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  1. I had forgotten that. The best? Well, my memory isn't that good. But, Howard Johnson's did have some "good stuff". When the brand morphed into motels: well, that's another story that isn't so positive in my memory.
  2. If crew and guests are not 100% vaccinated and I must wear a mask in public areas, then my days of cruising are surely over. For the near future, at least.
  3. No, No. The really good persons are out there. In order to employ them, the compensation for their services must be provided and the proper, educational programming prescribed for the cruise from HQ is required.
  4. Well stated. I have never had a travel agent that was incompetent. But, I have had a doctor--a "specialist" at that--who was a quack. I also had a urologist who demonstrated his incompetence when he removed a catheter that resulted in the tube spraying urine around the room. Why didn't I file a lawsuit? I know wonder.
  5. A strategy with which I disagree. But, with a scarcity of vaccine..what else might be done. This contrasts with a visit to the CVS store this afternoon where I received both of my Pfizer vaccine doses. No waiting; a woman entered the store and went to the check-in desk as I entered. Two technicians waiting for patients. When I left the store after a few minutes, no one was waiting for a vaccination. There's something wrong with this scenario.
  6. If the ship's leadership is at the top of their game and they are truly guest friendly in their perspectives and attiudes, the crew will "pick up" on that. The crew's service will reflect what non-verbal messages that the crew receives from the leadership.
  7. 2008 on this date, the Amsterdam was docked at Gibraltar. Having visited this port previously, no tour was needed. I spent a delightful day walking through the town with friends and meeting fellow shipmates. That late afternoon and evening was bittersweet, however. There were some whom I met that would disembark the ship the next day in Lisbon. My journal reminds me that the MDR menu had a "British" slant. Fish and Chips, Trifle were items that were available. Appropriate, I thought, as we departed a British related port.
  8. Having studied Latin during my 4 years of high school and being a member of our Latin Club, Pompeii has been on my bucket list for decades.
  9. Meanwhile, the deposits and amounts paid provide some cash flow for a Company that needs it.
  10. The conditions in Ontario sound grim. The lack of manufacturer's in Canada that could produce the vaccine may be your country's main issue.
  11. And that Bill will go into the hopper and never see the light of day again. Probably good PR for the 3 Senators whose name is on it. Did you notice that the name of Alaska's Senior Senator is not attached to this Bill? Experience may cause some to know that "tilting at windmills" yields little.
  12. I wondered what was going on. She was in port for much longer than most of the vessels that come in to re-supply. One day, I saw a cherry picker at work at the stern and thought some painting or cleaning of some type was being done. Thank you for the information. Burt and Jack's: remember them? 9/11 killed them when the public could not freely enter the Port. Never tried Jackson's, but if I recall correctly, they went out of business pre-Covid. Enjoyed Chuck's; great salad bar! And, the steaks were good and reasonably priced.
  13. When Pier 66 was under the Philips Oil and Hyatt banners, Pier 66 was clearly, in my opinion, the better property of the two. Pier 66 changed management and then ownership. I don't plan to return.
  14. 3030 is closed? I did not know that. There was another restaurant in an annex building; don't recall its name. Is it open? I think it was adjacent to the pool bar.
  15. I enjoyed Fishlips at Port Canaveral. Didn't have lobster, but did have their Shrimp basket.
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