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  1. There is a Category on CC under Cruise Discussion Topics. A thread has been created called "Great Cruise Moments". His memories and comments would be most appreciated if he would choose to do so.
  2. My first cruise was pre-Love Boat aboard Rotterdam V in 1970. Love Boat only whetted my appetite for more. Charo or not.
  3. Yes. There will be those willing to sail just as soon as it is possible for them to do so. Who can dispute that? I respect your opinion. As my Minister says at the end of each segment of her congregational prayer: "God of all Mercy, let it be so". The requirement of wearing a mask throughout a cruise will eliminate any possibility of me booking a cruise on any ship to anywhere.
  4. I am pleased to learn that the local establishments were busy. The Diamonds International, etc.--I could care less. I noticed Mr. Jones yacht was in town. I thought the Port of Juneau was closed to cruise ships and their guests. Is Mr. Jones, and whatever guests aboard there may have been, citizens of Alaska? I have seen other yachts with flags flying from their stern from other countries docked in Juneau. Why are they able to visit Juneau when cruisers are not able to do so?
  5. I did as well. The places I visited, the interaction with the citizens tempered by sights of those who had been severely injured by the military conflicts that this country has endured: in it's own way, it is a unique country and city to visit. A stand-out memory for me was the bus trip from Phnom Penh returning to the ship at Sinhaoukville. It was after sunset. Yet, even in this very poor country, I could see lights from TV screens periodically visible in the distance from our road.
  6. One would hope. Given the experience that HAL has in their Corporate Office from decades of long cruises and when, I am sure, not "all" worked to expectations, I would have expected a better response for you and your cruise mates. Or has all of that "expertise" been replaced due to retirement or whatever? The difference in the treatment of the Westerdam and the Amsterdam guests has yet to be explained. (And, it is an explanation that none of us--personally involved or not--will never receive, I expect.) That is to their credit, I think. That attitude is a quality that is rarely seen in our society today.
  7. So? What is your recommendation for dining inside a restaurant? With any degree of hopeful success of not contracting Covid-19 while I enjoy a bone-in Rib Eye Steak, medium rare, please.
  8. If so, for what purpose other than pushing their agenda? I have posted this elsewhere on CC, but I have little confidence that any input that, we, the people, make when any governmental body--Federal-State-or Local--"asks" for our input on anything really makes any difference. Decisions have been made and "laws/regulations" in effect "require" them to "request" the public's input before those decisions are executed. Decisions regarding when/if cruising resumes with the blessing of the CDC will be made within the CDC just as will a decision about whether to construct a roundabout at an intersection in Montgomery County, Ohio by the County Engineer regardless of what we, the people, have to say.
  9. Well, I continue to learn. The "Semester at Sea" program was something that I have heard about. I had no idea that "Peaceboat" had anything to do with such educational efforts.
  10. While I understand the thinking behind producing this protocol, for me, it is not patron friendly if I choose to dine in a restaurant. I'm glad that my Mother taught me how to cook. I think it is going to be quite awhile before I spend any money dining in a restaurant.
  11. Thank you very much for posting these two videos! Indeed, there is a difference between the two YCs! I liked the Dining Room location and arrangement on Meraviglia; I wonder how I would feel about it being on a Mezzanine type arrangement. I noticed that the entrance into the Seaside's Restaurant was "shorter" than on Meraviglia without the buffet display on the right side. (Probably a good idea.) The Lounge seemed a bit more "elegant" than Meraviglia's and the outdoor seating area is something I would enjoy when it wasn't too windy. Seaside's Bar certainly looked more "welcoming". I wonder if it was any better patronized than Meraviglia's? (I enjoy interacting with other "bar" guests and they were few and far between most evenings.) A comment was made in the video about the water temperature in the shower. I had difficulty adjusting the temperature. One morning, somehow the water became extremely hot and I could not lower it. So much steam was created that it set off the smoke detector outside the bathroom. I soon had a visit from Security. After that episode, my Assistant Butler did something to the controls that made it easier to adjust the water temperature. The storage space and furnishings in the Seaside Suite were different. An arm chair? Didn't have; would have been nice. Two closets? Only one. Seaside is on my list to consider when cruising once again begins.
  12. I like the projection of Beta's track. Not so much a storm, but may supply some much needed rain to my area of the country.
  13. Poor Wilfred. No one knows where she is. Or, if she "is". 😄
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