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  1. Are you able to post that video? As you found, no problem with plenty of spots to park.
  2. I wish you a great experience. Your new adventure was what I experienced on Meraviglia. Choosing MSC was a good decision.
  3. MSC Meraviglia is just now departing from her berth heading for the turning basin.
  4. For whatever my experience sailing the Caribbean is worth, my most recent cruises in that region have had more days when King Neptune was upset than when all was well in his world. This has been going on for at least 3 years. My Volendam sailing from Fort Lauderdale in December: the first 2 days, it was rough. MSC Meraviglia, 2 of our 7 days sailing off the coast of Central America, it was rough. My last two years' visit to Fort Lauderdale/Miami prior to and between cruises: the weather has been cool/cold and windy. Climate change a reality? My opinion, as one who has a science background, yes!
  5. Posting such is not something that I can do. I saw the video as a short clip on one of the PTZtv webcams as a sidebar shot. Sorry. It's interesting that, even with stabilizers, the seas were that rough. I have friends currently on the Amsterdam's World Voyage, as the ship approaches French Polynesia, that they have had very rough seas as well. Rough enough that they chose not to attend an event in the Crow's Nest above the Bridge of the Amsterdam.
  6. Thanks for the thought. I had not considered that.
  7. Well stated! I think people are curious as to what really happens to that Hotel Service Charge that we pay. It's kind of like: what happens when I give an end of the cruise gratuity to the bartenders at the Ocean Bar. If I offer it to Bartender Y, does he pocket it? (Yes, I have seen that. And, no, I have seen it placed in an "area under the bar" or in a drawer across from the bar.) If the gratuity is shared, is it shared as well with the Stewards and Stewardesses who work in that Lounge? Think back to the days of yore when HAL was advertising "Gratuities not Required". How could one NOT offer a gratuity for service that exceeded one's expectations? Does one remember how appreciative those staff members were? (And, I would include today's Room Service Stewards in that thought. Most expect zero $ from what I have witnessed and usually show genuine appreciation for the $ that I offer them.) The bottom line for offering gratuities to service personnel is simple for me. If the person deserves it, offer it in whatever amount one feels is appropriate. But, even then, I also wonder: how much of my daily hotel service charge does that gentleman that irons my underwear really get? (Thanks, sir: my underwear gets better treatment on a cruise than it EVER does at home.)
  8. On a Holland America ship, one of the Dive-in Burgers or a Club Sandwich from Room Service. On a HAL Pinnacle Class ship, i.e. Nieuw Statendam, a sandwich or pizza from the New York Deli and Pizza. On a HAL ship, during Happy Hour, often warm and cold appetizers are served in the Lounges that have HH. Most are delicious; some are unusual, but still good. Usually.
  9. A very interesting post and I am glad that the OP did so and reading the responses. Thank you.
  10. I parked at Garage G which is the closest parking garage to Terminal F where MSC's ship dock. The garage shares its space with other ships docked aft of the MSC ship. On the day I was there (I was on Meraviglia), Explorer of the Seas was docked. There were plenty of spaces available for parking. The two bottom floors were either full or the spaces left too far from where the elevators were. I kept going up and found plenty of spaces near the elevator on the 3rd floor. (I think there are two more floors to the garage.) I have to say that leaving the Garage on the morning of disembarkation and getting on the proper street to get out of the Port of Miami was much easier than getting to the Garage after leaving luggage at Terminal F and then parking the car.
  11. This sailing at this time of Adventure of the Seas may be a first--at least, a first for a long time. How long has it been that any ship berthed at Pier 29 sailed while there were other ships that had not yet sailed?
  12. My issue is HAL's inconsistency of what one's cruise experience is from ship to ship. This "issue" has been one on which I, as well as others, have made comments for several years.
  13. I have two very good friends and former cruise mates on a couple of cruises aboard Nieuw Statendam. It's their first about her. I hope they have a great cruise and I look forward to their report when they return.
  14. It would be cheaper to buy a new car that has Park Assist available.
  15. I saw that video along with another one posted showing Grand Classica departing Nassau that was also "rock n' rollin'". Stabilizers would probably not be deployed in either situation. They are only effective at a certain speed. Entering or leaving a port, the ship would not have been at that speed, I don't think. I would like to have been a "fly on the wall" to hear what the Captain of each ship had to say to the guests/crew as a result of their experience!
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