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  1. I searched on bahn.de for tomorrow's trains between Hamburg and Rostock and I found only a couple connections that required train changes. For more information about Deutschland ticket, see https://int.bahn.de/en/offers/regional/deutschland-ticket.
  2. I'm not that familiar with Olympus/OM Systems gear and never been in Greenland, but at least the focal lengths of your lenses cover most needs. If you want to do any long exposure photography (for example auroras) you definately want to have a tripod, although I have to mention that tripods may not work for long exposures aboard a ship as there is always more or less shaking. Also I think your lenses may be a bit slow aperture wise, so for low light situations (and especially for nighttime photography) that could be a problem.
  3. Yep, IB4361 is actually AA1365 and IB4861 is AA220. The only true Iberia flights from DFW are to Madrid, all the other destinations are codeshares on other OneWorld airlines.
  4. The aurora season in the latitudes where Alaska lies is over since the nights do not get dark enough this time of the year.
  5. I have no experience, but the available channels may depend also on where in the world the ship is sailing then.
  6. Actually, in more northern latitudes like Alaska (and Finland, where I live), the short nights (or lack of night in the northern most areas where midnight sun season has already begun) make it quite hard to photograph northern lights this time of year. I did still managed to snap few decent aurora shots on Saturday-Sunday night, although Friday-Saturday night was a miss for me as my chosen location at Lake Saimaa was cloud covered (and strong cold northernly winds would have made it miserable to stand on a lake shore doing photography), although it is quite good location for astrophotography as there isn't much light pollution. Aurora photography is definately much easier other times of year when there is longer and darker nights.
  7. At least in case of Europe, there is one positive thing: most EU countries plus few others form the Schengen area and thus you need only a single visa from any of the Schengen countries and with that visa you can visit whole Schengen area and not just the country from which you got the visa. Generally there isn't even any border controls between these Schengen countries.
  8. There is small chances to see northern lights even slightly earlier and later than that, for example today I learned that last night there would have been chances to see auroras (and even as far south as Helsinki), although sadly I personally missed this opportunity. Granted, the best viewing opportunities are still within that timeframe as fewer daylight hours offer more possibilities to view auroras without staying up whole night.
  9. It is possible to see northern lights while cruising on Norwegian coast, but there are few caveats: - First and foremost you need dark and clear skies to see auroras and thus summer months are out of question and even other times of year cloud cover can prevent seeing anything - The phenomenon does not occur every night, although further north you go more common it gets - With naked eyes, auroras, especially faint ones, may look less spectacular than in photos I have no experience on observing auroras during a cruise, but I would guess windows and to some degree balconies may not be the best places to observe as especially faint northern lights appear only in northern horizon and your cabin may be facing wrong direction then. Thus I would assume that better options for observing auroras would be on outdoor decks or even better on a dedicated port excursion as then it would be easier to go hunting for auroras (or good conditions to observe them) further away from the coast.
  10. FYI, Photo & Camera Discussions forum has had few reasonably recent discussions on binoculars: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2990415-please-help-pick-a-set-of-binoculars/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2972302-best-binoculars-for-cruises/
  11. Flåm port cruise ship arrivals list for 2024-2025 indeed does not seem to include the information whether ships dock or anchor, but I presume that the list could at least help to determine if there is more than one cruise in port and I presume that tendering is only needed when there is more than one ship in port on same day.
  12. Although Bergen is fairly well known for quite wet climate, so rain (and even heavy rain) there is not that unusual thing. The average annual precipitation is 2495 mm.
  13. According to City of Helsinki announcement of this renovation access to the Sibelius Monument should reopen in May this year and whole park renovation project is expected to be finished in autumn.
  14. I don't know about UK, but at least in Finland there are some prescription (and over-the-counter) medicine that is sold in bottles rather than in blister packs. But at least repacking medicines into those yellow/orange bottles is not something that is done in this part of the world, pretty much all medicines come in packages from the manufacturer, the main exception being nowadays quite rare practice where the pharmacy produces the medicine in their premises.
  15. Also worth a mention, that majority of time reindeer herders allow most of their flocks to roam around quite freely and only few times in a year the herds are rounded up to sort out which animal belongs to whom and which ones should be slaughtered etc.
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