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  1. What are the odds that I would be successful in booking a Kenai Fjords Tour once I am in Alaska during the July 21st-July 31st time frame? Due to a recent change of my travel plans, my time ashore, other than a 3 day trip to Denali which is still on, has changed. Kenai Fjords is an area in addition to Denali that I would like to visit. I am just not sure that I can safely book a tour too far in advance. Opinions/experiences on making such short bookings are appreciated. Thank you.
  2. ?? Who takes cash with them for a spa appointment?
  3. My understanding is that the thermal area of the spa contains only the Thermal Beds. Correct? Thanks for posting the Spa Message Menu. The Bali Head Message sounds wonderful. Maybe followed by a hair-cut; may need one by that time.
  4. I have the cirque show/dinner "booked" as part of a promo with my reservation. As a YC guest, I don't want the dinner. I'd prefer the show/cocktail option and will attempt to get that once on the ship. If not, I won't attend this "freebie". I am not a fan of Cirque shows anyway.
  5. Based upon your other posts about "Storylines Cruise Lines" and the "senior condos", I think it's too risky making a firm booking on Grand Classica very far in advance. Maybe, if I decide I want another short cruise before I return home from my Volendam and MSC Meraviglia cruises, I need to book a "shortie" offered by Carnival or RCL.
  6. That ship is the old Marco Polo which is decades old. She is a former Russian ship, the Aleksandr Puskin built for the Baltic Shipping Comnpany.
  7. A second to this poster's comment!
  8. Your question is a good one. I had not thought of that. Regardless, I find the menus posted this year for Coral Princess more interesting than those posted for this year's Northbound cruise on the Westerdam which I have booked. For Coral Princess, based upon what I have read, why book Bayou Cafe or Sabitini's?
  9. Very much appreciated for this information, Chief! When the Mardi Gras enters service, I will be much more comfortable in booking her, God willing, if I am able to do so.
  10. Thanks for your reply, Chief. Your reply mostly reassures me. However, what might be the result if the cryogenics on a ship fail? I'd assume a back-up system would be available.
  11. I am NOT upset. Others, including you, have misinterpreted the reason why I made my original post. The CC Forums are designed, as I understand their purpose, to share experiences and information of those who choose to post. I made my original post to share my experience with this insurance claim. My intent was nothing more.
  12. There was a significant difference in the price between the two companies of exactly the same type of policy.
  13. GeezerCouple, I appreciated reading your reaction to my post. Thank you for making the effort of informing me of your thoughts. In your situation the Store through which you purchased your mentioned policy assisted you. I purchased my policy through my travel agent and her Company's insurance employee helped getting my claim resolved. Unfortunately, I have had to make much more substantial claims on my travel insurance policies purchased in the past with another Company than this one. I was made whole on all of those claims. What I found most objectionable with Travel Insured was the lengthy list of "requirements" that had to be met in order for the claim to be processed. That was not my previous experiences with the other Company. Yes, certain documents needed to be submitted, but those requirements were not as intimidating to a possible claimant as Travel Insured's requirements were. Just my opinion, to which you will probably disagree, the requirements that TI listed are designed to discourage small claim filers such as me from filing a claim.
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