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  1. You and others who shall not be named for fear of getting booted again already have an open invite. On a 10 nighter, we can do a lot of damage to the free bottles of booze that should be coming with the room.
  2. Greatly appreciate that crazy person's details as it helped us get the aft cabin we preferred on our recent Encore sailing 😉
  3. Call me crazy, but you can still very clearly see all the water when you look straight out. I was just off the RCC Jewel of the Seas earlier this month in an Owners Suite, and there was no view above me. The buffet was right above our deck and overhung the side of the ship completely blocking our view up. I was more angry about that and not being able to see any stars than I would have been about not being able to look directly down. Booked in a deck 12 aft owners suite on the Prima in 2023 and can't wait to try out that hot tub and look up at the stars.
  4. Thank you! I added a few items that we've requested and received in our room when sailing Haven. From what I've been told by our butlers in the past, the butler handles anything that happens INSIDE your room. The concierge handles anything that happens OUTSIDE of your room. So reservations, excursions, resolution of your bill.... that's all concierge. You can tell your butler, but all they're going to do is tell the concierge. So better to go straight to the source. If there's a problem with your room itself, or something extra you need in your room - butler. Otherwise, call the concierge.
  5. It's always fascinating to me to see how these mega ships are built and how they somehow float on the sea. Hooray for engineering and science!
  6. The biggest complaint I had about the bars on RCC was that they're somewhat sneaky about their offerings. We were just on the Jewel of the Seas last week and particularly at the wine bar there was only 3 options for wines that were in the drink package price limit. When we mentioned something to the bar tender about that, he said "oh, we have others that are not on the menu - what are you looking for?". So why in the world is it not on the menu? Are you trying to be sneaky and get people to pay an extra $2-3 when they don't need to? Unfortunately found that out on the last night of the cruise, otherwise we would have been drinking more wine on board instead of cocktails. First cruise that we didn't have wine with dinner every night because we were so sick of the micro charges when we didn't just outright buy a bottle.
  7. We had 9520 and the connecting one next to it when we were on POA. Huge balconies and it was nice and quiet. Amazing views of the coast when you sailed past, great trip.
  8. Was just off of RCC Jewel of the Seas a week ago. We didn't get dressed up at all. Chefs Table I wore a cocktail dress and hubby was in slacks and a button down short sleeve shirt. Formal night he went in jeans and a polo and was fine, I was in linen pants with a sleeveless blouse. I hated the app on RCC. Could never get it to load and work for us, the QR codes never scanned for me or when I clicked the link to open them brought me to the generic app homepage and not a menu. Not a single bar menu to be found anywhere except on your phone. Who wants to carry a phone around with them just to see a menu? Guess I need to start buying dresses with pockets...
  9. I was on NCL Encore at the end of August for an Alaska cruise, and just got off the RCC Jewel of the Seas last week for a Greece cruise. Opinions on food are very subjective and if the same chef served the same exact meal to 50 people, you're bound to get a range of opinions and scores. In terms of food variety, I actually think NCL took the edge on this one - but that is based on my personal palette of what I enjoy eating. Each night they both have the same 'classic' dishes you can pick from, but NCL seemed to have more of those which I would order and enjoy. RCC seems more seafood centered, and since I don't eat seafood I wasn't impressed. For the appetizers, again, for me and my selective mind I preferred NCL to RCC. It's not to say that RCC was ever bad, but with NCL I just recall always seeing 2-3 things I wanted and had to narrow down my pick on - with RCC it was "well I guess I'm having xxx tonight". With regards to quality, I'm not a food critic and I don't pretend to be one online either. Haven restaurant is on par with the Chefs Table from RCC, and the specialty restaurants on each are similar. We never had a problem with the MDR food on either ship, they're similar, and they're both fine. The one thing we sorely missed on RCC was having an O'Sheehan's or The Local on board. We often ate in town to experience the Greek food and when we got back didn't want a big formal sit down meal. Just wanted some snacks or a simple burger & fries - no where to get that on RCC. For dinner, the only options open on RCC was the main dining room or solarium cafe which had slices of pizza and small sandwiches. The buffet wasn't open for dinner service due to lack of staff and half capacity ship. So NCL definitely wins there with regards to options and having that bar food meal option for those who don't want the pomp & circumstance of the MDR experience. MDR on RCC felt very Titanic to us, where your wait staff wants to learn your name and food preferences, chatting with you after each course, making sure you're having a good experience, and constantly reminding you that when you get your survey after the cruise ends to grade them all a 10 as it affects their salary what you grade them. Very off putting to us, and we just wanted to eat and leave. MDR meals on RCC were always close to 2 hrs long and felt dragged out and as pleasant as the staff were, just go away and let me eat in peace. It wasn't like that on NCL at all. But other folks like that type of service and attention - not us.
  10. @Sthrngary - I'm the planner and packer in our group, down to colored folders and everything. Its typically sorted by air/land/sea or if it's a multi-part trip across different cities/countries they'll be grouped that way. I've got a ballpark packing guide for warm weather trips and cold weather ones and just adjust the counts based on days away and availability of laundry facilities. Hubby always laughs at me when I prepare them a few nights before we leave. Then when we're in line waiting to pass to the next phase of the journey he's the first one to say "oh, that was so easy - good thing we had your folders." If we're traveling in a group, we've long given up on trying to please everyone. We figure out what we want to do and when we want to do it, and just share the info. If anyone wants to join us they're always welcome. If they don't, well they're all adults and can use Google Maps and Seamless just as easy as I can.
  11. To each their own. It always makes me chuckle when Haven pricing debates pop up and folks run to the notion that once you start to pay beyond 'x' amount of money you should just switch to a luxury line instead. At this point in my life I have zero interest in sailing on a luxury line. We're t-shirts and shorts type of vacationers - we were considering staying in our cabin on this most recent RCC trip during formal night just to avoid the glares from people dressed up who disapproved of our own personal attire, as if it was a personal attack on them somehow. The difference between a 3 and 5 star hotel is usually just the amenities they have to offer. It's not based on guest ratings. If I have zero interest in using their spa or gym, why should I pay for the higher star hotel just because I can afford it? Same thing with restaurants - again, I have zero interest in eating in Michelin star places. I've got the palette of a 7 yr old and had no shame asking for the kids mac & cheese as my appetizer on the last night of our cruise in the MDR. When we sail in suites it's because we enjoy the bigger space in our room. We like having a place to go back to that is all ours to relax, unwind, and do what we want dressed (or un) how we want. Other people view their cabin as a place to sleep and shower - so for them it's a waste to spend the money on a big room when they'll never be in it. Isn't it great to have options so we can all do what is best for us?
  12. When you want to give NCL money, they'll generally take it. When you want to make changes or cancellations and remove their money - that's when they stop you and force you to go through your TA if you used one. Simple example - I had a 10% certificate from a cancelled cruise, NCL wouldn't let me add it on to an existing booking since it was being managed by a TA. I had to call the TA and have them add it on. Called the TA, emailed them, no response. By the time they looked into it, the final payment date had since passed and the TA told me "it's too late, you're beyond final payment date". Yeah idiot, because you sat on my request for 5 days before doing anything with it. So now I need to book another cruise before February 2022 if I want to use this certificate, which I wasn't planning on doing. Another example - I've got a friend sailing in December that I wanted to add on a gift package to their trip so they'd have a treat when they arrived on board. Since they booked through a TA, I had to either ask them to share their reservation number with me (ruining the surprise, so not an option), or figure out which travel agency they used and ask the TA to add it on for me and bill me through the TA. I reached out to the TA and got no response from them. Second friend booked directly with NCL online and I was able to add a gift for them with no issue in <5 minutes. As is the general theme with all things NCL related - it depends on who you ask, what you want to do, and who answers the phone when you call. For those who have found a good TA or NCL specific PCC that you trust and does what you need them to - great, keep using them. For the rest of us, we'll keep searching or doing it all ourselves.
  13. I think you're confusing a PCC with an outside travel agent. The PCC is just a NCL employee who helps with NCL related things. Similar to a travel agent, but you still have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want to your own booking. With an outside travel agent, you have zero control. If you call NCL, they can't help you with anything. It has to be done with the TA. Even if you have friends that want to add on a gift to your sailing for you, they can't. They would have to go through your TA.
  14. Ahhh, the benefits of working in a lab and being able to get your PCR results within an hour. I'm spoiled.
  15. These are all the codes currently applied to that May 2022 sailing, after the PCC added on the additional discount for us: When we originally booked this in August 2020, the DISC10 and JWLOFF were not there. The DISC10 was from our cancelled New Zealand cruise, and the JWLOFF is the extra 10% off from when the Pearl was cancelled. That was the one I was fighting with NCL about because they told me I wasn't entitled to another coupon since I already had one in my account (the DISC10), even though these were 2 completely separate cruises that were both cancelled. Turns out they gave it to us, but put it under a brand new account for hubby that we didn't know about. So the PCC had to merge a bunch of bogus accounts under his name, transfer the coupon to the valid account with his status miles, and then was able to apply it to the sailing - stacking the 10% off's (not really, as one is applied to my fare and the other to him). But regardless, we've now saved over $800 on that cruise in total from the original booking, and the total price we paid is what they're charging per person now. So I'm waiting for this to get cancelled on us or the ship to be switched as this is too good a deal to go through.
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