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  1. thanks for mentioning that, it is a serious consideration. a few months ago the Wall Street Journal mentioned the pressure big banks were putting on airlines to allow more upgrade seats. bank customers were unhappy that their affinity credit card points couldn't be used as the customer wanted. nice to see one arrogant monopolistic industry fighting another so the customer benefits...
  2. Viking may also be evaluating the quarantine rules applicable to staff who have gone home. Recalling crew members from Russia, Moldava, Thailand, etc to board ships in the UK or Norway might require extended quarantines.
  3. Your points, once withdrawn, could not be redeposited?
  4. That was my experience with Viking out of Miami in October 2018 for the Cuba trips. Buses from the airport seemed to arrive every 15-20 minutes after 12 noon. If you drive and park at the terminal (Viking used / uses J, the first on the right), arriving before 2 pm will likely get you space inside the parking garage. Not on the roof.
  5. The access to Norway may expand at some point in the future as Norwegian Air Shuttle advances. The financially troubled line has given control to its lenders, including Chinese and Irish leasing companies. It is expected that long haul operations may be expanded as the airline seeks to find a profitable cruising altitude. https://techxplore.com/news/2020-05-china-large-shareholder-norwegian-air.html
  6. October in the eastern Mediterranean can see some storms. We did a last of the season Venice - Istanbul - Venice, many people commented on how fortunate we were. One rollicking storm, one day, and that was it. Gorgeous weather, 70s much of the time, brilliant sunshine in the islands. In the past, Celebrity would finish the eastern Med by the third week of October.
  7. My wife and I had a port stop at Le Havre in October, 2019. There was a taxi stand just past the excursion buses. I believe the fare to the Malraux museum was 8 Euro. The walk from the docking area to town is through an industrial port area. Flat, but some areas of broken sidewalk, etc. Nothing serious. Viking and Cunard ran free shuttle buses back from the town center every 15 minutes. Nice light rail system, fine walk along the seawall, etc. We walked from the museum and seawall through a lovely residential area, and eventually went for a tram ride. Had a nice lunch.
  8. Had you made your reservations directly with Viking, or did you use a travel agent? Reading some of the comments posted here and on other cruise line threads, it seems travel agent assisted deals were resolved a little more quickly. Or, a lot more quickly in some cases.
  9. There's a huge demand for almost any kind of yield in today's market, with overall rates so low. And a belief by some investors that credit quality doesn't matter much. In reality, I suspect Viking will refund and replace these securities as quickly as it is able to do so, and treat the 14% cost for a year or two as a necessary but unfortunate cost of doing business. Just like it will treat the 45% of customers who rolled their deposits forward into FCVs as necessary cash flow. And give them a premium experience in 2021, etc. With this interest rate, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the offer was over subscribed with more buyers than available securities. Which could lower the interest rate, or increase the cash to Viking, depending on the distribution agreements. (To be clear, I have not read the offering, and there's no investment advice in my comments. I'm offering general thoughts on how the debt issue may benefit Viking, and enable it to get past this unfortunate obstacle in their growth.)
  10. this is an expensive way to maintain liquidity, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do...
  11. KLM has a number of code share relationships with Delta, which has a robust presence at JFK in New York City.
  12. Re-reading and understanding the trip insurance and cancel policies might be of use, too. There's a legal difference between bankruptcy and financial default. Here's what "insure my trip", a well regarded seller of these programs, says https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/coronavirus-impact-leads-travelers-to-consider-financial-default-coverage-301019979.html
  13. NCL Holdings has issued a warning that there is doubt it will be able to continue as a going concern. With little new money coming in, and lots of money going out the door, finances are getting squeezed. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/05/norwegian-cruise-line-says-theres-substantial-doubt-about-its-ability-to-continue-as-a-going-concern.html
  14. That's a good summary, and is consistent with our experience as Celebrity x 3, and Viking x 2. Celebrity's arrangement with the Corning Glass Museum program has fascinated us. It was amazing that it drew us in most nights to watch skilled artists create works of art. It wasn't unusual to have a hundred people watching.
  15. My wife and I did this trip in October, 2019. We would absolutely do it again. Bergen to Barcelona. One change of planes in Frankfurt. Lufthansa A380 from Miami to Frankfurt, change to an A320 for Oslo. FRA may not be a good change point for people with mobility issues. Long walks, many escalators, tram ride, immigration lines, bus ride to the plane, etc. Was supposed to be a change in Vienna, but Viking changed that. Took the Oslo extension + train ride. Very enjoyable, and would consider this again if the Munch Museum has opened. Olympic Center / Viking Museum package, and we returned by local ferry. We elected the Salisbury Cathedral plus Stonehenge tour out of Portsmouth. Liked both, would like to concentrate a few days on Salisbury, Stonehenge is one and done. Our scheduled stop in Falmouth was cancelled due to high winds. Poldark fans were very distressed. October is the end of hurricane season, while rare, they can be an issue. We bounced around as the ship made its way to Oporto. Barcelona has fine service to Miami, Viking put us on an American Air 767. When I priced out a new trip in January, both Air Maroc and TAP Air Portugal had rock bottom fares to BCN from MIA.
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