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  1. I have read accounts of people being allowed to catch up with their ship at a later port. This would be in cases of accidentally missing the ship. Trip insurance often covers this expense.
  2. The information I saw was that the new category is referred to as "solo" balcony, not "studio" balcony. (as well as solo oceanview and solo inside) The "studio" cabins are designed specifically for one person in a select area of the ship. That's all I was correcting. I have a studio book for April 2024 and my sister in law who is traveling with me has a solo balcony a few steps down the hall. Solo balcony etc may or may not have access to a studio lounge. That depends on if the ship has a studio lounge.
  3. are you referring to the dining situation for solos on RCL or NCL? Because I'm not aware of any "solo dinner" on NCL (I am hardly an expert but do read a lot and spend a lot of my time on this forum trying to learn) It is my understanding that on those NCL ships that have studio lounges groups might form to eat together somewhere on the ship. If you dont have studio or these new solo cabins you're not supposed to use the studio lounge but others have said that isnt necessarily true. I'm also sure even if you cant get into a Studio lounge you could join up with the group en route to the dining venue.
  4. I visited ships in the 1960's (I called myself a ship groupie after my 1966 Cunard sailings) but they were all transatlantic. I never visited a cruise ship which for them the port might have been part of the cruise, not the embarkation port, so there could have been food around. I dont remember food in the 1960s but then I was a teenager and food was never the first thing on my mind (I even stopped showing up at meals on our transatlantic which really concerned my mother. It got very boring sitting through all those courses) I remember getting on line at the docks and passing a large jar at the bottom of the gangplank. People threw in quarters "for the seaman's fund" you went on the ship and explored. This was NYC docks, where Manhattan Cruise terminal is now. I think HAL was down at the lower end of Manhattan, where I visited the Rotterdam and the Hamburg one visit. My interests changed (probably in the form of a male) and I stopped visiting ships. I remember one time I even took my Aunt with me and she liked it too. The NY TImes published a ship's schedule so you knew what ship would be at which dock.
  5. thinking about it the corridors on the Encore I went down the rooms were all on one side of it. PRobably different in different areas of the ship. Most of the trays of dishes I saw on the floor were in the identations that the room came off of. Still unsightly but not as much of a hazard
  6. I was just on the Encore on an Alaskan cruise and I agree with you In a few months I will do the same thing but on the Bliss.
  7. I like to say its in my genes. Long line of mariners on my mother's paternal side
  8. If the cart is around and there is space I would put my dishes in that space on the cart. I think I read something that said not to put your dishes outside your door?
  9. this type of activity at least would be supervised. (to a point, I suppose someone could pose interested in the tour and then midtour turn into a terrorist) the visitor experience I remember in the 1960's, early 70's involved getting on board (for a small donation to a jar at the foot of the gangplank, mostly quarters) and then going about the ship to see whatever interested you. In my experience there was no option for food or organized activity.
  10. Love the names of the NCL ships. So much better (my opinion) than mouthfuls like "Anthem of the Seas".
  11. Sorry, I was referring to additional tipping done by guests, in cash.
  12. I'm thinking maybe some cruise lines ended visitors on board sooner than others. This incident was surely involved in the decision
  13. I think I would reevaluate my relationship if my boyfriend had to be talked into a cruise. Or else prepare to go solo in the future because that's how it will be when he gets more comfortable in the relationship. On the other hand, he may get hooked on cruising. My husband wont cruise so its solo or with a friend. I dont mind solo but having company has its advantages too. And of course there is also the possibiity that someone hooked on a certain type of travel (cruises) gets unhooked as life goes on.
  14. I'm curious, why did you come to that conclusion 14 years ago that it was going to be a one time event?
  15. 2nd cruise on the Encore a couple of weeks ago to Alaska. I quickly realized that Alaska is not a "once and done" experience And so we are going back late April on the Bliss which is going to all the places you mentioned. In fact its going to a few more than the Encore went to a few weeks ago i.e. Icy Point Strait and Sitka. You have to realize that with all these ports on a 7 day cruise time in each port is going to be limited (the reason why I learned it would not be "once and done") I did notice what they call "Cruise Tours" and I think the smaller ships do them. Part of the trip is on land where places like Denali National Park are visited in depth and the other part is a typical Alaskan cruise. A friend of mine is going to Alaska in September on RCL. I will ask her for her opinion and compare it to NCL. Cant see why it would be much different if the length of the cruise is similar.
  16. OMG, where was I hiding at the time. Never heard of it. (I do watch the news) Yes, I'm sure that event would have had a major effect on whether visitors would be allowed on board. Back in the day I wondered why stowaways werent more frequent.
  17. that is bizarre. I wonder what her reasoning was. I would think dirty dishes would be the first thing to be removed to get them out of the way. In this case i would leave a note asking her to please remove the dishes each day. Maybe it was expected then to put them in the hallway? Still, she shouldnt have just ignored them as in "not my job" Leaving used dishes in the hall outside your door used to be the custom. I'm remember from the 1960's. And they often didnt disappear very quickly. I remember thinking the practice was odd
  18. You must mean "solo" balcony as there is no "studio" balcony. I think it is a marketing strategy ("ploy" sounds so negative) Cruise lines compete with each other and most dont give breaks to the solo cruiser. Yet they are often are the ones who can afford to cruise with less demands on their disposable income. I dont know anything about how upgrades work but my impression that as a solo traveler I find the new solo pricing attractive. It brings the cost of a balcony into the affordable range for me. I havent booked this class yet and wont if the fare eventually gets hiked.
  19. I'm traveling with my sister in law in April on the Bliss. I have a studio and she has a solo balcony. Both are located very close to each other on deck 12
  20. according to the info I read online he doesnt work on NCL. There was a list of about 5 cruise lines, 1 of which was Cunard which is where I saw him as part of their Cunard "Insights" program. He was extremely interesting. What a career to build as a result of growing up across from the NYC docks. He was more than just a ship line expert, he was a historian but seems like his focus eventually became the shipping lines. William H Miller is his full name.
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