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  1. I get you don't like the smell. But life is not perfect or all about you. Its legal. And its about compromise
  2. That means 15% of the pool area should be for smokers. What you don't realize is many smokers want a lounge chair but can't have one because its been taken from them. they can't hang at the pool. They can't supervise their kids. When kids are splashing around in hot tubs etc and unsupervised this is why. Many smokers also do not smoke indoors, they want to smoke outside, not in a closed room of smoke. The bliss put a door on the smoking in the casino and it was way more smoky in the casino then when it was just open. Until smoking is illegal, its not right to d
  3. a smoker would love that lounge chair you don't want. why not let them have it? instead of discriminate against them because you don't like their perfectly legal recreational activity
  4. Sounds like if they got rid of the box and just made that area a smoking area it would work fine. They should do that. I don't think a non-smoker is entitled to a lounge chair more so than a smoker. And I was on the sold out bliss and while the open chairs were not always next to the pool, there were always open chairs. You just feel its prime real estate and that you should be more entitled to it
  5. Also - they kept trying to kick people out of Spice H20 on the bliss for formal private events. That was funny to watch because the smokers would not leave or stay out as requested and its a bunch of people smoking and a mess from the sun who refuse to leave and people dressed in gowns and stuff who paid for an expensive party
  6. I guess I don't get why so many non-smokers feel entitled. I am a non smoker. But smoking is legal. I don't think it is fair to smokers, like my boyfriend, at all. to have to go a million floors away to smoke a cigarette when its legal. I am not saying it should be ok to smoke everywhere, that's not fair, but neither is a non smoker pushing an agenda. - but I am saying there should be more options. We shouldn't have to budget 40 minutes into the day every time he wants a cigarette. On the getaway it was not bad, because they had an outdoor area on the main floor of the ship (maybe
  7. I don't get your point... don't sit on that side if you don't like it... you have the whole other side. Non-smokers who care can sit on the otherside. non smokers who don't care and smokers can sit on the otherside. I don't get what was wrong with that... Clearly the box was too small because more people want to smoke than NCL allowed for
  8. Smoking is legal. Just like drinking. I get people don't want to smell it next to them at the pool and stuff. But - Its open air. Smokers should get more space than what they had on the Bliss. - When half outside areas on the ship was smoking, all was fine in the world. PS Cigar smokers get a room in a prime spot on the ship to smoke. Why can't cigarette smokers have space in a prime spot too? Or Vapers? And if cigarette smokers can't smoke where the cigar smokers go, why can people smoke cigars with the cigarette smokers? They don't all like the smell of cigars
  9. Its so frustrating. I don't smoke. But my boyfriend does and I totally get it. They should have an area in a central spot on the ship. (They did on the Getaway in October) The Bliss was a nightmare for smokers. They threw private parties in Spice H20 and kept trying to kick the smokers out giving them no where. I felt bad for the private events because they paid a ton of money and were dressed to the 9s and we were looking like garbage. But that's NCLs fault. we weren't leaving. It also is not right that cigarette smokers can't smoke in the Cigar area, but cigar smokers can smoke i
  10. Its open bar - you don't need to select the free at sea promo
  11. On the 4 day Sun Bahamas and Florida it is included for everyone. Including Sail away. it is not considered a perk. The Perk is for patron, etc. The ship is all you can drink. I booked this yesterday and specifically asked the guy why the perk being offered to me was beverages if it already came with beverages. He said that's if I am a top shelf drinker. My other friends took a sail away as a result. They also confirmed they will get all you can drink even though they did not qualify for free at sea stuff and were told yes
  12. Doh! I just booked the Sun and I assume this applies there too. Ugh - I thought the Sun and Sky were the only two that still let smokers smoke on half the ship outside.
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