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  1. Yes! It is very interesting to me to learn how we, who live in different areas, like something as simple as a hot dog and baked beans. Autumn has arrived. It's time for another casserole of Baked Beans and Wieners as I like them, I think. (On this early Fall evening with temperatures expecting to drop into the upper 40's with rain, I wish I could prepare such a dinner!)
  2. Pabst seems so "yesterday" to me. The only "beer" that I have drunk since February, 2020 is an O'Doul's. If I had not been in my "bubble" and on a HAL cruise, I would have drunk an Amstel or a Heineken once in while. My beverage preference remains a quality New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at this point in my life. Admittedly, the interest in the microbreweries and the various IPAs has been interesting to watch their development. My community has a microbrewery that has developed a range of beers that are very popular. From what I have read. No interest on my part in trying them, however. I like my wine. I like an occasional CC/7. An after dinner drink of Amaretto di Sarrono or a Green Creme de Menthe on ice once in awhile reaches my tummy. I am going to drink what I like. Not whatever the "trend" seems to be at the time.
  3. Very true. But, what seems insignificant and of no value today, when such an item becomes hard to obtain (for whatever reason it is desired), one would be surprised what it would sell for. Have you explored any of the web sites of the dealers of maritime artifacts?
  4. It's difficult to be a contrarian investor at times. I have had some winners; I have had a disappointing looser. Like you, I still believe in the ability of two of the major cruise lines to survive the pandemic. #3? No money invested in that bet.
  5. Request Butler escort to wherever on the ship to want to go if you have not explored the ship. Once, one knows the way, such is not needed unless desired. Requesting Butler escort to the YC seating area on the Main Theater--through the mass of other guests waiting to get seats--is always a good idea. This was my experience as well. I am not used to having a Butler and such service available. I sailed thinking that I had learned much from my posts about such questions on CC and the answers that were graciously posted. There was still much for me to learn. I do think that the key person in the YC experience is the Concierge. I asked little of him, but, whatever I did--it was done. What really surprised me was the recognition of being a YC guest when I left the YC area. Bartenders made more generous drinks at other bars than I am sure that they did for non-YC guests. I made no special dining requests in the YC Restaurant. I did not feel the need. I enjoyed the menu offered (oh, the pastas!), the service, the ambiance, and the occasional surprise conversations with guests at table next to mine. That was a very different experience for me. Could have had a "free" specialty restaurant dinner and chose not to do so. I was pleased with what i was experiencing.
  6. There are people who cruise to 'whine and complain". The Lighthouse Show and the effects between the shows are so unique to MSC that those who have not experienced other private islands have no clue as to what they are able to experience at Ocean Cay. Thanks for excellent pictures!
  7. Not that I recall that Steak and Eggs are on the usual YC Restaurant menu. But, I do think that might be possible with a request to the Maitre d' before the morning that you would like to have that.
  8. This menu that you have posted is quite a good menu. There ought to be nothing for someone to quibble about those selections.
  9. "Change" is often unwelcome regardless of whatever job one has.
  10. Once a regular guest on long HAL cruises was an elderly lady whose nickname was Kissin' Annie. I understood that she would book two staterooms. One was for her. One was for her wardrobe. She always wore a different outfit (usually with a hat) each day. And, the outfits were dated. If one was a male, you were "fair game" to attract her attention--married or solo. I remember one evening I was sitting at the bar in the Crow's Nest when she made an appearance. My friends with whom I was sitting warned me: "Here she comes." I made myself seem as inconsequential as possible. She spotted another male before Annie got to me and he got to "enjoy" her attention.
  11. During a convention that I was attending in Chicago at the Conrad Hilton Hotel, I found myself in an elevator with Ernie Banks. It was one of those "did that really happen" moments when I got off the elevator. Not on a cruise, but on an Eastbound Empire Builder trip from Seattle to Chicago, I had dinner with a North Dakota oil field worker returning to his job after vacation. We discussed his experiences, his pluses, and his minuses in his job. Major plus was the money he was making; major minuses were the long days at work, the dirty and sometimes dangerous jobs he did, the time away from his family, and the loss of vacation time because of having to get from his home/to his work/and back home because of transportation requirements. Our conversation provided an education and appreciation for me about the work these men do.
  12. One of my delights of cruising is being able to witness the splendor of the heavens on those nights when the sky is clear. While a balcony cabin helps one to be able to do this, the best view is from a totally dark area topside on a ship. That area has become most difficult to find on modern cruise ships.
  13. I have met cruisers who do this. I have the same for some well worn socks that have had a "holy experience". Toss them into the trash!
  14. I have done this as well. And, in my experience, if one ask at the Front Desk, there are small boxes of detergent available at no cost. Some hotels even have dryer sheets.
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