). Is there not something better you could tsk tsk me over? Or are only broad minded when there are whips involved? 😂🤣 Admirable of you! Kind of funny the poster not imagining there would be some fun to be had with him, or is he that naive. Not sure why my fun was more of a problem than other, but I won’t cry over this particular issue and surprised anyone would. fyi - the poster said “embarrassing” not controversial. Made it sound like he needed help with a medical device not s/m items or I would not have bothered “clicking”. (since @ChrisPGH asked) There is always someone at CC who will find moral outage in anything, including clearly one who feels he must defend a guy with a burning desire to bring his S&M studio onboard. Might I suggest a more worthy cause for your efforts?. 😊
  4. We will be there are very soon! Loving the review. Happy sailing, I will try to catch you on Peri!
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 P.S. says John or LaLa 😬😂🤣
  6. Ugh. 🤢 I am just surprised that you can’t do without your racks, whips, and chains for 8 days. Or maybe the point of the inquiry was more exhibitionistic in nature? Reasonable thought, yes? You must be a travel companion that is tons of fun! 🙄 🏃🏼‍♀️
  7. I can only speak for my own comments – but I wasn’t suggesting that all millennials (and younger) have no money, but I would hope that readers of these comments would understand that I was referring to the average (and average 25-year-olds are not rolling in cash and while some people live to 90 drinking and smoking daily, we can’t say that is typical). I don’t think that you need to be overly concerned about taking up for the young ones, they weren’t attacked by anyone here; however. it would be dishonest to suggest that there aren’t vast differences in both cash flow and life responsibilities across age different groups. As to the ads for Richard’s birthday, those may actually make our point most clearly - many of them show a man of 70-year-old in tight jeans dancing (rather badly) with people much younger individuals almost exclusively (I did see that they have very recently added one or two people that seem to be age 50-70 in the ads, although they don’t look to me like any 50+ that I have ever seen on a cruise ship!). Enjoy your Virgin journeys, I will be interested to see your review. PS I do get their emails, see their insta posts, and frequent websites where they advertise, so I am well acquainted with their advertisements across time. This is also not a criticism of the cruise line but fair commentary on their advertisements (and whether they will be beneficial to them in the long run).
  8. I had the same reaction - the marketing seems to suggest that anyone other than the very young would not be welcomed. I cannot imagine that their marketing staff was so foolish as to have created that impression by mistaken, so I am left believing that this was exactly the impression Virgin meant to leave. I don’t personally care either way, I am not needy enough to give 2 d*mns about Virgin cruises *wanting* me 😂 But, I do not think it was a fantastic idea to target almost all of their advertising toward audience that on average has very little disposable income and to specifically avoid and irritate the audience that can actually afford their cruises. Just the thoughts of a not-yet-old shrink 🤓
  9. It’s too bad that we can’t inherit C&A points, I would have been a Pinnacle on my first cruise! Oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️
  10. Without knowing any details about the why’s on every single aspect of this situation, I think that it is unfair (if not just plain mean) to suggest and/or assume that her family was doing something wrong in relation to her in this situation (that seems fairly unlikely given her daughter-in-law’s reason for posting was concern for her). This thread really has me wondering how many of these posters have ever experienced a real loss or any trauma in their lives where they hoped others would show some empathy or at least not purposely increase their pain. This is one of those threads that shocks even me about how uncaring people can be and how quickly and easily people can pounce on someone and tear into them with unbriddled joy when what should be shown is empathy (and trust me when I say that it is extremely difficult to shock me when it comes to human behavior). My intention isn’t to engage in a childish back and forth with anyone since I don’t have a lot of free time and don’t wish to fight on the playground with the time that I have; but after watching this discussion go on page after page I just wanted to put in my own thoughts here.
  11. I just want to say how sorry I am that this happened to your mother-in-law. One of the worst things in my life was sharing widowhood with my mother – my father died and 5 months later my husband of 13 years at the age of 38. Losing a spouse is perhaps something people cannot truly understand unless they have gone through it, but I would hope that basic human compassion would lead most people to understand just how devastating that it would be. My opinion is that a great deal of what you described was not professional or even kind; that it happened to her at the worst time of her life makes me sad (and I know without any doubt that it made you furious!). I know that sometimes on various boards people are not very soft-hearted with others and seem too often not to offer empathy (a general comment, not aimed at any specific poster or post). But I completely understand how you would feel about the behavior here - I only wish that I could have been sailing with you because I would have had my own words with the concierge if I had witnessed these events. So far we have been very happy with the concierge’s we have had on the whole sailing in RCL suites, but I have no doubt that some of the various concierges would be less than wonderful (as we have experienced that type on NCL on occasion). I think that you should let his superiors know your feelings, they are valid; I have found RCL to be responsive when I have reached out. Either way, I think you should express your feelings as that is the best way to move forward (assertiveness is the fix for anxiety after all 😊).
  12. I do appreciate your saying that 😊 - it’s rare in life that anyone does anymore, I think there is hope for CC 👍🏼
  13. I still don’t get why me when I agreed with you, but whatever. My point was removing gratuities, *period* and in direct response to what you posted. My comments weren’t at all related to whether gratuities were pre-paid or by cash, but again only about people *removing* gratuities. It would be great if people could just post without random disagreement over nothing as eventually cc will be left only with people who disagree over nothing or are snippy and I think that would be unfortunate.
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