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  1. We didn't think we would use our butler either, but breakfast in the room on early morning port excursion days was nice without having to fight for a seat in the buffet when trying to be quick. On our one day at sea we got a big breakfast then left the do not disturb sign up and lunged around munching all day. Outside of breakfast, our butler was 100% useless, so we ended up tipping the cabin steward more than the butler...
  2. We're booked on a 2021 New Zealand cruise with NCL that drops us off in Port Kembla (just south of Sydney). This was booked almost 6 months ago I want to guess, with a 20% off lattitudes reward making the price with reduced air fare too good to pass up. The only problem we're finding now is that the longest you can extend your stay with the air promo is 3 days, and we wanted at least a full week in Australia when we get off the cruise. So debating whether to just do the 3 days and keep the 'cheap' air, or drop the air promo and stay the full week like we wanted knowing we won't be back to that side anytime soon.
  3. Flight with the "free" air promo was $224 per person, Delta had an option to upgrade to first class seats for $180 per person (each way). So we splurged for the way down there, and were able to snag exit row seating at no charge for the way home. $400 per person, where the cheapest flights we found on our own were over $500 each for coach with no free bags. Definitely a win for us this trip.
  4. We had the deluxe owner's suite on the Jade, and the Haven courtyard and pool was worth it to us. Yes, it's small, but when you're the only 2 people in the pool it doesn't matter. I will gladly take a private small pool over having the share the slightly larger pool with 1,000 other people.
  5. I checked my old emails with the reservation confirmation number, but it only includes a link back to their website with the current T&C. Sorry!
  6. We were just there at the end of July beginning of August this year.
  7. Thank you, will keep this one in mind for our pillow choices when we get closer to sailing if I haven't heard from them yet. Hubby tends to get super hot at night and the cooling pillow was a godsend to him last time we were in Haven. It's not about the status symbol, it's about the convenience of having self-sticking tags which they send to you rather than home printed and pieces of tape traveling in your luggage. The ones they supply are easy to attach after you get off the plane without risking them coming off during the flight. Whereas the home print version you also need to bring your own tape or stapler to get them attached.
  8. This is awesome, thank you so much. We'll be in Haven in January and our first experience on the Jade didn't have a true Haven restaurant. The lunch specials are all me... I could do without some of that fancier stuff for dinner. Is it possible to order a lunch special at dinner time? Or to be brought to the room? Any way to know what they are without taking a walk down there, or is that something the butler can find out for us?
  9. The MDR have identical menus. The only difference is that one is more 'upscale' and requires men to wear pants. But the food is identical every night.
  10. When we were on the POA with 2 overnights, we received only $50 once when we were in Maui and Kauai. So regardless of the number of days, it's $50 per port total. So essentially, the port excursion credit is a joke on a Bermuda cruise when there are other options with a better value.
  11. We booked our 2021 New Zealand cruise a few months ago, price was a steal with the 20% off lattitudes promo.
  12. We first priced out a regular land vacation stopping at 2 islands, Maui and either Big Island/Kauai. Not counting the benefits of the free food and drinks on the POA, the prices were similar. However, with the POA you go to bed and magically wake up in the next island. For the land vacation, you will end up wasting several hours getting to/from the airports and flying between islands. Plus with POA you get to 4 islands instead of just 2. When the travel dates ended up matching perfectly with my sister's furlough, the POA was a no-brainer pick for us.
  13. I've got a trip review of that cruise in my signature. It's a bit lengthy, but may have some hints and tips you'll find useful for planning out your port excursions.
  14. The cruise covers most of New Zealand, which is why we were going to spend post-cruise in Australia only. Our biggest 'must-do' is seeing the great barrier reef. The way our planet is going, it may not be there in another 10 years when we're able to come back to that side of the world. Melbourne is a great city, but it will still be there when we come back.
  15. The room layout for ours was completely wrong too. I think the image they had was actually for the Pearl, which is different from the Jade. Jade has the bed and couch back to back, with 2 separate balconies. The Pearl I believe has a more open floor plan with the bed against the wall, but only a single balcony which is larger and has a private jacuzzi. We asked specifically about that because I didn't see it in actual videos/photos fro people who stayed there, and was told 'yes' the DOS on the Jade has the jacuzzi (it did not).
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