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  1. I absolutely agree. However, there are multiple factions within the Party. And with the current ideological struggle underway, local factions could certainly enforce their view of the law. Unlicensed guides competing with licensed tax paying employees of tour operators would be a good starting point.
  2. Hemingway wrote about the light in Cuba. Morning mist, hills, twilight. a good photo expert can put you in the right place at the right time.
  3. Just giving the guy multiple options for his concerns. For what it's worth, driving down US 1 through North Miami, etc would probably be much more congested on a Saturday morning than being on I-95. Which is why I said that. To be contentious, I could also argue that the access to Terminal J is probably easier via Biscayne Boulevard than going through the tunnel and around the horn for somebody who's not familiar with the area. At a time when many people might be leaving the cruise area.
  4. There are reports the problem has happened in Santiago de Cuba, too. Whether this is a tax related issue (guides not reporting income) or a free enterprise issue (some elements in the Party don't want private ownership) is unclear
  5. United Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Fort Lauderdale, I believe. The "far end" as you enter the horseshoe roadway loop.
  6. Many Cuban guides have developed English language skills on their own. Dealing with 5-6 guides last year, that was a point of pride for each. Cuba is in the midst of tremendous change, some guides may see an opportunity for a new future. Which is a challenge to the old leadership.
  7. The Royal Caribbean line's blog contains a post from an individual who says he spoke with the General Counsel's office at the (US) Office of Foreign Asset Control.. This post says there is nothing official, the regulations are being drafted. In general, Congress passes and the President signs a bill into law, or the President issues an Executive Order. The appropriate regulatory agency drafts the specific enforcement regulations and terms pursuant to the law. There is a period of review as lobbyists and interested parties offer comments. And the regulations go into effect with adjustments as needed. https://www.*****.com/2019/04/18/so-far-no-changes-royal-caribbeans-cuba-sailings
  8. Your fear isn't unreasonable, although Saturday and Sunday mornings tend to be a little calmer on I-95. But the area of US 1 through Little Haiti might be congested. you might consider a combination, taking I-95 South to I-395 East to US 1 south. That puts you on Biscayne Boulevard. A left turn off US 1 brings you into the cruise port. Alternately, staying in 395 brings you to the exit for the tunnel to the cruise port. That gives you two choices off I-95 / I-395.
  9. Some Cuban bureaucrats are very supportive of small business owners. Others see the very concept of a business ownership a betrayal of Revolutionary values. There are many levers to use, including rules on taxes, who they can employ, where and if they can advertise, where they can grow. Even possessing dollars can be a concern for guides. This converges at a point where an attractive but foreign cultural force cascades into a somewhat closed society.
  10. Thank you for that correction. In my effort to keep the description as simple as possible, I missed that point. The MetroRail runs from the airport to downtown, and on to Kendall and other southern suburbs
  11. $700 for the Havana overnight sounds about right. The people who did the overnight from Cienfuegos really enjoyed it. The one day trip folks had a lot of bus time. just traveling through Cuba is enlightening. Horse drawn plows, fields of waving sugar cane, abandoned homes, ancient tractors, truck-buses, kids in school uniforms, street musicians, etc. I would go back in a minute.
  12. Extra cost. I don't recall the price.
  13. The small business initiatives are not universally supported among Party leadership. Steps by regional authorities to both expand or restrict local activities have been widely reported. Blexie etc may simply have been caught in an internecine battle among Cuban factions. Or not.
  14. The advice to stay calm is good advice. There's lots of posturing underway, on all sides. Cuba is in the midst of significant political and economic change, arguably the most significant since 1959.
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