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  1. We just sailed on the Joy Didnt know about booking ahead for restaurants and entertainment. Some restaurants were all booked i.e. Oceanside, Cagney's but others were still open. We chose La Cucina We managed to get open slots for our entertainment choices- Unfortunately we slept through the comedy show and missed it and Footloose was cancelled. We were able to get in to Elements. So I would say its more important for your restaurant of choice, we just didnt know.
  2. No one has mentioned Black Russian I discovered them in my youth and they are still every bit as good as they were back then. I had my first ever Margarita on shore, not on the boat. Well,,,,, at first it tasted like poison but I noticed it got much better the more I drank. Didnt try it on the boat though.
  3. oh, ok. Didnt notice that and wouldnt have known what it meant lol. I didnt really think you were serious but you never know...... people on other threads complaining about the loss of towel animals and turndown service
  4. I was on the Joy this past week and found embarkation and disembarkation very frustrating. I dont know about the different berths but we were directed to a parking lot and needed to take shuttle bus back to ship. The wait wasnt too long but they packed us in the shuttle bus like sardines. People were forced to stand. they certainly werent following Covid guidelines. (safe distancing) The line under the tent was long but bearable. The last stop at the table took less than a minute so I dont know why the line didnt move quicker. Leaving the ship was horrible. They called our tag color and number and we lined up. The line snaked up and down the stairs several times. At one point we stood in the arcade for at least a half hour. The arcade music was at a low level but very annoying. A crew member told us to be sure to have our ship card and passport ready.Neither were looked at. Once we got outside we found our luggage very quickly under the tent. There was staff eager to help. The only other ship I have sailed on is the Cunard Queen Mary 2. Maybe there were fewer passengers but the process was nothing like what we just experienced. I wondered if we just sat in the atrium until the last group passed through would it have been easier. Is this what "self disembarkation" is? Also, I dont think they were very clear on the process of disembarkation. We found the colored labels in our stateroom one evening and figured we had to put them on our luggage. My previous experience helped.
  5. I was on that same cruise! Enjoyed it very much. A repeat is definitely on my list!
  6. ok. I will remember that for next time. However, since it was obvious we must have wanted one I dont see why they wouldnt have offered us one. But they didnt and we survived. Next time I will know
  7. No, I assumed since his was taken that meant no electrical appliances in staterooms. Dont you think they would have offered one since it was obvious we wanted one? as in something like "we are unable to allow electrical appliances to be brought on board but we can supply one if you would like"
  8. With the drinks package we had (dont know if they are all the same but they probably are) we had to pay a 10% surcharge on drinks in port. So for my $9.00 glass of wine I paid 92 cents
  9. I just sailed on the Norwegian Joy and we never waited more than a few minutes to get our drinks
  10. I just sailed on the Norwegian Joy and neither tea kettle nor coffee maker was in the stateroom. My travel partner had packed an electric tea kettle which was confiscated during boarding and held for him until the end of the flight,referred to as a prohibited item. Everything about the cruise was perfect so this was disappointing.
  11. Of course if an inside cabin is what you need to do to afford the voyage then you should book an inside cabin. The expense of the other types of cabins is fine for those where money is not a consideration. I had a guaranteed inside cabin-horrors- and it was absolutely fine. The only time I would consider anything else would be a balcony in the summer. That would be very nice but through a window, the sea looks the same anywhere on the ship.
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