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  1. The names of the special dinners in the PG that I have attended escape me. While the food and wine were certainly more "exotic" than what I have on a daily basis, the ambiance, the information about our dinner provided by the Maitre d', the Chef, and the Sommelier, I enjoyed. But, maybe the thing that I enjoyed most was the interaction with others that attended those small dinners. We were all there for one reason: the enjoyment of a fine dining experience. We shared past experiences. It was a fun evening. Bone marrow? I have not had an opportunity to try that. Bone marrow in the minds of some may be like Sweetbreads, Such thinking returns my memory to the old Life cereal commercial when one kid says to "Mikey, try it. You will like it." My opinion: if the first time one tries these more "exotic" foods, how they are prepared will influence their future perception of them. Sweetbreads, Liver, Beef Tongue, Chicken Livers and Giblets, Brains: I remember eating them all and enjoying them all. My Mother and Grandmother were excellent cooks. My Father was a fisher and a hunter. Rabbit and Pheasant sometimes appeared on my dinner plate. All were good, but, one needed to be on the lookout for buckshot.
  2. The correct name of the site is Cruise Foodies in the Cruise Conversations section. As much as I enjoy the HAL cruise product, my January, 2020 cruise on MSC Meraviglia in Yacht Club revealed a different cruise experience for me. That is why I am researching Silverseas and Seabourn as well as wanting to return to MSC's YC.
  3. This is a good idea. My thinking seems to be the same as yours. An increase in the number of dining options, on a 7-10 day cruise, why tie oneself to a fixed seating situation when I expected to try to the "new dining options". I still prefer a fixed dining situation and would request that for a longer cruise and/or a ship that did not have the variety of dining venues that the newer ships have.
  4. If they ever do. I have mailed some that the carrier pigeons must have dropped into the ocean en route to the cards destinations.
  5. It's neat when it works and the elevator arrives when I can quickly access it. More often than not, I was not quick enough to get into the elevator before it was filled with non-YC guests. This was particularly my experience after the main theater show was over. Ordered only Room Service Breakfast once; it was my Butler who delivered it. Not my experience. Every evening when I returned to my suite, there was some type of goodie for me to consume. (If I could.) The day that my Butler exchanged my original large fruit bowl (of which I had consumed little) for a new one shocked me. There was nothing wrong with the original fruit bowl! All of that uneaten fruit going into the garbage! What a waste! Thanks for your food porn! Your lobster roll looked like mine and it was so very good! The side of "fried potatoes" (?) looked quite a bit overdone. Or was that something else? The Macaroons were delicious as were the strawberries.
  6. Not necessarily. If one is at a round table for 8 and there are only 4 or 5 assigned to the table, social distancing would be possible, but it would not be the recommended 6 feet between seats.
  7. Maybe the hotel chains need to change their definition of a "full service hotel"? And, then clearly state that definition to the specific brands that still offer the services of what we expect. Why would I expect a different guest experience at the Fort Lauderdale North Marriott Hotel than the Marriott Harbor Beach Marriott? Both are "Marriotts". One is a resort; one is not. Yet. they are in the same "full hotel service category" of Marriott. Both are excellent properties. But, such like many HAL cruise experiences, the inconsistencies of experiences are so disappointing.
  8. A Sheraton Hotel is in the same category of a Marriott Hotel since the two companies have joined. I have no experience thus far at a Sheraton since this has occurred, but have had several stays at a Marriott. Both are considered "full service hotels". Bellmen have been scarce each time. On check in at the San Francisco Marriott, there were none. OK, my Singapore Airline flight provided a late evening arrival at SFO. So, why would I not expect a "full service hotel" to provide a Bellman to assist me with my luggage at that time of the evening when I arrived at the hotel? The Manager on Duty became "the Bellman of the moment" when I made it very clear I needed/wanted help with my luggage. Covid is just another excuse for more cost cutting that the hospitality industry has been doing for some time.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I prefer "soothing types of music" in such situations. Maybe, since I found that the music selection options didn't work and that there was no music piped into the areas, that may be the best "middle ground" that HAL could create. If so, I understand. But, another potential amenity that could add to one's cruise experience is gone.
  10. I should have read further into the thread than I did before I just posted my question. These are very atypical Gala Dinner Menus during shorter pre-Covid cruises. It is a fact. The daily food budget for world cruises exceeds the same budget for the shorter cruises. That explains the differences in the cuisine offered on cruises of different types.
  11. On what ship did you experience these menus?
  12. I am more hopeful that neither of these posts are what the days of HAL cruising portends.
  13. Maybe its the sea air or the venue that makes the difference? 😀
  14. It took me a few days to figure out how to adjust the "high tech" shower controls. One morning, whatever I did, I could not undue. I turned up the temperature so high that there was so much steam produced that it set off the smoke alarm. That caused a prompt response from security and maintenance that solved the problem. During the day, my Suite Stewardess must have been instructed to give me a lesson on the shower controls, which she did.
  15. That's excellent service and what an excellent concierge should do for a guest. I have mixed emotions about my Butler's service vs my Suites Stewardess. I was not dissatisfied with my Butler, but my interactions with him were not as frequent as they were with the Stewardess. My problem, I think, was I really didn't know how to well use the services of my Butler. A negative with my Butler was his escort off the ship in Miami. That was a joke. He handed me off to another staff member who handed me off to a shore staff member. That gentleman performed the best service of the three. He got a Porter and both of them escorted me directly to my car in the Garage and loaded my luggage into my car.
  16. I have been a frequent visitor to your home area many times and I support your recommendations. However, are you certain that tours of Norfolk Naval Base are still available? At one time, one could tour the Naval Base, on some week-ends a couple of the ships would be available for visitation (my visit to the USS Harry S. Truman was quite an experience!), and there were tours to Oceana NAS. I thought 9/11 ended all of that. My recommendation for the OP if her family must return home on disembarkation day would be a visit to Nauticus or the MacArthur Memorial/Museum and a lunch at Waterside. If the USS Wisconsin is open for visitors, one could spend a lot of time visiting that vessel.
  17. You have had yours longer than mine. The reason that I am shopping is the news that my phone, which is 3G, will be obsolete and won't work when the major carriers stop supporting 3G in favor of 5G. Phones using 4G will still work, I have been told, though. I get conflicting information as to when this might happen.
  18. I have no interest in the services of the spa on embarkation day. A stop there to make whatever bookings I want during the cruise is all I want to do at that venue on that day. As a suggestion for your two males, have they ever experienced a mini-facial and shave at a spa? I had two during my last cruise and really enjoyed them. A guest whom I got to know said when she saw me "your face is glowing" afterwards.
  19. I suggest you consider posting this on the Cruise Foods Message Board on CC for possible additional thoughts of the posters.
  20. Agree. I have had a tablemate question me about Sweetbreads. But, I explained why I liked them. That ended the conversation. I questioned a Cuban heritage couple about an appetizer that included Manchego Cheese. Jose assured me that I would like it. And, he was right! I often do the same, but my experience with the Princess Celebrity Chef's recipe for the preparation of Port Belly was simply disgusting. I took two bites; rejected the entree. Ordered a Princess staple of Fettuccine Alfredo and ended up consuming the most under cooked, watery, with little cheese flavor of such a dish that I have ever had. This was on Royal Princess during her first season in the Caribbean.
  21. SirWolf, thanks for your reporting. Keep it coming as you are able and willing to do.
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