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  1. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. It has been fun to follow along with you. Safe travels home.
  2. Agree about the laundry. Do not sent any items that require care. The bag comes back with barely folded items and certainly not anything you can wear right out of the bag. That's our experience.
  3. On vacation currently. Resting up for the holidays!
  4. Go and enjoy the cruise. Of course you can come to our house. You will have an excellent meal and wine(according to my food critics). It does involve some quirks. 20 plus people including some that imbibe a bit much, 2 or 3 that can't decide which food doesn't offend, 4 that are habitually late, some that can't abide by no politics at the table, etc. Oh, and the dessert will not have whipped cream because they drank it in their coffee instead of the half and half. It's family and we forge ahead. Agree that Celebrity home office is working the pricing strategy too much but the crew seems to always bail them out.
  5. Celebrity is playing games and hopes no one finds the nut under the shell.
  6. Marvelous and moving presentation. Thank you for posting.
  7. Have enjoyed your review and pictures very much. Thank you for taking the time to share.
  8. We have sailed on both Princess and Celebrity several times. As of late, we prefer Celebrity's dining. The S class ships have several different speciality options depending on the ship. We like the spa cafe at lunch. Limited but very good place for light lunch. The main dining rooms are pretty and feel much more spacious because of the openness and higher ceilings. We like the always available options if menu items don't appeal. Princess gets the edge in desserts but that's because I like the chocolate desserts offered. Another category to consider is Aqua class and the Blu dining room. Do some searching and you can find menus from both cruise lines posted. As for the Reflection, we have sailed her twice with another cruise booked in Feb. We did not feel the ship was crowded any more than any other but neither cruise had many children aboard. Reflection has Lawn Club Grill which we really like for a speciality restaurant. Also, for now room service is no charge on Celebrity with a few exceptions(i.e. steak for breakfast). Princess does win for pizza but not by much. As for grades Celebrity A-, Princess B.
  9. Good grief! It's supposed to be a vacation not a math quiz! It's like trying to the pick where the nut is in a hand shuffle. Have a Reflection cruise booked in March 2020. Thank goodness the Reflection will not have been through a revolution! Probably moving on after that unless some things change. Sad as we have built up to a high level in the Celebrity "loyalty" program.
  10. I truly can't believe the official response that you are "welcome to bring your inflatable footstool onboard". This just says so much a about the current corporate mentality. Basically, take what we dish out or leave. Of course, we can always bring our inflatables to sit on in other areas. May be easier to get up off of them than some of newly specified seating.
  11. Andy and Tammy must have some extra batteries than the rest of us. Incredibly hard working while all the pieces are being juggled. We loved Sette Mare and the flexibility it offered.
  12. Trivia seems to have the same certain ones the world over. We go to laugh and have some fun. We did appreciate that Andy did not waiver on the day's answers and would confirm by the next day if there was any question.
  13. We were on the Mariner in July. Great time. Make sure you try the chimichurri sauce! Tried it on fish, beef, chicken, and lamb. Andy and Tammy were on our cruise also. Believe they will be doing the world cruise in Jan. He is a very strict trivia host! Keep having fun!
  14. Think maybe Celebrity needs to hire an outside(or another) PR firm. They are floundering with what appears to be no apparent concept of what they want to sell. They are all over the place.
  15. Excited for you. Enjoy the lead up and the moments as they happen. Happy cruising. It's the detail on Crystal that make the difference.
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