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  1. Is it appropriate for me to say that I think God has been finally successful in getting the message to his brain that he ought to trust what his God given intellect is telling him and not his "gut" as he makes decisions?
  2. Ah, someone else who knows a bit of ancient history. Your thinking mirrors mine. No MLB? No NFL? Even if such games occur, will a shortened season be enough for those fans? Personally, if social distancing needs to remain for many more months, having games played in an empty stadium of guests would be more satisfying than having no games at all. For the players, MLB wouldn't be too much of a problem. For the NFL, if it comes to that, social distancing for most positions would certainly be a problem.
  3. If the moderators do not have this comment removed, I will have some very pointed fingers pointed at those who keep wanting to cut taxes, cut the budget, smaller government is better. Such ideology has contributed to where the United States and the State of Ohio now finds itself. A comparable situation existed in 1941 after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and we were in an isolationist mode regardless of what FDR realized. Industries had to be suddenly mobilized to make war materials (circa 2020--ventilators, masks, etc.). History repeats itself. This time--I fear--it is going to bring its message to those of us who have been mostly isolated from such an invasion in the past.
  4. Expensive to raise money to be sure, but the fact that it was over subscribed, shouldn't that be a positive sign from those in the financial community? Am unsure what you are implying by your statement of "even if not with current shareholders". I infer a very negative connotation for this shareholder by your comment.
  5. Is it acceptable that I substitute Canadian Club for Crown Royal?
  6. Thank you for your post.😀 Days at sea do count, usually, for the Medallion program as well as for an invitation to the President's Club, I believe. For those guests who may want to quibble: do these unpaid sea days count or not. I doubt that very many, if any, on Zaandam or Rotterdam will want to pursue this question.
  7. Due in part to the ignorance of today's world's citizens about history, we are seeing a repeat of the issues of the S.S. St. Louis and her passengers during the 1930's.
  8. This was held on Dutch Night in the MDR. Rotterdam V, 1971: The event was held in the Club Room and the foyer outside of it. The decor theme was of Holland. Various games (don't recall what) were in the Club Room, music, I recall a small vehicle type of a music machine, kind of like a juke box on wheels, and Captain Lagaay was "out and about" and willing to have his picture taken with guests. It was festive. Since I had first sailed on Rotterdam one year earlier, this event stands out in my mind because it was not something that I experienced in 1970.
  9. No joke as you probably remember it. When it bit the dust, we suffered through another type of parade with a vegetable theme and galley staff beating pans, etc. I don't recall any special "last night at sea" dinner activity on my recent HAL cruises. If my Baked Alaska cannot be "flamed" at my table, I don't want it. It's current substitute is a poor substitute for the "real deal".
  10. A previous poster mentioned raising the topic of Dutch Night. Yes! Add to that the Dutch Fair that was held in a public room and foyer back in the '70's. And, the Royal Dutch Tea!
  11. It's been years since I heard a CD "beg" guests to please eat the potato salad. The implication that I got--which was designed to be humorous--was that the salad had been sailing for many cruises. That is still a frequent comment by the CD. I did as well and now, at least on HAL ships in the Lido Restaurant, it seems to have become extinct.
  12. I like your idea. And, with the size of the beach of Half Moon Cay and the island itself, social distancing would not be an issue.
  13. Google Love in Any Language. I don't know how to post. But, videos are there.
  14. This health and probably economic crisis we are experiencing will become a part of this generation's DNA. Those of my age were children during WWII. We know only what our grand-parents and are parents shared with us as to how it impacted them and our family. Remembering my lessons from them and with my faith, I am sure that the Sun will rise tomorrow and we will muddle through this crisis as best we can. Our educational system has done an extraordinarily poor job in educating recent generations about American and World History as well as Civics. As a retired educator, I am ashamed as to what has happened in that area of education. That lack of knowledge/understanding has contributed to the fear, the panic buying of toilet paper, etc. that too many of our citizens have.
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