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  1. Yes, so good. But, my "go to" preference is a glass of a quality New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc such as Villa Maria. That's what I will be drinking on Thanksgiving in place of my regular Sauvignon Blanc which is less expensive. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
  2. I have been fortunate to have been able to use travel agents from the very first one that I found that have been "good ones". I have used 5 different agencies with at least 7 different agents since 1970. A few were local; one was only by a Ma Bell connection; others were via Ma Bell and e-mail. I have never experienced a disappointing travel agent. Pricing provided; perks provided; attentiveness to communication by me; ability to resolve issues; the ability to provide suitable alternative arrangements as needed; availability to answer questions as I wish; receiving printed cruis
  3. And, what "CDC proofing" means today may change tomorrow.
  4. Having sailed on Coral Princess in 2019 from Whittier, the cruise terminal and the embarkation process is among the easiest that I have experienced at any port. There were no food facilities within the terminal building. Some are available in the town, but not near-by. Walking distance? Yes, I think. Maybe best to wait until one embarks the ship and head to the Lido for food. The bus trip was not unpleasant. It's scenic, particularly if this will be your visit to our 49th State.
  5. Thanks for posting this. That is an interesting photo. I note that the HAL logo has been removed from the funnels and the Holland America Line name is gone from the side of the superstructure. Good for my friends in the U.K., but sad for me to see.
  6. And, there is still room in your "tummy" for lunch or dinner? I am envious!
  7. Quite true. If some of the nations of the world don't get control of this virus, some countries may require proof of vaccination against the virus as an immigration mandate regardless of what a private (or semi-private) company wants to require.
  8. Thank you for posting that link. It does seem encouraging. Since the Olympics are still scheduled for 2021, I have wondered if they would occur.
  9. Your reasons are what attracted me to consider BPCL along with sailing on a ship and with a cruise line with which I had no experience. Last Winter, I had already booked and enjoyed 3 cruises and could have worked in a 4th en route from the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area to Sanford in order to take the Auto Train North. Now, I regret not having done so.
  10. None really impressed me, honestly. Very attractive; the offerings looked delicious. But, by the time I got my food, carried it to a table that I may have had trouble finding that had a seat for me, the food had cooled--still was tasty--but.... Just not the elegant dining that I prefer when I could dine at my regular table with my regular wait staff in the MDR. HAL on some cruises would offer a late night Chocolate/dessert major effort on the ship's covered mid-ship pool area. Those I enjoyed. But, oh, the work that the crew had to put into them. And, the waste that undoubt
  11. I look forward to sailing on this innovative ship. Good wishes that you will be able to do so!
  12. I went to my local favorite wine store and purchased all of the bottles of Villa Maria that they had in stock (just a case, only 6 bottles). This wine is my "special wine" and is what I will enjoy on Thanksgiving Day.
  13. 😁!!! In our own way, we are FAMILY! Happy Thanksgiving! Despite the events of 2020, all of us have memories of Thanksgivings of the past. Those help sustain me. I hope yours will as well.
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