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  1. We were on the Island Princess (Panama) last month. We went to both specialty restaurants. The crab day was up in the horizon on the same evening we went to Sabatini's, so could not attend. They had the information, including cost, available in our cabin the day we boarded.
  2. Thank you so much for your review. No one seems to post about the Island Princess, and I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. It looks like the first sea day and the second sea day were the formal nights?
  3. There is a very good thread about this here. I went through and price matched a lot of the wines against the list (my comments are on page 4 of that post) as I had no interest in paying $45 for a $12 bottle of wine. I "think" there were also comments about the wines themselves.
  4. My husband's card has immediate confirmation that he qualified. Our order was for $502.
  5. Nope. Just buy casino credit, OBC, etc and use it that way.
  6. I thought the same as you did. My husband read it as cruise items purchased using an AmEx during those dates (regardless of what was purchased). Turns out, he was correct.
  7. I do want to say thank you to the OP. We did the internet, coffee cards, and the rest is onboard credit with this offer (which was available in one of our AmEx). AmEx immediately confirmed we will receive the credit once we sail. Much appreciated!
  8. We used the Chase Sapphire for that, plus the extra travel points.
  9. Not even the higher end wines - there were a number of wines in the $75-$100 range that were not much more expensive on Princess than in the store. However, the under $50 wines? Those were definitely marked -up exponentially. Now to try a few before we board to see what we might like. I am always willing to do cruise research.
  10. Thank you all so much for the information in this thread. I spent some time comparing in-store (online) pricing and onboard pricing, and for some wines the upcharge was 3x store, and for others less than 10% (I actually found one wine that is less expensive on the ship than online 😮 ) I think Hubby and I will bring our one bottle each limit, and then I will check to see if our 10-day cruise will offer a gold package. Again, the information here was much appreciated!
  11. Thank you for this information. When the Princess site said "digital" I had visions of downloading an app and having to carry around my phone while on the cruise.
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