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  1. Make up your mind... In your previous post, you said it was a good bet your October cruises will be cancelled.
  2. Wow. You're definitely on the pessimistic side aren't you? Here's another thought to keep your pessimism going... If ships are not sailing by next October, there will be no cruise industry left to use FCC.
  3. Fair enough. As long as they are still offering 100% , I won't argue with your reasoning, so no, you don't actually stand to lose anything. Point taken as I missed it earlier 😕
  4. If the aim of the booking is to get another 125% FCC when Royal cancels the sailing, then you cancelling 48 hours prior defeats the purpose. If YOU cancel a booking, you only get 100%, not the 125% if THEY cancel it. This is why I said, that if you want to play this game, you need to be prepared to actually take the cruise.
  5. 1. If you are not prepared to go on the cruise, the don't try this. If you are prepared to go on the cruise, then it won't matter if Royal waits until the last minute to cancel. 2. If they do cancel and you only get the 100% FCC, then you haven't lost anything.
  6. Cheers. A bit of a bummer, but such is life.
  7. Does anyone know if the FFC can be used on Celebrity as well as RCI?
  8. How far out is your cruise? Do you have travel insurance? When did you book the cruise? Did they note the $100 cancellation fee at the time of booking? There is a lack of details in your post, which makes it hard to determine if your TA is doing the right thing or not. Kindly provide all the details so the rest of us can give an educated opinion.
  9. I would suggest you will be the last cruise before dry dock, which is likely to be in Singapore. She would then sail from Singapore to Brisbane to commence her season there.
  10. I would suggest that if you only purchased it for your self, your cruise may not be very enjoyable when your wife realises you will be on board before her, and enjoying the Chops lunch while she fights with the mayhem of Windjammer 😀
  11. Are we talking about only what is spent while onboard, or are you including pre-cruise purchases? If you're only talking about onboard, our last cruise we spent about $70. One photo and a few souvenirs. Everything else (drinks, dining, tours) was purchased pre-cruise.
  12. Am I worried about it? From the view of being worried about actually contracting the virus, absolutely not. The number of people contracting it on cruise ships is extremely low, and for most people, it's not going to kill you anyway. If I had immune system issues, or were elderly, or had very young children, I would probably be more concerned. As a relatively fit and healthy adult, at worst I would be ill for a while. From the view of it impacting on my cruise, maybe mildly concerned. Our cruise is in 25 days. It is from Sydney, Australia to New Zealand on Radiance. The ship has not been to any countries of concern for at least a month, as the stop in Bali last week was cancelled. Australia and New Zealand don't have major concerns about the virus. Worst case scenario, we sail and are denied disembarkation at NZ ports, so we have an 11 night sightseeing cruise (with a beverage package). Not what we paid for, but still a cruise and a lot of fun. If we were cruising in some other parts of the world, my concern would definitely be higher, especially if this is declared as a "pandemic", which would mean travel insurance cover is null and void if the cruise is cancelled.
  13. I agree. Radiance isn't the type of ship they would put waterslides etc on. Maybe some changes to bars or dining options, but otherwise pretty much a routine maintenance.
  14. Ahhh.... that does sound interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out for it on our next cruise. Cheers
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