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  1. Lighten up! All of us who post on whatever message boards make boo-boos on our typing. Of course, Coral Princess has many much more water to pass under her keel before the breakers will see her. Scrape along her port side or not, I am looking forward to my embarking Coral Princess in Whittier on July 31st very much.
  2. Yes, your description of what Richard's cabin was like is accurate.
  3. Thanks for posting this information. I surely hope Zuiderdam and Nieuw Statendam will sail close to 1600 because that would help facilitate my Easter dinner plans. But, if not, unless they are extremely late in sailing, I expect to be present to raise a glass wishing them "Bon Voyage" for a successful European cruise season.
  4. I wonder: might this have been a sailing following a solar eclipse cruise from New York on the Canberra? Date? Don't recall. But, I had a friend who sailed on such, if my memory is correct. He sailed on two solar eclipse cruises from New York. One was on the Olympia and then another was on Canberra, I am fairly certain. He had one of the odd cabins which was "outside" but there was a short hallway from his door to the porthole at the hallways end.
  5. What I saw extended sporadically for some distance along the side, including the aft part of the ship. I did not see anything unusual on/near the bow. My guess when I saw it was a side-scrapping of a dock , maybe due to wind blowing against the starboard side that the Bridge team had difficulty countering. Scrapping because of such? Ridiculous! I'd suggest the Staff Captain delegate some sailors to get their paint buckets and re-paint those areas when Coral Princess is in a port.
  6. Thanks for your reply. In this day of the ADA law, I would be surprised that whatever ramp that leads from the tender landing to shore side would not be a flat surface ramp suitable for wheelchairs, etc.
  7. Thanks for your report. I question the wisdom of placing such large ships in the Alaskan market. However, I think this will be the second season for Norwegian Bliss. I am not aware of any specific difficulty that her presence in the Alaska market had last year.
  8. It's been awhile, but the shortest HAL cruise was on Zuiderdam after she had been used as a hotel ship in Jacksonville for a Super Bowl Game. It was a 4 day cruise from Port Everglades designed to get her cruising schedule back in synch with her regular Winter season cruise schedule. Pricing was great! The cruise experience in all respects met my expectations for a HAL cruise. One disappointment: we had a small CC Roll Call for the cruise which I had organized. At the time of the M&G, I was the sole attendee. That's OK--was not offended. On such a short cruise, one wants to make the most of their time and a CC M&G not being a priority is perfectly understandable.
  9. As she sailed, the Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale web cams showed some scrapping damage to the port side of Coral Princess, close to the waterline. Any one know what was the cause of that damage?
  10. For all CC participants, I wish a Happy Passover. I wish a Happy Easter. Spring is a time of renewal for our Earth. May it be a time of renewal for us as well.
  11. The programming that I have witnessed in The World Stage was not great on Nieuw Statendam. I totally agree with your comment "HAL production teams are not taking full advantage of its programming capabilities. I've seen it first hand." Me too, on more than one Class of HAL ship. Major money is spent on Main Showroom technical capabilities, used for awhile once the ship as the ship is first put into service. And, then: ho-hum productions with most technical capabilities of the shows that are probably suited for the least technical sophisticated main showrooms of HAL's older vessels.
  12. Thanks for posting that view. What was shown on the screens far exceeds anything that I observed during my 14 days on Nieuw Statendam.
  13. I recently acquired a Gala Dinner Menu from a 1953 sailing of S. S. America which, I think based upon the coding on the menu, is a Tourist Class menu. It had such a breakdown of categories that you listed.
  14. Regarding the question of offering a gratuity to the Porters at any Port, I think this is the first response I have ever seen that offers the opinion of an actual longshoreman. I appreciate the information and I do understand the background information posted by chewap. Personally, I offer a gratuity to a Port's Porter because I appreciate their service. I have had several individuals over many cruises that have gone out of their way to be of help that I truly appreciated (and more than once their offered assistance was unexpected). To tip or not to tip: As the Bard once wrote: "That's the Question." Offering a gratuity is, and should be, a personal decision.
  15. Arriving in Anchorage at 10:15 P. M. via train is too close for you to comfortably make your flight. Not knowing the details of your proposed tour in Seward, it's difficult for me to make a suggestion about the tour. If your tour includes the Sea Life Center, it probably would be worthwhile. I find Seward to be an interesting town. Budget Queen's advice to get a rental car is worthy of your consideration because of the flexibility it gives you in what you decide to see/do in Seward and en route to Anchorage. There are scenic and interesting stops en route that are worth a visit. And, in Anchorage, there are sites that are worthwhile visiting. Happy Planning!
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