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  1. I dont think he did which i why I did. If I made a mistake, oooh, I'm sorry
  2. I couldnt figure out how to use the coffee machine and there was no one to ask easily. I did enjoy helping myself to cookies in the evening. Only saw 1 man using the lounge on a couple of days.
  3. I sure would like to know what people miss so much about no more "turn down service" Ok, I get the towel animals. They're cute. But people are upset because someone doesnt come into their cabin before bed and turn down the covers? (I'm assuming that's what it is) Seriously?
  4. For $300 I would definitely go for the balcony although some have pointed out, some balconies are not ideal. I think your 7 yr old daughter would like it too. Usually when trying to decide the price of the balcony is much greater which a factor for anyone on a budget. I understand some are not and that's great
  5. of course that depends on time of year and also itenarary. There would be no sitting out in your pajamas on the cruises I've been on in Fall, Spring and even January to Bermuda. During the day maybe, but not at night unless you wear a parka
  6. and also on it own. I hate when there is a toilet with no access to a sink closely, I know it is fairly common in hotels, RVs etc but I hate it
  7. What I love best about cruising with NCL is Freestyle Dining. So many choices in restaurants and other eateries and times that you can eat whenever and wherever your mood takes you.
  8. I agree with you about the location of the studio. On the Getaway the studio section was a short distance down the hall from one of the lobbies. It was very peaceful also., with interesting lighting. But I only saw one or two people in the studio lounge at one time. Someone told me that was because there was a solo meetup elsewhere on the ship.
  9. It's laid out better? The toilet is in its own walled off area, the shower stands alone and the sink is on another wall. the inside cabin has a regular bathroom, all 3 things in one room, with shelves. The thing that makes the studio work is that it is just for one person
  10. That is very unusual, what you would call an outlier lol Most infants in the splash pool wont be potty trained
  11. Oh no.....that must have been awful. I almost fell on my face (or as they say "faceplanted") in Mexico with a margarita in my hand. It was an uneven edge to the sidewalk. I caught myself and heard a woman behind me gasp. Freak accidents can happen anywhere It usually happens so quickly that you dont know until its over but in your case you had "souvenirs". One time in NYC I was walking along the sidewalk with the crowd and for some reason my ankle just went out on me. I almost went down but a man walking beside me (another helpful New Yorker!) managed to catch my elbow and pull me upright, then continued walking and talking with the group he was with.
  12. When I was on the QM2 many years ago after a major norovirus outbreak in the previous cruise, only staff were allowed to serve the food from the self serve areas of the buffet. They were standing there with tongs and you told them what you wanted.
  13. yes, my daughter says the same. Pepto bismal and immodium work farely well for anything I've had (except the noro, there was no time to try any remedy and I suspect I had a very mild infection as it didnt last very long)
  14. I just saw your question about whether it can be air bound. That's a good question. Not in the sense that Covid is air bound. The norovirus would have to be in an aerosol which a person might breath in or get in their mouths. But it doesnt travel through the air like a respiratory infection does. that's why they keep wiping down surfaces that people have touched with possibly contaminated hands.
  15. Yes norovirus is very contagious and invisible I like to say I dont get norovirus because I dont eat in exotic places ,which might protect against food poisoning but I dont really think it protects against norovirus) I really try not to have hand mouth contact (its hard), I wash my hands often. (hand sanitizer apparently has no effect on this virus) but it might really be due to those genetic mutations I referred to or luck. I can count on one hand the times I've had any of what people refer to as "stomach flu". People would be dropping like flies around me at work and I'd be fine. I did get it once
  16. Yeah, that would not be my favorite type of restaurant. This is one reason I have not had any inclination to travel to exotic places. I never ever eat off food trucks. I wouldnt mind a cruise to an exotic place but in that case I would only eat on the ship. Dull, I know And eating only on the ship might make food poisoning less likely, as we know norovirus is still there. You have to wash your hands and keep them away from your mouth.
  17. No, unless you somehow got the contaminant in your mouth. (your hand would be the most likely way as I doubt you would put your face on the sofa especially if it smelled) I'm not sure that a dry material could still transmit virus although I think norovirus is quite hardy. If all you did was sit on the sofa then no you probably would not get norovirus from it. (kind of like the toilet seat business, to catch an STD from a toilet sit it would have to be visibly dirty as well as expose mucous membranes to it) If you touched the sofa with your hands, or touched your clothes with your hands, and then put your hands near your mouth, then you might. If norovirus was on board there were many places you could have picked it up. I suppose its also possible to get norovirus if you ingest an aerosol like if someone vomited right next to you and your mouth was open. An aerosol with viral particles could possibly get into your mouth. Ewwwwww, I know. Norovirus is a gastrointestinal illness that you pick up by something getting the virus into your mouth. And we put our hands near our mouth all the time, eat with our hands (bag of chips, french fries, etc) And of course the next question is why did you not get it? You sat on the same sofa? You were in close contact with him sharing a room and even the bathroom? Our immune systems are very interesting. I read that people with some genetic mutations to their DNA (too long to go into what these are) have a resistance to the norovirus. I have only had "stomach flu" once or twice in my life and I'm in my 70's. (I do have these genetic mutations) One time I'm sure it was norovirus and I read that year it was a very virulent strain.
  18. I was on the Getaway in January and thought that my studio room was too warm and stuffy. I also tried fooling around with the A/C thing on the wall with no results
  19. Norovirus is spread by hand to mouth contact so ideally you should never eat anything with your bare hands because you dont what you have touched since you last washed them. You can wash your hands frequently and still touch a contaminated surface.
  20. I feel most sorry for the people who have the sickness If you havent gotten on the ship yet you are actually lucky Anyone who has ever had norovirus will agree. Although it might just be a 'stomach flu" in some people in most it is not. It is *horrible* It can strike at any moment with very little warning.
  21. Apparently hand sanitizer is useless on norovirus
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