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  1. Steve, the reason that came up was because I had found the article that I attached on "fit to travel" and it doesnt seem accurate at all. I thought maybe it was a similar situation where it was old information that must hadnt been updated. Did you see what I attached to Geezer's ? seems completely wrong about the purpose of the pre-existing condition waiver ?
  2. that's my thinking as well. Except I get hung up on Pre-existing conditions coverage
  3. this is complicated and I'm sure the others here can offer much better advice. I just wanted to say that I was also diagnosed in a similar way with a "lung nodule" by having a test for a completely different reason. Although it is not malignant (actually turned out to be one of many nodules that showed when a more appropriate test was done) it turned into one of my pre-existing conditions that I suppose could act up at any point in time. Right now they say treatment is not necessary. Good luck with your situation!
  4. I agree with other comments that it depends on the policy, there are not general rules. But... since I am also one who likes to know how the moving parts work- I'll give it a go. From my research I have learned that what we would think a pre-existing condition might be is different where travel insurance is concerned. Insurers have what is called a "look back period" which differs by insurer but some are 60 days. You can have a medical condition- your example of hypertension is a good one- that might be completely stable for years, no changes in meds, no changes during the look back period. Travel insurance would not consider that as a "pre-existing condition". And it would be really hard, I would think (keeping in mind I'm not a doctor or a travel insurance agent) to say definitely that a heart attack was caused by your chronic hypertension, especially if it has been stable for a long time. I have read this in the various sources I have found. Maybe if you had changes in meds recently, or your doctor told you that you need to reduce salt or otherwise change your diet (this would be a change of advice) and then you have a heart attack....it gets murky. People have heart attacks who dont have hypertension or even high cholesterol. I have learned that its a good idea to consult someone who knows insurance, like you might consult a financial advisor or a travel agent. In order to ask questions though you need to have questions to ask and I get that by researching and reading the forum.
  5. Did you call Allianz and ask them? Because that doesnt sound right. Wait a minute- I considered multi trip (annual) policy. Is a pre-existing condition an exclusion? I seem to recall there was something different about annual policies but I didnt stick with it too long because I am over 70 yrs old and if you are that old 100,000 medical expense coverage is the upper limit and I want more than that. The TripInsuranceStore.com has quite a bit of info on their website. You could also check that out. I cant remember if they deal with Allianz but if they dont, they will tell you. And that would be good to know. Maybe someone who has had a multi trip/annual policy with them will respond but there isnt too much activity on here. I would just check the TripInsuranceStore. and go form there.
  6. One has to start somewhere and I decided to google "what does it mean to be fit to travel for trip insurance" and that snippet is what came up (part of a much longer article) Even before consulting the TripInsuranceStore you need to know what questions to ask. I am guessing this is old information that has never been revised. Just like Steve has the 10 day "look see" period for GeoBlue which isnt the case now. The TripInsuranceStore hasnt had the information revised yet (Steve told me that). I know what I have decided. 1) I will follow through with this insurance stuff with The Trip Insurance Store for my upcoming cruise 2) I will use up my certificates and go to back to my road trips in the US because this is starting to be not too much fun and 3) give up on these forums. Everyone has to start somewhere and there will be questions. By definition , forum means discussion.Maybe a better title would be Insurance Question and Answer. I dont know, I'm just frustrated.
  7. No, it doesnt matter for the type of policy you get because you always get a pre-existing condition waiver. I understand that. I just dont hear a lot of discussion like this on the forums. I do hear some.
  8. But the snippet I attached is talking about obtaining a pre-existing condition waiver. Your doctor needs to agree you are fit to travel *and* that there have been no changes during the look back period. I was under the impression that the waiver eliminates considering the look back period as long as your doctor agrees you are fit to travel on the say you purchase the policy. Maybe this is old information as is often the case on the Internet. I dont know why this is printed in bold but I like it.
  9. GC, who are you responding to? It looks like the other person but some of your response looks like it fits my concerns. I am going to call the Store tomorrow because they have not responded to my email inquiry. And being that it is Friday and my "sensitive period" is almost over its too late to consult my doctor, after i figure out which one. I can see that this would not nearly be the probem it is for me if the letter from the doctor is obtained first and *then* one starts looking at cruises.
  10. I now get it that *this* is something that needs to be done *before* you start booking cruises. I think I'm going to use up my cruise certificates and then quit cruising and go back to my road expeditions in the US. This is killing the fun. I have 3 doctors involved in 1 pre-existing condition. Just deciding on one of them is giving me anxiety. Yet many many people have pre-existing conditions, especially when they are older, and I dont hear a lot of talk about this, not even on forums. some yes
  11. I just found this on the internet, put out by insurance people. Either I'm completely confused or this information is wrong. I thought that a pre-existing condition waiver *eliminated * the look back period (6 months or more depending on the insurer) I will attach it and you can read it , please tell me what you think it means.
  12. Added: I just re-read GeoBlue's Voyager CHoice plan. It make no mention of pre-existing conditions other than they are covered like any other situation and I think this is because GeoBlue Voyager Choice is a *secondary* payer. I think. I will be making a couple of calls tomorrow. I made an inquiry to the TripInsuranceStore on their website 2 days ago and no response yet. You know, all of this is taking the fun out of cruising for me.
  13. The way you put it sounds clear. Okay, I'll take my chances this time as its getting too close to the deadline for the "sensitive time" period. I'd go with a policy with trip cancelllation and medical expenses and not worry and it would still cover everything unless the pre-existing condition were involved *except* that when medical is included in the policy, then you'd better follow all the rules for pre-existing conditions if you expect coverage of medical expenses. Sure, you're medical expense might not have anything to do with your pre-existing condition but I wouldnt want to have to depend on that. I was under the impression that GeoBlue didnt require this "fit to travel" but I could be wrong. I will definitely look into that.
  14. That's helpful information. Picture this scenario: You have several pre-existing conditions going on at all times. Often have advice, change of treatments, change in meds so chances are good it could happen in the look back period, or maybe not. I think I'm able to travel now. (when I am considering buying the insurance) I cant see calling up my doctor and asking him. In the situation you describe I can. I'm probably over thinking it. I think I'm just going to take the chance I wont have a big change (none of this ever keeps me from working, or traveling in the past before I ever thought of travel insurance) but the potential is there. or there wont be a blizzard or NCL wont cancel the cruise. I do have medical, I know that's very important but all this jumping through hoops is tiring. If this was July I'd be worrying a lot less. I also dont have expensive flights or hotels. So I would lose about $1200
  15. I have read the TripInsuranceStore.com website , lots of good information there. However.... reading about pre-existing conditions and the various ifs, ands, or buts- it is ridiculous.(that's the way it is, I dont mean the TripinsuranceStore is ridiculous) The part about you having to be "medically able to travel" on the day you purchase travel insurance. What exactly does that mean? Not in ICU? Not in surgery today? The info says your doctor must agree (in retrospect as there is no official form) that you are medically stable to travel on the day you purchase the insurance (when you are being treated for a condition that will be considered "pre-existing".) So, are you supposed to get his approval? And what if he says "sure". Is he going to remember that when the insurance company comes inquiring if I was medically stable.? And the insurance company always believes the doctor. Even when he's wrong? (he cant remember saying sure) I can sort of understand this if you have a date for surgery before the cruise but just seeing a doctor for ongoing treatment for a condition that will be labeled pre-existing by the insurance company? No activity restrictions have been given. I'm supposed to ask him if he approves a cruise for me in 6 weeks? I dont see how he could answer that accurately, I've heard people say they dont bother with trip cancellation insurance and self insure. or Medical is the really important part and they'll just eat the loss of the trip. Well, that really depends on your individual situation but for a single traveler on a cheap cruise, (under $1000) I think I'm just going to take a chance and go with GeoBlue for medical. The only real fear I have is travel in January (my cruise) can by iffy with the weather. Otherwise, I think I'll take my chances Maybe I'll take out insurance with the airline for that part. Unless someone can give me a good explanation of what all of this pre-existing condition stuff really means. I have sent in a inquiry by email to the TripInsuranceStore but havent received a response yet. Yes, this is exasperating. I am fully aware of the health care field so am able to recognize the "medically stable" question as having a "maybe" as the answer
  16. I dont know what happened here. Looks like one response piggybacked onto another post. UGH
  17. I think if you use a Cruise First/Next certificate when you make your booking it serves as a deposit so you date of "first Payment" would be that day your first booked the cruise. Definitely worth checking. I think I saw *somewhere* considering the pre-existing conditions requirements one requirement was that the date of first payment has to be the first booking for that cruise. This may sound confusing but here's what I did that made this concerning to me: I booked a cruise using 2 CruiseNEXT certificates. Then when a cancellation for another cruise I had came through the CruiseFIRST certificate I had used on it was returned after a few days. So I had to cancel the first booking in other to use the CruiseFIRST certificate (instead of the CruiseNext) which changes "first date of payment". I plan to use the date I first booked the cruise using the CruiseNEXT certificates. (which is about a week before the rebooking of the cruise to use CruiseFIRST certificate) I cant remember why I wanted to juggle these certificates- I know there was a valid reason but I cant remember what it was. I have consulted an insurance broker by email and have not had a response yet.
  18. The Sylvania often sailed out of NYC also. I was on her in August 1966 and we left from NYC (where Manhattan Cruise Terminal is now, I think. At least that area ) to Southampton.
  19. Cunarders that were operating in 1966. The Sylvania, one of the smaller ships of the line, and the original Queen Mary. The first has been scrapped and although the Queen still exists in California much of the original design has been demolished. I had a hard time finding deck C and the dining room that went along with a cabin on that level on a visit to the QM. Then someone explained to me that much of tourist class had been turned into storage areas. The areas you see on the QM in Long Beach were once first class.
  20. My question is, if I book say 6 cruises through 2025 I need to purchase travel insurance for each one within 16-20 days of booking each one ( In order to waive the pre-existing condition clause) and for most insurance plans it is nonrefundable after 10 days. Some people might have a problem risking that amount of money since even though the cruise may still be refundable the cost for insurance isnt (unless its geoblue) after the 10 day free look period. I guess those people have to book fewer cruises that far in the future and also not mind risking losing the money. This is all becauses of the pre-existing clause and trying to waive it. Maybe anyone who is able to book multiple cruises at a time doesnt have a problem losing money on the insurance should they have to cancel the cruises
  21. I would like to add if its anything like regular health insurance there is the "coordination of benefits" factor involved. Sometimes a second policy will only pay up to the amount it would have covered if it had been the first (Primary) policy. I'm old enough to remember the old time practices of health insurance. I remember if you had a medical expense and two insurance policies (i.e. you and your spouse are both covered through each of your employers, very often the case decades ago) You could submit the bill to the first insurance and then the second would pay what the first did not. That stopped with "coordination of benefits" ( for most insurances, as far as I am aware, I am not an insurance expert)
  22. But isnt it the point of this forum to ask questions? That doesnt mean I'm going to make life altering decisions based on the answers I receive here but I thought the forum was here to ask questions of people who have "been there, done that" What is an easy question to some might be impossible for someone else to answer. The person asking the question should realize this that not everyone will have an answer, but some might. Unfortunately it is the nature of insurance not to have it spelled out explicity. Which is a selling point for a broker. You did clear up several parts of my question when you said insurance was from when you walk out the door to when you walk back in (providing you supply those dates when you apply) and you are right, it sounds like cruise only insurance might only cover the cruise (I dont know for sure as I have never looked at "cruise only") I'm just wondering if a cruise happening just after you walk out the door (of your home) is in a different payment category than a cruise in the middle of the dates you supplied when applying. *That part* might be overthinking it , or a question for someone like a broker, but again, ask, but you might not get an answer
  23. I had studied GeoBlue's website and since it is basically medical coverage (no trip cancellation) I was under the impression that a refund was possible at any point as long as you hadnt started on the trip or made any claims. Looking at the TripInsuranceStore.com website the chart states that Geo Blue has a 10 day guaranteed refund. So now I'm confused.
  24. I have done a lot of reading to avoid asking repetitive questions. I am still baffled. If your trip is straight forward like "I am going on a cruise on 3/24 for 7 days" I have no problem understanding that the cruise would end 7 days later, 3/31. But what about the following scenario: You're still going on this cruise on 3/24. But you've decided to leave 4 days early and go to NYC where you will book a hotel for a couple of nights, then take a plane to your port of embarkation, get on the cruise. 7 days later you disembark and continue your vacation sightseeing in NYC again. More hotels. (let's assume they are nonrefundable) More nonrefundable expenses In this second scenario would the first day of your trip be 3/20? And would expenses that came from the cruise being delayed fall under "trip delay?" Or if you became ill in the 4 days before embarking would that be trip cancellation? I'm confused about the "starting day" of a trip and what the cruise is categorized as since its in the middle of your trip?
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