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  1. Can I get a mask that says Sky Class? Is it bad form to re-wear a STAR mask? Can I get a D+ mask from the LA😷
  2. Lisa should get her own account😉 Would love to hear her take on cruising
  3. Probably time to move this back to Floataway. I'm outa here.
  4. Yes, but FB following is infinitely bigger than CC
  5. You have me confused with @A&L_Ont 😉
  6. Butter and regular sugar, or milk and brown sugar
  7. I just worry that Tampa can only take small ships. My vote is no. Does Tampa even have a summer season scheduled 🤔
  8. Same way I get Euro would be my guess. Go to my bank
  9. Missing perk items is a quick trip to the LA
  10. But I've spent money in the past. That should be more important 😉
  11. I call housekeeping for the things in the beginning of your list. Why add another level.
  12. And you call yourself a Loyalist 😇 Check out FB, lots of upper tier chomping at the bit😉
  13. Respectfully disagree. If everyone is special, no one is. Had a better response, but working on my civility 😉
  14. Are they out yet? Or are you referring to the L&S deals in first 4 months
  15. While there may be an overall reduction in passengers, I contend that the ratio of upper tier to common folk will explode. Doubtful that the quantities of suite passengers will decrease at all
  16. Maybe the Diamond coupke cruised more when they were working, with way more disposable income. Our income is less than half what it was pre retirement.
  17. The OP's question was answered immediately
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