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  1. Great blog post and thanks for the link. I've written similar things specifically for RCI, especially reminding people to take non-alcoholic drinks into their calculations. My concern is the pricing you have for the Carnival package. You list it at $52 US per day, and even with your most expensive Mix 4 it is only borderline on value by your calculations. As I noted above, for us it is $80 US per day, so at that pricing it would certainly not be value unless the pricing for pay as you go drinks is different on Australian cruises. (or if I do a lot more drinking 🍷).
  2. Yep... 119 per person, per day. Until recently, Carnival didn't even offer drinks packages on Australian cruises. 119 AUD is about 80 USD, but that's still nearly double what we pay with RCI. The breakeven point would therefore be about 7 or 8 drinks per day. I might be able to sustain that, but my partner definitely wouldn't.
  3. Hi All, My other half and I have only cruised with RCI previously, but have seen an Australian cruise with Carnival that looks like a good deal. Our question relates to drink prices and drink packages. With RCI, we pay about AUD 72, and this covers all drinks up to $12 or $13 onboard. If you order a drink that costs over the package limit, you only pay the difference plus gratuity. We have never ordered a drink that wasn't covered by the package. From what I can find, the equivalent package with Carnival costs $119. If I used the onboard drink prices from RCI, that would make the package uneconomic, and we would just pay as we go. I like a drink, but don't want to be worried about "getting my money's worth" from a drink package. With RCI, three or four alcoholic drinks per day is the break even. Easily done while on vacation. The Carnival one looks like eight or nine alcoholic drinks to break even, which would be ok on a five night, but not on an eleven night. Does anyone have either a recent onboard drinks menu, or a link to one so I can do the math? Cheers, Balsam
  4. I realise it's a personal preference, but what's wrong with the MDR? We have an 11 night coming up, and have booked the three night package plus one night at Chops for my partner's birthday, and the Mystery theatre dinner. That's 5 nights in specialty dining, leaving six nights for either MDR or windjammer (probably MDR for us). I don't think MDR is so bad that we'd pay for the UDP. We definitely like to try the specialty dinning, hence the choices we've made above. We also don't do Izumi, so on Radiance, we have Chops, Giovanni's and Samba for our three night package. I suppose on larger ships there are more options, but our OP hasn't mentioned the five night package as an option... is it not available for your sailing? We don't normally do a big lunch either, so that wouldn't factor in it for us.
  5. Please explain what the "remedy" would be? The OP wanted a room for four people. That's what they now have. The OP wanted the cheaper price. That's what they now have. Looks to me like RCI has already remedied the situation and given them exactly what they wanted.
  6. Yep... definitely some rental companies just won't take the risk, but there's no law against it. As I noted, those companies that will rent to 18 year olds will probably slug them a huge insurance cost or take a huge deposit/credit card hold. This is pretty understandable, but the question should be "Will the company rent to a married 18yo but not a single 18yo?"
  7. Yep, and I'll agree with you and leave this conversation alone. As I noted, nothing here is within the control of anyone on CC ( unless Mr Trump is a member), so nothing will be changed by our discussion. As for what adults can and can't do on RC ships, unfortunately I'm well past the age where it affects me in any way, and I have no kids, so that's not a concern either. It would be interesting to hear from someone from a country like Italy, where the drinking age is 16, but maybe that's for another discussion.
  8. Are they guns? Do they fire a projectile? I never suggested you could buy an AK47 in walmart, just that you could buy a gun. Air rifles can only be sold in Australia by licensed firearm dealers. They are treated the same as any other rifle.
  9. An 18 yo can rent a car in Australia. They may have to pay a hefty insurance cost to do it, but they can definitely rent a car. There are many definitions of an adult, but to me an adult can do everything we have discussed here, rent cars, buy drinks, book a holiday on their own etc. At least that's how it is in Australia. It confuses me that someone who is not considered to be an adult can buy a gun or get married....
  10. Wrong on Walmart? https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=rifle Not sure what you mean by"wrong on insurance rates"? I'm not saying it is incorrect, just that I don't understand it.
  11. Obviously, I don't know how insurance works in the US. This became obvious when I found out that in the US, you can get travel insurance that covers pre existing conditions as long as you buy it with a certain time of booking your travel. In Australia, if you want cover for pre existing conditions, either you can't get it, or you are slugged a huge premium. For a serious discussion, and not trying to be funny now, I don't see how this works for the insurance company. If I have a pre existing condition, the risk for the insurer is obviously more. The fact that I purchase my insurance within a week of booking the trip does not change the risk for the insurer. Maybe someone with more knowledge of insurance can explain that one for me. I don't dispute that in the US, a married 19yo can get a lower insurance premium than a single 19yo. I have simply never heard that before. I have been informed that it is possibly the same in the UK. In Australia, your marital status has no bearing on your insurance premium. Yes, I like to take the mickey on some things, but I also realise most of what I'm talking about is beyond the control of anyone here on CC. I just find it funny how people refer to a 19 and 20 yo going on a cruise with parents as "kids". As noted by another poster very early in this thread, in 90%+ of countries, a 19 yo is an adult in all respects.
  12. Maybe the "supermarket" bit was an exaggeration, but you can buy guns in Walmart, and you can't buy a Kinder surprise with the toy inside. If anyone can show that I'm incorrect on either of these points, I will put my hand up and admit I was wrong. As for someone getting a different insurance rate because they are married.... no, I know nothing of this, and it makes zero sense to me. To be honest, a 19 year old that gets married is probably less responsible that one that stays single, but that's a completely different argument which I won't get into here. I would agree that someone in the armed forces probably has more sense, even if it's only because they know the consequences if they misbehave.
  13. 1. How can you say they are "adults in the USA", when they are not allowed to buy a drink? 2. The legal drinking age in the Bahamas is 18. Don't talk to me about ignorance when your own posts make zero sense.
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