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  1. Couldn't agree more! Quickly becoming my favourite ships!
  2. Unfortunately you are getting people who were annoyed about not being able to sail in the eye of a hurricane and get tossed all over the ship, putting everyone's safety at risk. It's much easier to just trash the cruise. :eek: The Breakaway is awesome, we are on in just over 5 weeks and can't wait!
  3. Ricardo Mock was the SL concierge on Anthem last week. Not sure for how long.
  4. Love your review, reminds me of the old days on the Song of Norway . . . Do you know if there is a 24hr coffee station, or at least an early AM coffee available? We're on at the end of October and really looking forward to it.
  5. Yes, the first sea day out and the last. It was restricted to certain times and posted in the Compass. This was due to the weather, it was too cool for them to use the main pool, so they were allowed to use the solarium for a few hours. I will say, Security was excellent at enforcing the times, as the noise level in there was unbelievable during those times.
  6. Email the concierge and request a cabana - the experience on Barefoot is better IMHO - better buffet, nicer beach.
  7. If the above compasses are any indication of what's in store next week, the entertainment looks a little lame.:( Dan, the prices are still $30 Chops, $25 Giovannis. The one disappointment we had with Chops last month - they offer fewer sides and fewer apps than in the past. What we did have was excellent though.
  8. It's only the "Chef's Suggestion" on the side that is shown as 3 course. You can order 4 or 5 if you wish.
  9. I booked my niece with her little one (under 2) in a 2 person cabin and RCI will provide a pack n play.
  10. It depends when you booked your cruise . . . I went through all my reservations and added pre-pay grats, some were different rates. The rep told me the rate is when you booked the cruise, not today's rate. In some cases, my grats were the same as the USD (I book a long way out!) Call and ask them what the amount would be.
  11. I see on the spreadsheet that Mario is the concierge in both the DL and CL? Anyone have updated info for Serenade. We sail Jan 25th, looks like Mario will be gone by then.
  12. Tried IE, Chrome, just now, No courtesy hold available. Tried logged in vs not as well, didn't matter That's annoying
  13. Try faxing this form the old school way TA_TransferForm.pdf
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