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  1. But, I would have to "pay" for such excitement in order to participate. Why would I choose to so so?
  2. Interesting to me on this thread are about the opinions of Rum and Coke vs. Rum and Pepsi (in whatever configurations). Rum and whatever cola has never appealed to me after such as #1. Give me a CC-7 or a quality New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc , i.e, Villa Maria or The Crossroads.
  3. It has taken 22 hours for this CD's name to "pop up" in my brain, but the CD was Gary Walker. The "Voice from the Bridge" announcements around Noon on sea days that included the participation of Mr. Walker with Captain Jonathan Peter Harris often were more humorous (while being very informative as well) than some of the comedians hired to be "entertaining".
  4. Even the IC's "regular coffee" along with one of the delicious pastries was enough for me when I wanted a light breakfast. Cost? No $$!
  5. My stateroom on MSC Meraviglia is on Deck 15. There were no staterooms available on Deck 16 when I booked. I believe I will be pleased with my location. Certainly would not have booked a stateroom--even in YC--under the Pool Deck!
  6. The reduction of cruise staff members that actively interacted with guests has been a noticeable reduction in my guest experience. New employment positions in the Entertainment Department seem to have been created instead. Event coordinator, as an example. If a Cruise Director had sufficient staff to handle the required guest oriented activities, such "events" now handled by whomever holds that position could be properly arranged by a Cruise Director. They were in the past. My positive memories of cruises in the past include the active participation in my cruise experience by Cruise Directors such as Susan Wood, Gene Young, the CD on the maiden Volendam's Asia Pacific Cruise in 2002 whose name escapes me at this moment as well as others including those cruises that were on Rotterdam V.
  7. How did you find out about such an offer? Living where you do, taking advantage of such offers is significantly easier than doing so where I live. Queen Mary 2, etc., won't ever be docking in the Miami River in Dayton, Ohio.
  8. This is what I try to do particularly with crew such as my Cabin Steward or the bartenders/stewards at a lounge that I frequently patronize. I'll ask about their families, the length of their contract, what ships on which they have served, areas of the world that they have visited (and if they have any suggestions for this tourist in a particular area that our cruise will be visiting), but never about how they like their job, their working conditions (sometimes one can "pick up" on their opinions by watching their non-verbal behavior when a Supervisor hands out the next day's schedule), or how much they make. It's none of my business. Usually, the crew member is interested in sharing information and particularly enjoy talking about their families! If I have sailed with a crew member before (they more often will recognize me before I do them), our conversation proceeds to a different level. More recently, I find it significantly more difficult to have conversations with my dining room team than once was. Needing to supply the expected level of service required, they simply don't have the time to carry on much of a conversation. Lido Restaurant stewards, on the other hand, particularly if you patronize their section of the restaurant frequently, do seem to have the few minutes needed for a brief conversation when its not a "prime dining time".
  9. Re: Luggage Tags My travel agent sent me printed documents that included luggage tags designated for YC. The agency also provided plastic luggage tags for me to try to apply to my luggage. Surely appreciate the above post as I will be driving to the Port and leaving my luggage before I find the appropriate parking garage.
  10. She's a nice ship with much art work that I found unusual. Be sure to patronize the NY Deli and Pizza station. Deli sandwiches and pizzas that I enjoyed. Sel de Mar is a winner as well for a fine dining experience.
  11. And, if the Captain doesn't, if they have a Q &A session with the Captain, remind him of the Port Everglades web site and the many who watch sailaways and always appreciate toots. I have been to some Q & A's and reminded one ship's Master of this "fact". He seemed to appreciate my comment.
  12. The reason could be for several reasons with none of them due to a problem with the thrusters. Example, a strong wind from the West could be "pinning" the ship to the side of the pier with a force that her thrusters would not be able to overcome. Thus, the Captain would request tug assistance to get off the dock.
  13. I will. Thanks for your reply. Thanks for your reply. Driving against the on-coming traffic is better than the reverse, particularly if I am in an area that I do not know well. What was terrifying for me on I-95 were the multi-lanes and driving at 50-60 mph while I was being passed by others and the sudden, rapid lane changes other drivers made putting their car what seemed to be inches from my front bumper. In my current car, I think my forward collision alert system and emergency braking would be activated. I am thinking that planning to use the original entrance to the Port of Miami off of US 1 is the proper route to take rather than trying to use the new tunnel. My destination is Terminal F for MSC Meraviglia. Your thoughts, please?
  14. Another appreciated thought, thank you. When I sailed Celebrity Eclipse a few years ago, there was a Cirque type performance that I really didn't enjoy that type of show. May just not attend if I can't make a change. Meraviglia's entertainment options are reportedly to be so plentiful with good showroom performances, there is no need to attend something that I may not enjoy.
  15. When sailing in a cold climate, i.e. around Glacier Bay or in Antarctic waters for scenic cruising, the Dutch Pea Soup is served on the open decks and in the Crow's Nest, usually. So good! Sometimes, the soup does appear on a MDR menu.
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