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  1. rkacruiser

    Embarkation Menu...New or Old Menu?

    Old? New? I have not a clue as to the menu. My Ravioli entree was delicious! Just as I would expect from an Italian Galley.
  2. rkacruiser

    Royal getting into Buenos Aires late

    I thought Captain Draper was taking Royal Princess Around the Horn and to Los Angeles. Was Captain Nash at the helm when you left Fort Lauderdale?
  3. rkacruiser

    14 Day Alaska v. Alaska Cruise Tour

    I sailed on the Amsterdam a couple of years ago on her 14 day itinerary and really enjoyed the opportunity to see some new ports (Kodiak, Homer, Anchorage) that one does not usually visit. I have not done any cruise/land tour with any cruise line. After several visits to Alaska, including those to visit my Nephew and his family who live in Anchorage, I have yet to visit Denali. I am going again this Summer and this time, I'm getting to Denali. I hope.
  4. rkacruiser

    Nieuw Statendam

    Beverage cards? Are you referring to the $50-$100-$250 denomination cards that have been available in the past? On my 1/6/19-1/20/19 cruise on NS, they were not available. Beverage receipts are available if one asks for them. In discussing this "omission" with the Billboard's main bartender, he then started to print them when he served me.
  5. rkacruiser

    Dinner on 8:30PM Alaska Departure??

    Thank you! This might be a good evening for an early dinner so that I can watch sailaway from Whittier. I have assigned 2nd seating dinner usually.
  6. rkacruiser

    Dinner on 8:30PM Alaska Departure??

    Your comment raises the question in my mind as to when will Muster be on sailings from Whittier? I sail this Summer on Coral Princess.
  7. rkacruiser

    Anytime Dining on Princess????

    This was my experience on Royal Princess. If I did not call early in the morning, (the phone line opened at 8:00 A. M.), I was unable to get a reservation in any of the Anytime Dining Rooms that evening. (I called at 9:00 A.M. on New Year's Eve and there was nothing left. Getting a pager that evening, I had to wait 70 minutes (!) before it went off.) Anytime Dining is not for me!
  8. rkacruiser

    Misty Fjord Flight Tours Airlines

    When I did this tour, the plane may have been a larger plane than the companies seem to use now. My plane had 2 engines, but there were not any more people aboard than the one engine plane in which I flew 2 years. I recall that we were all able to get out of the plane and stand on the floats at the same time. This Misty Fjord experience is one of my most favorite tours that I have ever taken. Standing on those floats, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lake on which we landed and the silence: awesome!
  9. rkacruiser

    On Board Caribbean Princess Now 16 Feb

    And, your Captain's Circle status; no big deal, as you say. In fact, I found it to be interesting to see the "cruising experience" of those in the vicinity of my stateroom. Meeting these folks in the hallway provided a basis for some conversation beyond "Hi. how are ya?".
  10. Interesting to read what you just wrote because I was going to suggest that the problem might be the "night auditior". I had some missing on-board credit that was gifted to me when I sailed on the Prinsendam and the Front Desk staff, including one in a "blue suit", put the responsibility on this person. The proper credit did appear, but it took 3 trips to the Front Office to get it resolved.
  11. rkacruiser

    Holiday Cruises

    Boarding Royal Princess on December 29, 2018, the Christmas decorations were still up and remained so on January 5, 2019 when I left this beautiful ship. I was surprised that the crew left the decorations in place that long after New Year's Day.
  12. rkacruiser

    Nieuw Statendam

    When friends ask me why I enjoy cruising, my answer always includes something about viewing the beauty of the sunsets (and moon-rises) and the majesty of the night sky at sea.
  13. rkacruiser

    Being escorted aboard

    Fort Lauderdale embarking Royal Princess in December: Embarkation had begun when I checked in as a Platinum guest. Very much to my surprise, after checking me in, the gentleman doing so, grabbed my carry-on, and escorted me through a separate door that directly put me into the line of guests embarking. I thanked him most genuinely!
  14. rkacruiser

    Tuxedo Rental or Purchase?

    My JCP Tux jacket is styled somewhat differently than what is shown. But, looking at the prices: inflation has crept into the price. Jacket and pants, my 2008 cost was $99 plus tax and alterations.
  15. rkacruiser

    Nieuw Statendam

    Was this listed in the "When and Where" daily program?