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  1. The Studio lounge had declicious cookies (as well as some pound cake) on the Getaway Jan 12th. I picked some up every evening.
  2. NCL might be more expensive but at least one other line I know of (Cunard) if you want a drink that costs above their allowable limit (in NCL it is a $15 drink) you cant use the drink package at all, if you want that drink you have to pay 100% of the price of that drink (ie. $18 drink). I never bothered to find out how many drinks they had that were under the limit. With NCL, any drink I would want is $15 or less. And if I wanted one that costs $18 I would have to pay $3 for it.
  3. Yes, unless you ask them to be removed you will pay them even if you dont drink one alcoholic drink
  4. You can book "FAS" and have the drinks package (which is really the gratuity charge) removed. I did it once, easy. At the end of the first day I questioned my decision and went to Guest Services and had it added back on. Also easy. I've also had specialty dining removed (which are the gratuities removed) The gratuities for the specialty dining are not much to worry about.
  5. You shouldnt have been "mislead" but you have a right to be disappointed. So in the end the question is do I think it is worth it or not. If another liner offers a 100% "free" drinks package go for it. I cant comment on that because I only have experience with one other line and in my opinion, NCL is a much better deal
  6. my thinking is that if you dont drink quite enough (but almost) to make the package worthwhile, it is still worthwhile to me. It is just easier. But I wouldnt do it for that reason alone if I thought I might only drink 3 drinks on the entire cruise. It has to be close and then I dont worry about it.
  7. I cant find the answer I just wrote to you so I will just do a new one. With the Cunard package, at least this was the case in 2013, if the drink you wanted was over the limit (let's use $15 for example, like NCL) you had to pay the *entire* cost of the drink. On NCL you only pay the difference. Note that I said that's how it was on Cunard in 2013 but that's not that long ago.
  8. I see you've traveled on Cunard but not as recently as I have (2013) I forget exactly how they do it because I didnt drink then. I think you buy the drink package but you are *expected* to tip, or else its all included together, I cant remember. But they're not giving out free drinks either.
  9. as long as you dont have luggage the footbridge is fine if someone preferred that for some reason. Maybe they should warn people before starting out on it that there is no ramp on the other side. There is a sign with a number to call for access at the Intrepid museum building. It doesnt actually say "footbridge to the Intrepid ship" (if it does, I missed) so it would be nice for someone to know that there is no ramp on the other side. The staircase is fine if you have no luggage and for some people, it might be okay with luggage but I wasnt going to take a chance
  10. No, I will sail again but right now I could use the money. Remember, I fell for that special deal and bought 8 CruiseNext certificates. I might hold on to the CruiseFirst if its only one I have. If I have 2 I might try to get rid of one.
  11. That's very interesting. Our local airport is an international airport but small and only ticketed passengers are allowed past a certain point.
  12. Doesnt the lights still change at 46th street regardless of whether there are passengers crossing or do you mean passengers crossing against the light. I crossed at the footbridge and there was a cop at that crossing. At least I think it was 46th st. I know I came off the footbridge, walked down to 12th ave and waited till I got the green light to cross. There was a cop right there screaming directions at the cars coming out of the pier. I made a dry run the day before (I didnt notice how the footbridge didnt have a ramp on the water side since I didnt have a suitcase on the dry run) and like you said, no cop that day and also no ship. The day of the sailing was obvious. Lots of people and activity
  13. What are some other ways of selling these certificates besides E-Bay?
  14. I know! It wasnt scary at all. But it could have been. It has a great crosswalk and lights. So what is the purpose of the footbridge?
  15. It is my understanding that there is no corkage fee People with the FAS drinks package can bring wine onboard with them. I thought it can only be drank in the cabin (or pay a corkage fee) but I was wrong. In 2013 anyone could bring wine on board a Cunard liner (you didnt need the drinks package) and if you drank it in your cabin there was no corkage fee. If you chose to drink it at dinner in the dining room there was a corkage fee. That was the source of my confusion since I havent brought wine onto an NCL liner. Like you say, you can get drinks anywhere on the ship, so save the wine you brought on with you for the cabin.
  16. I'm realize there are situations that deviate from the protocols in place but generally speaking, for people without extenuating circumstances, no one but a passenger with a boarding pass gets past security now.
  17. Now I will be watching people and their trays to see how many waste food. I rarely do. What about in the MDR? I am a solo traveler and they put baskets of rolls on my table. I usually one. They must dump the others.
  18. and it isnt even very hard, at least not for females. I agree that packing suits must be a pain.
  19. I think I remember watching something before I left home. I dont remember going anywhere to have my card scanned Maybe they did when I wasnt aware. Sure dont think I learned anything When I sailed in 1966 the muster drills were out on deck lol
  20. I have been on 3 NCL liners, including the Joy and the Encore, and have never heard of this? Soon to go on the Bliss to Alaska and a person new to cruising asked me about the White Party she heard about. I was clueless. But anything comparing it to Carnival might have caused me to ignore it.
  21. Some people might think that crossing 12 th ave would be scary and or dangerous. It wasnt. The footbridge, in my opinion, was not worth the effort. That's why I wrote to not bother with it.
  22. You mention the muster drill. I know what it is meant for but.... On the Joy we went to an auditorium and I think there someone demonstrating on the stage. On the Encore and Getaway I was not aware of any muster drill. I was told my number, or area of whatever they called it but I never had to go anywhere to do anything about it. I do remember what I think you saying would be difficult. On a Cunard liner in 2013, masses of people had to crowd into an area and listen. UGH.
  23. and you *would* see your hairy legs with a kilt on (and I would love to see the men wearing kilts)
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