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  1. I am a fan of Guava Juice as well. The larger HAL ships seem to stock in for breakfast in the Lido Restaurant. Ships like the Volendam, I have yet to find it. Cannot get it where I live, even working with a specialty grocer. Same thing with a delicious cheese that I enjoyed made in Tasmania. Speaking to the Manager about these items, one would have thought that I had recently arrived from the Star Trek's Enterprise.
  2. Thank you for replying to my post. Since this is Independence Day, your view ought to cause some reflection as to what the word "Independence" means in the 21st Century.
  3. It's not often when one finds Lyonnaise Potatoes on any restaurant's menu. Onboard, it seems even more rare, The hash brown potato triangles that are now served aboard the ships more often than not: wouldn't surprise me if they were prepared by the same company that provides such for McDonald's. They look the same; they taste the same; the consistency of the potato is the same.
  4. You had better believe it! You must not have followed the blogs of WCB that frequently show pillow gifts that are left in their stateroom when they return for the evening. Some are quite useful; some are not.
  5. Do you remember the old TV game show The $64,000 Question? That's where we are now. What's the answer to that question? Those shows were "rigged". But, the answers we will get from the cruise lines won't be, I am sure.
  6. I have experienced this twice, once as part of a tour group and once when I was on my own and there were few with me. One could almost feel the presence of our Heavenly Father in that Chapel. I attended an opera here after having a tour of the Opera House. The tour made me appreciate even more my "Evening at the Opera".
  7. Thanks to our good friends in Canada for wishes for our Independence Day. I appreciate it. "Happy"? No, I can't quite bring myself this year to add that to "Independence Day".
  8. There will be many world cruisers who will disagree with my post that follows, I suspect. During my Golden Anniversary World Cruise on the Amsterdam, I received enough pre-cruise and during the cruise gifts and kept them to fill two storage tubs full. I enjoyed getting them--at the time. But, what do I do with them? Some are absolutely lovely, useful--and have been used--some, one has to wonder why did we get that--with the most memorable in that category of a blank cruise journal which was the last gift we received! When I look at those two storage tubs, I wonder: how much of what I paid for my cruise was for "stuff" that now sits in storage tubs? I know I collected enough "stuff" during those 113 days that I had to buy a HAL bag from the ship's store to pack the stuff to get it home. (Maybe that's the idea? Increase shop sales?) I suspect that most of us who are able to take a world cruise or more have more than enough "stuff" already. Maybe when cruising--and specifically world cruising--begins again, someone in Seattle will take a look at this.
  9. I think it is a private company just as MSC is. "How deep the pockets" may be, I have no idea for either. But, I do think "they are deep".
  10. Why wouldn't they? If one sails to an area where vaccination for a specific disease is an issue, upon check-in at the pier, one has to show that Yellow Health Folder that shows you have been immunized. Don't have it? That person isn't cruising. No refund will be forthcoming, either.
  11. WatchHill's suggestions are good. I would add a visit to the Hemingway House as another poster recommended as well. A visit to the Southern White House might be interesting for you as well. President Truman was a frequent visitor and President Kennedy was there at least once. Attendance at Mallory Square's Sunset Celebration is a "happening" that you ought to consider.
  12. Good question and one that I have no answer for other than it may depend on the skill of the cook. I have more satisfaction when I order poached eggs in the MDR than in a Lido-type restaurant. The poached eggs are sometimes served with a "vinegar" aroma/or subtle taste. I think vinegar is added to the poaching water for some reason which I don't know. I would wish that Lyonnaise Potatoes would be available. I really like them and it is a dish that is difficult to find in any restaurant anymore.
  13. Would not be surprised if such happens. The United States has managed to develop in the age of STEM education a very significant ignorant part of our population that rejects what they should have learned.
  14. An interesting document to read except for Section 4.2 for Senior Citizens.
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