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  1. Nobody knows for sure but I find it improbable to think that a 2 week pause will lead to reopening. It may lead to a re-education in cases which will simply be the rationale to extend the pause. If at all possible my recommendation would be to cancel or reschedule for next year. We were supposed to be on the ship this past June and it was cancelled about 2 months prior. We still went but stayed in resorts. We were fortunate to visit during the “lull” in covid and we had a great time without any restrictions. We did reschedule the cruise to a June 2022
  2. All speculation but a 2 week pause is not going to fix anything. I would bet this turns into a 2 month + pause. Not only is the current covid 19 current variant super easy to spread but the vaccination rate of the citizens is still quite low. TBK, gotta love your positive spin.
  3. The ferry is between Tahiti and Moorea. 30-45 minutes for about $30 roundtrip.
  4. We are on Tikehau now. On a prior PG cruise we did 6 nights post cruise at the Kia Ora. While I did dive I am not a die heart diver. If you just want to get back into it you may want to consider spending some time on Moorea post cruise and dive there. The ferry is an easy and economical way to get there and the diving is good.
  5. Clearly not the fault of PG if the Cook Islands is closed. What the issue I believe is would be the total lack of communication between PG and travelers. Since the Cook Islands will not be open I would guarantee that they have an alternate itinerary set. Why have they not shared this?? I would also guess that there is a tiny, tiny chance they could simply cancel the cruise (sorry for mentioning this).
  6. We initially planned 4 nights at the Pearl on Tikehau and then the 6/16 10 night cruise followed by 4 nights at the Hilton Moorea. With the cruise cancelled we are doing 4 nights at the Pearl, 7 at Ninamu, 1 at the IC Tahiti and then 6 at the Hilton Moorea. It has been too long since we have gotten away We moved our cruise to June of 2022.
  7. Our June 2021 cruise was cancelled but we are traveling as a land based vacation. We are rescheduled for a cruise in 2022. While a year away, and many changes may occur, how would you complete the required PCR test 72 hours prior to boarding if you have a precruise stay? Even without a precruise stay the 72 hours is tight. Coming from the east coast the latest I could leave NY is about 3:00 pm the day prior to the cruise. This means that I would have already used up 24 hours (actually 3o when adding in the time change) of the 72 hour window by the time I board. Realistically I don’t see how I could get tested close enough to my departure to meet the 72 hour window. if I have a precruise stay I’m not sure where a PCR test could be completed easily.
  8. You can contact The Six Passengers. They are a dive outfit that will also provide a snorkel trip which includes outside the pass to hopefully see and snorkel with dolphins as well as a snorkel in the aquarium.
  9. No reason to buy in advance unless you are taking a car on the ferry. Tons of room
  10. Although you may be able to check your bags through I think you will have to exit security when you arrive and then walk to the International Terminal and check in again. Although there is a tunnel which connects some of arrival terminals directly into the International Terminal (this bypasses another security check) I think you will have to go to the ATN counter which is outside of security. With the new rules regarding showing proof of vaccination, etc. I can't see any other way to do this other than going to the counter which is outside of security. IMHO 4 hours is more than enough time (more doesn't really accomplish anything as the ATN counter opens 3.5-4 hours prior to the flight.
  11. If I understand you correct your transpacific cruise will have limited stops in French Polynesia. If I were you i would stick to a land based vacation in FP as this allows you more time on a couple of islands and you can easily schedule to visit islands that you will not visit on your cruise. I have to agree that the Paul Gauguin is a great ship but it does not fit in with your schedule.
  12. Unknown but they may be concerned about a lot of cancellations due to the vaccination requirement. While France may have more tourists visit FP than the US on my previous PG cruises the travelers from France were in the minority.
  13. Just received notice that PG has cancelled all cruises through 8/21
  14. Steve. Do you have room for me and Hillary?
  15. Not sure so I wanted to reach out. Also not sure if group has been vaccinated. Looks to be challenging to go if the rules stand
  16. Gerry, do you have contact info for Ato on Fakarava?
  17. if this is the final rule it would appear unvaccinated people will be challenged to travel From the TahitiInfos website (translated)- On the issue of opening borders, the High Commissioner announced that they would only be possible by air transport at first. As of 1 st May, tourist movements will be possible again to the United States only. On the other hand, the health situation in metropolitan France does not allow the immediate resumption of travel to France, which remains impossible "until further notice". On the announcement of the new health protocol of entry into the territory applicable from 1 st May, President detailed a target device based on the medical condition of the travelers. For vaccinated travelers: A negative RT-PCR test three days before departure Proof of "complete vaccination schedule" A declaration of itinerary and contacts on the Etis platform An antigen test on arrival at Tahiti-Faa'a airport No quarantine A "possible" self-test at D + 4 (the President of the Country indicated that this possibility had not yet been decided) For travelers who have already contracted the Covid: A negative RT-PCR test three days before departure A serological test of less than a month proving the presence of antibodies A declaration of itinerary and contacts on the Etis platform An antigen test on arrival at Tahiti-Faa'a airport No quarantine A "possible" self-test at D + 4 (the President of the Country indicated that this possibility had not yet been decided) For unvaccinated travelers: A negative RT-PCR test three days before departure A declaration of itinerary and contacts on the Etis platform An antigen test on arrival at Tahiti-Faa'a airport A quarantine of 10 days Two self-tests on D + 4 and D + 8
  18. We are also on the 6/16 cruise. Speculation is that travel will be permitted as soon as May 1 or as late as June 1. Just speculation but we need something to look forward to.
  19. Confirmed with PG that they have cancelled these two sailings due to Fiji being closed. Presuming FP opens up the June 16 will be the first sailing to happen.
  20. I wonder if it was cancelled as the itinerary included a number of countries with closed borders and little likelihood of reopening. The May cruise just before the June 5 cruise may suffer the same fate.
  21. I see a June 5, 2021 cruise. Is this the one that they cancelled?
  22. While the Cook Islands appear to be covid free they are just now working out processes for travel to New Zealand. I can’t see how they will be opening up travel to anyone outside of New Zealand, and potentially Australia, anytime soon. I hope I am wrong.
  23. I too hope they can stick to their May restart date. I am doubtful they will be able to sail to the Cook Islands or any region outside of French Polynesia for a significant period of time. I would not be surprised if they modify the itinerary.
  24. We are scheduled for June as well and are hoping it all works out. I think the startup date would be pretty solid (specific to the refurb being completed) but the COVID issue is clearly questionable.
  25. Marine tracker still shows a noon arrival on 2/6. Whether the refurb starts and ends on time is another question.
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