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  1. Can someone post the actual link? I didn't get my email this time. Thank you.
  2. It's nearly impossible to get tested here in the US today. Hopefully that changes soon. 😞
  3. It wasn't that loud and the boat is unique...you stand up in it and sit in a type of saddle. After the sculpture gardens, they took us up and down the coast to places the others didn't go. Met is right inside the mall when you step off the ship. Wonderful excursion....wonderful folks. Also, very informative. I want to go back to Grenada just to do this excursion again. The rest of our group that didn't go on it were sorry when they heard about it and see my GoPro movies.
  4. When I was in Grenada last year, I wanted to see the underwater sculpture garden but I didn't want to be gone all day. I found this excursions outside of Celebrity and it was honestly, one of the best excursions I've ever been on. The group worked with the artist when installing the statues, care deeply about the environment and have this incredible boat to take you there. The amount of folks you see on board is all the boat holds. It was fantastic! http://www.grenadaseafaris.com/underwatersculptures.html
  5. If you like Knob Creek, select Maker's Mark, which is on the premium package.
  6. Better late than never, but I really wanted to write a review for this company that provided an incredible day in Rome for me! For the first time in my life, I was going to Europe, taking a transatlantic cruise from Rome back to Ft. Lauderdale. The kicker…I was going by myself and I was flying out on October 30th, landing in Rome at around 8:30 am on the 31st. I was boarding the ship on November 1st so I would only have the 31st to take in the sights of Rome (a place I’ve wanted to visit since I was a little girl). I read everything I could online to try and decide how I would spend my tim
  7. You'll have a great time! I just posted pictures of my Cabin in the Edge thread. Have a wonderful cruise!
  8. Thanks for bringing that up. Yes, I was invited to the sail away from the Canary Islands and I don't know the type of shower head they had in the room, but I loved it! Yes, there are different options for pillows as well. The main reason I moved up was because there were no drawers in the single cabin, only cubby holes. I wanted some drawers and I didn't want to see the life boats 🙂
  9. I'll try and post some pictures later on of my cabin. I stayed in Rome the evening before and this cabin, and bathroom, was bigger than my hotel room in Rome!! I loved it. Also, I asked that first day if I could just have cheese/crackers instead of the daily canapes and my wonderful room steward, Gary, took care of it immediately. Regardless what others may say, when you're traveling alone you deserve to spoil yourself, which is why I upgraded 🙂.
  10. Like you, I was booked into a Single on the Edge Transatlantic crossing in November. Once I did a bit more research and saw how small the room (without drawers) would be, I elected to put in a Move-up bid to Concierge and was thrilled with the results. I went from the single to a C1 cabin on Deck 12, very close to the stairway. The bed was a true King-size bed. I loved the extra space, the location, etc. It was worth it to me for the extra space. Also, the singles are on Deck 6 and right at eye level are the lifeboats. On Deck 12, no such issue. I also bid the minimum and got it for th
  11. That's a false statement. We get it, you don't like the Edge. There were plenty of places to have a nice glass of wine.
  12. I just got off the Edge on the Transatlantic and didn't have a suite, and I loved it! Everyone I interacted with (also not in suites), loved it as well. I also had an IV and loved it too. You can't hardly judge from the small sample of people that post on CC. Also, I'm no spring chicken so I disagree that it's only for younger folks. Life, and cruises, are what you make of it. I choose to enjoy myself 🙂
  13. Such incredibly sad news! She seemed like such an upbeat, loving person. Sending strength to her loved ones and friends, of which I'm sure there were many. 😞
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