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  1. Excited to hear about your Sunset Veranda. We have a SV next week. Your pictures are beautiful and I love the way you are doing your review.
  2. Loving reading your "play by play." You mentioned about 1500 passengers or 40%. Have you heard if the the crew is at 100% yet? There are conflicting reports. Thanks and enjoy!
  3. Curious as to the pool hours, both the main pool and solarium pool.
  4. Does anyone know the name of the cruise director?
  5. I've sailed with Celebrity several times but have never purchased a multi-night dinner package. When you purchase the package prior to cruising, are you able to pick the dates and times for your dining before boarding? And can you also dine twice at a specialty restaurant when you have the package? Thanks for your help! Heather
  6. Hi Joe! Hubby and I have "your" exact cabin on the July 24th sailing. So happy to hear that noise from Eden was not an issue. So excited about the aft cabin! Thanks for the information. Heather
  7. The minimums quoted, is that what you pay in addition to what you have already paid?
  8. Will it be easier to start-up cruising overseas? MSC is already doing some sailings in Europe and I am hopeful for Greek Island cruise on the Apex in September. Do the CDC guidelines only effect cruising that departs from US ports?
  9. It referenced our September 18th, 2021 cruise on the Apex in Europe.
  10. Did anyone receive an email from Celebrity thanking them for "keeping Celebrity cruises in their future travel plans?" I just received this email this morning for my September 18th sailing of the Apex in Europe. I'm just curious if this went out to everyone with a booking. -Heather
  11. If you boo'k your flight with Celebrity does that include airport to port transfers? Also, do the flight charges include bags or is that charged separately? Can't wait to sail again! Heather
  12. Does anyone know if Captain Kate will be returning the Edge after her break? Hope to be cruising with her on September 7th our of Rome.
  13. What was your cabin number? We have 8314 in September and heard it may be a little bigger because it is dead center. How did you get a coveted lounge chair for your balcony?
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